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Stolen Election 2000

Democrats.com has been the most aggressive news organization documenting the Stolen Election of 2000.

We will continue to cover this story until the criminals who are responsible are put in jail:

These are the primary web pages we have published:

  • Gore Won Florida: The incontrovertible proof that Al Gore won
  • FloridaGate: We've documented nearly 60 crimes committed by Republicans to steal the election 
  • Recount Spin: How the media distorted the truth that Gore won and Bush is a thief
  • Trust The People: Our grassroots effort to persuade Congress to reject Florida's Stolen Electors on January 6, 2001
  • Justice In Florida: Our legal effort to challenge thousands of illegal absentee ballots in Seminole County in November, 2000

We have also collected numerous petitions:

These books are essential reading to understand the Stolen Election:

These documentary films tell the story with dramatic power:

The following events were held to commemorate the First Anniversary of Bush v. Gore  and the Stolen Election of 2000.



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