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About Us

Democrats.com was launched at the 2000 Democratic convention by two veteran Democratic consultants, David Lytel and Bob Fertik.  Since 2000, Democrats.com has grown to be the leading news and community Web site for Democratic voters and activists, with nearly 500,000 subscribers.

Fertik v. O'Reilly 9-25-02
Fertik crushes FOX's Bill O'Reilly in a debate about the Iraq War on 9-25-02. The Iraqi debacle proved Fertik absolutely right and O'Reilly absolutely wrong. O'Reilly shares moral responsibility for the senseless loss of 1,000 brave American lives - but don't expect him to apologize to their families. (FNC)
Bob Fertik, President

Fertik created the Internet consulting firm I-Progress, which specialized in Internet development consulting for non-profits. He is the co-founder of the Pro-choice Resource Center, Eleanor's List, Political Woman Newsletter, Women Leaders Online, and the Women's Voting Guide. He is on the board of the Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion and co-author (with WCLA's Polly Rothstein) of Pro-choice Power. He has been a campaign manager, candidate, and political consultant. Fertik, who graduated from Yale in 1979, lives with his family in Queens NY, and was profiled in Newsday.

David Lytel, Co-founder 

Lytel was the co-developer and managing editor of the award-winning White House Web site, called in 1995 by Hotwired "easily one of the best sites on the Internet." A former Democratic elected official and congressional campaign manager, his Internet business development clients have included Sony, AOL, SAIC and others. He holds a Ph.D. in political communication from Cornell and wrote his dissertation about interactive media and politics. Note: in 2003, Lytel left Democrats.com and launched the Committee to Re-Defeat the President (www.redefeatbush.com).




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