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These are the champions of impeachment who have lied about and covered up their own sins. Since these folks all support the Religious Right and want America to live under strict Biblical law, they should lead by example and immediately resign and repent for their sins.

U.S. Representatives

Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL-6) chairs the House Judiciary Committee which impeached President Clinton. Hyde holds the Olympic Gold Medal for hypocrisy. He claims to be the "conscience" of the House, but concealed his own affair and called for an FBI investigation of the source when it was revealed. He claims to champion "family values", but his affair with a married woman broke up her marriage and left her husband embittered. He supports the political "death penalty" for President Clinton's affair, but claims a "statute of limitations" for his own. He claims to support "the rule of law", but testified as a "character" witness for the godfather of anti-abortion terrorism, Joseph Scheidler. He claims that Clinton's trivial lies are a grave threat to the nation, but vigorously defended Oliver North and other perpetrators of the grossly illegal and unconstitutional Iran-Contra scandal. He claims "no man is above the law", but used his position of power to avoid prosecution for his role as a director of the failed Clyde Savings & Loan, which cost taxpayers at least $67 million. Hyde will serve as the chief prosecutor of President Clinton in the Senate trial - but he is the one who should be tried and convicted.

Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX-22) is called "The Hammer" for his ruthless exercise of power. DeLay shuns the limelight, but he is unquestionably in charge of the House of Representatives, even though his official position of Majority Whip puts him third in rank. DeLay engineered the election of his little-known deputy, Dennis Hastert, to be Speaker following the withdrawal of Bob Livingston; Hastert had previously managed DeLay's campaign for Majority Whip and worked directly under DeLay. DeLay, a former exterminator, is a master of the political black arts of extortion and blackmail, and fellow Republicans are terrified of crossing him. The national press corps is terrified of him also, because they have failed to investigate his illegal fundraising and blackmailing techniques. DeLay has obstructed justice for the slaves working on the distant U.S. island of Saipan, by taking large campaign contributions from Saipan's chief lobbyist and blocking any Congressional investigation of the appalling conditions there. DeLay has obstructed justice at home by lying to the FBI when he charged that that Norm Sommer, the man who broke the Hyde adultery story, had been working with the White House to expose Hyde. DeLay has engaged in extensive jury-tampering in trying to persuade Representatives and Senators to examine secret and unsubstantiated evidence against President Clinton. In January, the New Republic revealed that DeLay lied under oath in a lawsuit deposition when he denied that he an officer of Albo Pest Control - when he was its Chairman.

Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-IL-14) is the new Speaker of the House of Representatives. Although he is second in line to succed the President, Hastert is almost completely unknown, even in Washington. Hastert claims to be his own man, but he owes his position entirely to Tom DeLay, which makes DeLay the real power in the House. Although Hastert is not known to have any skeletons in his personal closet, his political closet is overflowing - based on his leading role in attacks on programs of tremendous importance to ordinary Americans. For example, Hastert has been the GOP's leading opponent of health reform, which has left 40 million Americans without any health insurance by blocking all efforts to make insurance more accessible. He also led the fight against the "Patients Bill of Rights," allowing HMO's to deny care with impunity. Hastert is also an ideologue: as a "Life Member" of the Christian Coalition and the National Right to Life Committee, he has repeatedly sponsored the "Human Life Amendment", which would overturn Roe v. Wade and make all abortions illegal. He has also personally led the fights to block the abortion pill RU-486 and clean-needle exchanges to prevent AIDS. He is also a "Life Member" of the National Rifle Association, and voted to repeal the ban on semi-automatic weapons. Finally, Hastert is a term-limits traitor: although he voted to impose a 12-year limit, he is currently in his 13th year and shows no sign of retiring.

Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA-7) was the first Representative to call for President Clinton's impeachment - even before the Monica Lewinsky story broke. As one of the most partisan and aggressive members of the House Judiciary Committee, Barr led the attack on Clinton. Barr is a former CIA analyst and federal prosecutor - but he lied before the Senate about prosecuting cases, because as a prosecutor he never actually argued a case in court. He was handpicked to run for Congress by the National Rifle Association, and has been its biggest champion ever since. He also champions white supremacist groups like the Council of Conservative Citizens - he gave the keynote speech at their national convention this year, according to the Washington PostMother Jones described his family values: "Married three times and embroiled in a messy court battle with his second wife over his failure to pay child support, Barr had been photographed in 1992 licking whipped cream off two buxom young women's [breasts and nipples]. And this from the man who would later sponsor the Defense of Marriage Act." Barr's child support failings led his second wife, Gail Vogel Barr, to provide details of her abortion  to Larry Flynt. Vogel Barr reported that Barr, one of the most militant abortion opponents in Congress who would outlaw all abortions, actually paid for her abortion. She also reported that Barr invoked his constitutional right against self-incrimination in refusing to acknowledge his affair with his soon-to-be third wife while under oath in divorce proceeding. This behavior is indistinguishable from President Clinton's evasive testimony under oath, for which Barr insists President Clinton must be impeached.

Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN-6), a vociferous champion of "family values", hates President Clinton so much that he publicly called him a "scumbag". As Chairman of the House Government Reform & Oversight Committee, Burton aggressively investigated President Clinton's campaign finances - until it was revealed the Burton had extorted a lobbyist for contributions in repeated calls made from his Congressional office, a matter which is now before a criminal grand jury. Burton was also forced to return illegal contributions from Zaire's deposed dictator, Mobutu Sese Seko. While investigating Whitewater, Burton released tapes of Webster Hubbell - but edited out statements exonerating Hillary Clinton, for which he was forced to apologize. Most recently, Burton was charged with defrauding the U.S. Government by keeping a no-show employee on his House staff, and misusing Congressional resources for campaign purposes, both of which are crimes. Still, Burton's legislative misdeeds are easily matched by his personal ones. Following an expose, Burton was forced to admit that he fathered an out-of-wedlock child, a fact he denied for years. Still, he has yet to admit that during 38 years of marriage he has committed adultery with dozens (or perhaps hundreds) of women, sexually assaulted others (including a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood), and kept mistresses on his campaign and public payrolls - to the tune of at least a half-million dollars

Rep. Bill McCollum (R-FL-8) is one of the key players on the Judiciary Committee, and one of the principal authors of the charges of obstruction of justice against the President. But when the Democratic-controlled Judiciary Committee was investigating the Iran-Contra scandal in the Reagan administration, McCollum was one of the administration's most vigorous defenders. A House staffer told Salon Magazine, "In my mind, he wasn't assisting the White House's coverup. He was part of it." According to Oliver North's diaries, McCollum was aware of illegal U.S. funding of the Nicaraguan contras during the 1980s, and failed to report this crime. McCollum has also been charged with paying his top Washington aide $100,000 in potentially illegal "consulting fees" for campaign work. 

Rep. Charles Canady (R-FL-12) is another key player on the Judiciary Committee. A leading opponent of abortion, Canady lied to his constituents about his adulterous affair with Sharon Becker, which caused her divorce from Florida businessman Robert Becker. Canady also lied about ordering a waitress to be fired for "insulting" him by pointing out his vicious attacks on the President of the United States.

Rep. J.C. Watts (R-OK-4): Watts has risen to the #4 leadership position in the House by loudly championing "moral values." He is also the GOP poster boy for affirmative action, as the GOP's only black Republican. But Watts, a former football player, has spent years covering up his out-of-wedlock children.

Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-ID-1) is infamous as a supporter of armed right-wing militias and a destroyer of the environment. Chenoweth also expouses the militia theory of "black helicopters," claiming that the government is using secret black helicopters to enforce the Endangered Species Act, which she vehemently opposes. She has broken campaign finance laws on at least two occasions: first by accepting illegal campaign contributions originating in Hong Kong, then by failing to disclose $50,000 in under-the-table financing for her 1994 campaign. In the 1998 campaign, after questioning her opponent's stand on moral issues, Chenoweth admitted to a six-year adulterous affair with a married associate. In 1995, Chenoweth had denied the affair when asked about it by the Spokane Spokesman-Review, but now she claims a pardon from a higher authority: "I've asked for God's forgiveness, and I've received it," she reports. 

Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC-9) describes herself as a "devout Christian." In 1989, Myrick was running for a second term as Charlotte mayor when news reports revealed that she committed adultery with a married man in 1973. Myrick admitted the adultery and won reelection. 

Rep. Ken Calvert (R-CA-43) is a champion of the Christian Coalition and its "family values." But he was sued as an alimony deadbeat by his ex-wife. He also said "We can't forgive what occurred between the President and Lewinsky." But in 1993 he was caught by police receiving oral sex from a prostitute and attempted to flee the scene. 

Rep. John Peterson (R-PA-5) has been accused of sexual harassment and creation of a hostile work environment by six women. Peterson has refused to admit a crime, saying only "I may have been an excessive hugger."

