Democrats.com Under Attack

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Democrats.com
Democrats.com Under Attack

After ranting about the Killian memos on 9-13-04, Rush Limbaugh turned his attention to Democrats.com. Bob Fertik rips Rush to shreds in his blog.

Right-wing Web Site Attacks Democrats.com Petition on Iraq
Democrats.com Under Attack

CNSNews.com is a right-wing Web site founded by Brent Bozell (long backed by right-wing Clinton hater Richard Mellon Scaife), which fraudulently claims to be "balanced" and "fair". (Gee, where have we heard THAT lie before?) CNSNews is attacking Democrats.com for our petition against Bush's "Wag the Dog" invasion of Iraq. "They're really moronic allegations," said Michael Waller, vice president of the Center for Security Policy (another Scaife-funded outfit). "It's the same foolishness that Tip O'Neill accused President Reagan of, when Reagan invaded Grenada in what ended up being a hugely popular operation." Hey, "moronic" is the perfect word for anyone who would compare Iraq - a nation of 24 MILLION people sitting on 10% of the world's OIL - and Grenada, an island of 89 THOUSAND people sitting on... nutmeg. Hey Michael - are you volunteering to lead ground troops into Baghdad? Sign our petition at http://democrats.com/iraq -- that has over 7,300 signatures -- to help us reach 10,000!

NewsMax Credits Democrats.com with Masterminding Impeachment Effort
Democrats.com Under Attack

We had a good laugh reading the rightwingfruitcakes at NewsMax.com, who breathlessly accused Democrats.com of masterminding a Democratic Party conspiracy to impeach Bush. According to Newsmax, Democrats.com is a Clinton-DNC cabal, and powerful Democrats like Joe Lieberman and Henry Waxman call us each morning for their marching orders. Reality check, guys! We're just grassroots Democratic activists, but we're heading towards 100,000 members and growing. Of course, we represent the 51 MILLION Americans who voted for Al Gore over George Bush, and we ARE doing everything we can to impeach Bush for stealing the Presidency - and then our precious freedom. And when that glorious day comes and Bush is gone, we will lead the celebration of the restoration of Democracy and Freedom in America!

NewsMax Attacks Democrats.com - Read More Right Wing Hate Letters
Democrats.com Under Attack

On July 20, NewsMax attacked Democrats.com for our "Bushgate" feature, where we are tracking the numerous Bush scandals that will bring about his impeachment - later or preferably sooner. As with previous attacks from the right-wing media, the latest NewsMax attack caused a flurry of e-mails from their right-wing readers. Once again, we have chosen our "favorites," including this gem from John Lauer: "Clinton is the one who set the stage for corporate corruption. He was a degenerate president who got away with a lot of [expletive], so corporate America figured that they, too could get away with anything, just like low-life pond-scum president Clinton and his ugly hag wife, Hitlery." [Warning: Typical Newsmax reader vulgarity]

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Democrats.com - Read the Letters from Rush's Dittoheads!
Democrats.com Under Attack

On July 1, Rush Limbaugh attacked Democrats.com for our article about Bush's 9-11 order to shoot down the Heroes on Flight 93 (http://democrats.com/display.cfm?id=282). Not surprisingly, Democrats.com received a few letters from Rush's dittoheads. Here are a few of our "favorites." We won't count the number of vicious, hate-filled letters - including those wishing us dead - from those who accuse us of "hate." Nor will we count the number of ludicrous spelling errors from those who call us "idiots." But we will point out that not ONE letter challenges a single fact in our article. If not ONE of Rush's millions of listeners can dispute a single fact, then we must have hit a bullseye, and Bush DID shoot down the Flight 93 Heroes. Stay tuned for some heavy-duty attacks on Democrats.com, because animals that are cornered get really nasty... [Warning: Extremely vulgar dittohead language – read and behold the high 'family values' and 'morality' of these fine 'Real Americans'...LOL]

RightWingBabies Wet Their Diapers over Democrats.com's 'Spin Control Machine'
Democrats.com Under Attack

On 11/7/01, Democrats.com launched our 'Spin Control Machine' to call right-wing Web sites by the names they truly deserve - like www.rightwingfruitcakes.com (http://www.democrats.com/display.cfm?id=107). Three months later (hey - we never called them rightwingswifties), WorldNetDaily.com has launched a simply DEVASTATING counterattack, quoting rightwingboneheads like Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, Joseph Farah, and William Greene. Worst of all, Bill O'Reilly (rightwingvitriol.com) screamed, "These fanatical websites are popping up all over the place, both on the left and the right. Some are well-financed [such as Slate.com and TomPaine.com], but all of them are fringe outlets. I ignore them as most of America does." Hey Bill, are you afraid you might discover the truth - that Republicans are sociopathic criminals? We'd be delighted to debate you ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. C'mon, you rightwingcoward!

The New Republic Attacks Democrats.com
Democrats.com Under Attack

Democrats.com is getting so darn popular! In its May 28 issue, The New Republic's Notebook attacked us for complaining about Ken Starr last year, then reporting on Jeb & Cynthia this year. Hey TNR - are you incapable of seeing the difference between investigative reporting and Ken's Starr Chamber? Starr had unlimited taxpayer funding, unlimited subpoena powers, unlimited use of the FBI. He was given this awesome power to conduct an independent, non-partisan investigation of a specific allegation - the Whitewater hoax. Instead, Ken Starr used this power to conspire with Republicans (including Paula Jones's lawyers and Congressional Republicans) in a partisan destroy-Clinton campaign. In the process, he put the entire country through one year of hell and destroyed the Clinton Presidency and Al Gore's campaign - not to mention ruining the lives of Susan McDougal and Julie Hiatt Steele. If you can't see the difference, then you should be working for Karl Rove - you'd fit right in!

We've Hit the Big Time! Link Smear of Dems.com Offered for Big Bucks
Democrats.com Under Attack

If jealously is the sincerest form of flattery, then having a nasty spin on your domain name put up for sale at six digits is even better! Looks like Democrats.com is having that kind of impact these days - check this out!

Salon Calls Us 'Mean'
Democrats.com Under Attack

Salon apparently considers itself superior to the rest of the dot-com world, including Democrats.com. From their Olympian heights, they have looked down us and declared us to be "aggressively mean." (Perhaps we should be thankful we weren't called "rabid W-haters" like our friends at Bushwatch.com, or "guttersnipes" like the - well, guttersnipes - at NewsMax.com.) Are we aggressive? We proudly wear the label "aggressive progressives," because we fight for our beliefs - unlike Salon, which pays useless writers like career whiner David Horowitz and career narcissist Camille Paglia. Are we mean? Mean is executing people by the score, and then mocking them, as Bush did. Mean is condemning 80,000 women each year to death from unsafe abortions, simply because you owe a political debt to some corrupt televangelizing hack. As for Salon - come talk to us when your stock gets up into the single digits (NASDAQ:SALN).