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The Bush Scandal Impeachment Warning System

George W. Bush promised to "restore honor and integrity to the White House." Instead, Bush has run the most scandal-ridden administration since Richard Nixon and Watergate. The main difference is that Bush's "scrubbers" destroy all incriminating evidence and viciously attack all critics.

If you believe George W. Bush should be impeached, sign our petition.

For a detailed description of the Bush scandals, visit BushWater at Bushwatch.

Internet &
Progressive Media

Columnists, Books, Films & Lawsuits

Mainstream News

Congressional Investigation

Grounds for Impeachment
9-11 Democrats.com
Michael Ruppert
Emperor's New Clothes
Lawsuits by Families
"Forbidden Truth"
"The War on Freedom"

Intelligence Committee (still secret)
9-11 Commission
Richard Clarke, "Against All Enemies"

Refusal to testify under oath
Afghanistan Taliban/Unocal Democrats.com Brisard & Dasquie, "Forbidden Truth"
Aircraft Carrier Abuse Democrats.com Sen. Robert Byrd
(see AWOL)
AWOL Boston Globe
Alabama Veterans Reward Everyone
Bin Laden Ties Democrats.com
Greg Palast
"House of Bush, House of Saud"
Carlyle Group Democrats.com
Energy Task Force Asia Times
Judicial Watch
Sierra Club
Everyone Henry Waxman
Joe Lieberman
Enron Democrats.com
Paul Krugman Everyone CA Legislature
Funeralgate Democrats.com (Eliza May lawsuit settled)
Haiti DemocracyNow Maxine Waters
Charlie Rangel
Halliburton Democrats.com Judicial Watch


Henry Waxman
Pentagon IG
Harken Molly Ivins
Joe Conason
Center for Public Integrity
Paul Krugman Everyone

John Conyers Jerrold Nadler Maxine Waters
Mel Watt

Iraq Lies (WMD, Al Qaeda, Jessica) Democrats.com
John Dean, "Worse than Watergate"
John Bonifaz, "Warrior-King"
Everyone Intelligence Committees (blocked by GOP)
Iraq Contracts Democrats.com Everyone
New Yorker
Islamic Jihad / Sami Al-Arian TomFlocco.com Bill O'Reilly
Massey Energy 60 Minutes
Medicare cost lies Knight-Ridder Henry Waxman
Nazi Inheritance Democrats.com
John Buchanan
Secret Government Democrats.com John Dean, Worse than Watergate
Social Security Campaign for America's Future
Stolen Election (Floridagate) Democrats.com 
John Nichols
"Counting on Democracy"

(Media consortium coverup)
Supreme Court - Bush v. Gore Democrats.com
Vince Bugliosi
Alan Dershowitz
Hillary Clinton
Taiwangate PoliticalAmazon.com
David Corn
Tax Evasion Democrats.com
Texas Governorship Center for Public Integrity
Texas Rangers

Molly Ivins
Center for Public Integrity

Nicholas Kristof
Trifecta Democrats.com
Dana Milbank
David Neiwert
USA Patriot Act Truthout.com
Valerie Plame Everyone Justice Dept criminal investigation
Venezuela GregPalast.com


Truthtellers and Whistleblowers

Name Forums Charges against Bush & Co. Corroboration Bush attack Impact
Richard Clarke,
czar under Clinton
and Bush
Against All Enemies
60 Minutes
911 Commission - under oath
1. Bush downgraded anti-terrorism efforts in 2001
2. Administration ignored his urgent plan until 9/4/01
3. Iraq was Bush's priority from outset
4. Iraq war undermined war against terrorism
Few meetings
Henry Shelton
Donald Kerrick
Brian Sheridan
Paul O'Neill
Anthony Zinni
Led by Condi, Cheney
Out of the loop
Selling book
Praised Bush in 2002
Bush attack backfired
Viewed as national hero
Paul O'Neill
The Price of Loyalty
60 Minutes
1. Bush is "a blind man in a room full of deaf people" - clueless and uncurious
2. Bush planned Iraq war from outset
3. Bush was clueless about his tax giveaways to the rich
Richard Clarke Crazy
for stealing documents
Softened his language, but stuck to his facts
Joseph Wilson NY Times Bush's SOTU claim about Iraq seeking uranium from Niger was a hoax CIA "Outed" Wilson's wife, CIA agent Valerie Plame Justice Dept. investigation could indict Karl Rove or Lewis Libby
Larry Lindsey 
Economic adviser
Iraq war would cost $200 billion $166 billion in
1st year alone
Fired Bush's request for $87 billion enraged taxpayers
Gen. Eric Shinseki, Army chief of staff Congress Iraq occupation could require 200,000 troops 150,000 deployed Attacked by Wolfowitz Awakened Americans to burden of occupation
Anthony Zinni
Mideast envoy
Iraq war would hurt Mideast policy Fired Bush's "roadmap" to mideast peace is dead
Karen Kwiatowsky
Salon Pentagon neo-cons manufactured bogus Iraq intelligence Washington Post
Mother Jones
New Yorker
Sibel Edmonds, FBI wiretap translator 60 Minutes
911 Commission
US had plenty of warnings pre-911
Jesselyn Radack, Justice Dept. Whistleblower on FBI's denial of family lawyer to John Walker Lindh Pushed out of her job, subjected to criminal investigation, career destroyed
John DiIulio
Esquire All policy made by Karl Rove for politics only Common knowledge A lie Silenced by White House, but charges stuck
Richard Foster
Medicare actuary
Tried to tell Congress Administration lied to Congress by underestimating Medicare drug plan cost by $150 billion Documents Threatened with firing Congressional investigation
Jack Spadaro 60 Minutes Administration coverup of largest toxic spill in history by Massey Energy, a major GOP donor Documents Reassigned - is suing
Jessica Lynch Diane Sawyer Pentagon made up story of Iraqi abuse and heroic rescue Lynch
Iraqi doctors
Vilified by right
Topless photos
Bill Burkett,
Texas National Guard
Bush's War for Re-election Bush's military records were scrubbed Missing documents A lie Truth still unknown
Helped re-open AWOL issue

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