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The New Republic May 28, 2001


Speaking of post-Lewinsky changes of heart, Democrats used to spend a lot of time saying that affairs between consulting adults were nobody else's business. But Democrats.com, the website that first wrote about Jeb Bush's supposed dalliance with a state employee, has evidently decided that prying into politicians sex lives isn't so bad after all. Newspapers describe the site as unaffiliated with the Democratic party, but that doesn't absolve top Democratic strategists like Stan Greenberg, Al Gore's storied pollster, and Greg Simon, Gore's former domestic policy advisor, both listed on the website as members of the Democrats.com advisory Board, of responsibility. Have they forgotten that Democrats used to consider Ken Starr and Co. a threat to American civilization? In fact, as recently as last August a Democratic consultant named Bob Fertik said, "Its been nearly two years since Ken Starr committed one of the worst violations of personal privacy in American history in his efforts to destroy President Clinton." Who is Fertik? The co-founder of Democrats.com and author of the website's article on Jeb Bush.