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NewsMax Attacks Democrats.com - Read More Right Wing Hate Letters
Bob Fertik

On July 20, NewsMax attacked Democrats.com for our Bushgate feature, where we are tracking the numerous Bush scandals that will bring about his impeachment - later or preferably sooner.

As with previous attacks from the right-wing media, the latest NewsMax attack caused a flurry of e-mails from their right-wing readers.

Once again, we have chosen our "favorites."

Once again, we will point out the many vicious, hate-filled letters - including those wishing us dead - from those who accuse us of "hate."

Once again, we will point out the many ludicrous spelling errors from those who call us "idiots."

And finally, we will point out that not one letter challenges a single fact on Democrats.com.

Letters to the Editor

Clinton is the one who set the stage for corporate corruption. He was a degenerate president who got away with a lot of shit, so corporate America figured that they, too could get away with anything, just like low-life pond-scum president Clinton and his ugly hag wife, Hitlery.




kevin matthews webmaster@janusect.zzn.com


this trash site should contain one of those warnings that pronography follows. your site and thought sure qualify.

walt wilson wilsonwiii@aol.com


You all need to go and visit a Proctologist and have an examination for your continuous constipation.



You're nuts! You need to get out of your mom's basement and see what the real world is all about. If you want to be scared and paranoid there are plenty of really bad people to fear. I mean think about it it was Al Gore, a corrupt politician, who invented the internet that you are using to promulgate these paranoid dillusions.



In Youre "whose to blame for 9/11"- You failed to include Mr. Clintons refusal of bin Ladens' hand over to US authorities- why is that?? I expect a response

James Pruefer JDPVW@aol.com


It is people like You that enabled this terrorist attack with Your liberal dribble complacency, I lump You together with the other a-holes like bill maher, alex Baldwin, & Barbara streisand bill Clinton etc,etc, etc, and all the other un-American wimp hypocrites



Don't What a blatent bunch of foolishness your site is. Don't you think the majority of people see right through this propaganda? What your left with is the die hards and the dumbbells that don't know any better.

Bob Swenk swenk22@yahoo.com


Your all Nuts......



Are You People Nuts or What!!! We tolerated 8 long years of nothing but Scandal after Scandal and Fraud and Deceit!!!!!



Your kind never ceases to amaze me. This website is the biggest collection of crap that I've ever seen. What a joke you really are. There's a reason that conservatives are getting stronger and stronger, that's because we're right and people know it. Bye bye

Wes Hall wesley5150@go.com


I just browsed your website. You people are truly idiots. Thank you.

Steven Irwin sydelup@yahoo.com


Wow, you stupid fucks are FAR beyond desparate - you're downright psychotic! I recommend that you all adopt Dr. Kevorkian as your personal physician....

Adrian Leverkuhn adle@mindspring.com 406-442-8111


"Bushgate"? After the scandal ridden years of Clintoon and Crew, you go right ahead and try your little cou-d'etat. You just might touch off the civil war you've been working for for so long.

Allan Lindasy-O'Neal aklon3@attbi.com


How can you want to impeach Bush when clinton wasn't impeached and he did just as bad if not worse?

clayton nieman clayton_nieman@hotmail.com


Grow up you whiney little bags of panty waste. Thank God there is someone in the White House that is using his balls to fight the enemy instead of to rape interns as your pathetic little hero did. You forgot to include one Com on your pathetic little bitch-ass web site and that is Communist, as in what you yellow bellied little bed wetters are. Become a real man and stick up for yourselves as only cowards who take no responsibility for their actions vote DUMMYCRAT.

D Hess weshess@cs.com


You Dems amaze me. You are degenerate, disgraceful thugs who lie, cheat and do anything to advance your perverted agenda. I hope you all get hemmeroids, you sick bunch of perverts



I am begging you to continue your attacks against the current administration. By making your attacks escalate into a frothy hysteria and impeachment talk, you shine the light on the very hatful and ugly side of the Marxist / communist tactics the DemocRATS have been using for the past 30 years. I especially hope you will continue to whine and moan about how the electoral system “screwed” Algore. The more you expose yourselves as the kind of “party activists” the CCCP had in the 50’s the better off our country will be. Only after the red menace, you folks, are expunged from the last bastion of communism, the DNC, will our country be safe… Oh, and have you noticed that as a result of the Loral missile deal and Clinton’s treason, China has now upgraded their ICBM and can now hit NY and DC with MERV’ed nuclear warheads. How do you sleep at night, or is it that’s what you really want.. You’re intellectual cowards for not stating who you really are and hiding behind the word ‘democrat’

Janc Cerrak Janc_Cerrak@hotmail.com


You want a one-party government in the US? That makes YOU the Nazis, doesnt it? Are you a bunch of children? And be careful about "exposing high level officials" as regards 911--you may turn up the fact that some Clinton leftovers in the FBI and CIA were as responsible for errors in intelligence as anyone. I hope you get blasted this next election. Im not a republican, but your site has convinced me to work for them if for no other reason than to avoid a one party government, which is what you want.



Amy akburke@fuse.net

This is a vile and ugly website. You guys are seriously psychotic and evil. You've made me see what Democrats are really all about. "Political terrorists" is the term that comes to mind here. You want to defeat "all Republicans"? Are you Dr. Evil? Holy cow! Are you guys 5 years old or something? You want to get rid of your parents so you can eat all the candy you want. Gee, I wonder what life would be like if no one ever opposed us! You are psychos! It's almost funny! I think you guys need to find God or something. Maybe therapy. Anything that might help you find Earth again. I should say thanks for showing the Democrat's true colors. You guys should have the balls to put up a messageboard and allow others to respond to you. I bet you don't though. I'm curious to see what whacky response you'll have to my comments if any.


Once you've elected your majority and impeached both President Bush and Vice President Cheney, go ahead and declare all parties other than the democrats illegal and jail every member of those parties. Maybe you can establish re-education camps for anyone who does not think like you. You could also repeal the posse commitodus and maybe even declare the constitiution unconstitutional. Or maybe you could just stop smoking your crack and snorting your coke and grow up!!!!!!

Roy Carlton roycarlton@yahoo.com


Quinton Wojciechowski qwojedwa@webtv.net

Shouldn't that read Demokrauts? All Hail Hitlary and the rise of the 4th Reich!


You Suck!!! Impeach Hillary!!!



What a bunch of dweebs. The national party of sore losers. I have pity for you, you must be a bunch of unhappy characters that live in some kind of dreamland Get a life for Christ sake

Herb Jones jones66@aol.com


You folks are pathetic! Get a life and quit spreading your lies and mantra!


JW Smith jwsmith31@hotmail.com