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI-9) argued passionately before the Senate that President Clinton should be impeached for violating the civil rights of Paula Jones in her sexual harassment lawsuit. But Sensenbrenner consistently opposed all civil rights laws, and even called for the abolition of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Specifically, he opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1991 which outlawed sexual harassment. According to the Chicago Tribune, Sensenbrenner admitted that "I voted against it, but it's the law." Sensenbrenner lied to the Senate when he argued that Paula Jones had been refused merit raises and fired from her job because she rebuffed Clinton; Jones has testified that she received her raises and left voluntarily to move to California.

Rep. George Gekas (R-PA-17) argued passionately before the Senate that President Clinton should be impeached for denying a powerless person like Paula Jones access to justice through the courts. But Gekas has led the fight to eliminate Legal Services for the poor, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-GA-6) rose from obscurity to power through the political assassinations of those standing between him and the top. Although he was ruthless and corrupt, he invariably claimed to be a champion of American culture and civilization, while denouncing his opponents as "sick". He destroyed Speaker Jim Wright on charges of pocketing miniscule profits from questionable book sales; but as soon as he became Speaker he accepted a $4 million advance for a book that was not even written, from a right-wing publisher (Rupert Murdoch) with major issues pending in Congress. Gingrich insists that President Clinton be impeached for lying, but when he lied to the House Ethics Committee, he avoided censure by plea-bargaining a $300,000 fine -- and was immediately re-elected by his GOP colleagues as Speaker. On the personal front, Gingrich was widely known for adultery, and claims that "oral sex is not sex." His idea of "family values" was to present his first wife (his high school math teacher) with divorce papers while she recovered from cancer. The Irish Times reports that the real reason Gingrich resigned was that Hustler Magazine had credit card receipts showing that Gingrich paid for prostitutes.

Rep. Bob Livingston (R-LA-1) is best known for his screaming rage when Republicans shut down the federal government in 1996: "We will stay here until doomsday," he thundered. When the GOP's losses in the 1998 elections undermined Newt Gingrich's grip on power, Livingston was chosen to replace him. On the verge of power, Livingston suddenly admitted that he had committed adultery "on occasion," and a day later he dramatically announced he would resign. He said he wanted to set an example for President Clinton to follow; but according to the Irish Times, tapes of Livingston engaging in sado-masochistic sex talk are in the possession of Hustler Magazine.

Rep. Jay Kim (R-CA-41) was convicted of the largest case of campaign finance abuse in U.S. history. Still, he urged his constituents to look on the bright side: "I want the citizens in my district to know that this is NOT a case involving the misuse of public tax dollars, bribery, graft, threats, public corruption, vote buying, foreign influence, influence peddling or foreign agents." Thank goodness! No doubt, that explains why "the law is the law" Republicans refused to impeach, censure, or remove him from office. Nor would he resign or retire - so the voters had to do the job themselves, by defeating him at the polls. Yet even after his defeat, and while still on probation for his crimes, Kim came to Washington to vote to impeach President Clinton.

U.S. Senators

Trent Lott (R-MS), the most powerful man in the U.S. Senate, is also one of the most conservative. But when his connections to the white supremacist Conservative Citizens Council (CCC) was revealed, Lott chose to lie  by claiming he only gave one speech to the group 10 years ago. In fact, Lott has had extensive contacts with the group, as recently as 1997.

Strom Thurmond (R-SC) began his long political career as a militant segregationist in South Carolina. Yet during that time, he may have fathered and supported an African-American child. His relentless pursuit of women earned him the nickname "The Sperminator."

Former Presidents

George Bush (President 1989-1992; Vice President 1981-1988; CIA Director; Member of Congress; Oil Executive) lied during the investigation of the Iran-Contra affair when he denied approving the illegal plan at a top-level meeting with Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and Secretary of State George Shultz. He obstructed justice when he pardoned Weinberger , Poindexter, and others for their crimes committed in Iran-Contra, which blocked the Independent Counsel's investigation and prevented a full investigation of his own role in the affair. He also lied when he called Clarence Thomas the "most qualified" candidate for nomination to the Supreme Court, and obstructed justice when he appointed him to serve despite Thomas' record as a sexual harasser and his absolute opposition to abortion rights and civil rights for women and minorities. Finally, rumors about Bush's own "Jennifer" have never been laid to rest.

Ronald Reagan (President 1981-1988) lied to the American people when he said it was "utterly false" that his administration traded arms for hostages held by Iran. He repeated the lie under oath in a 1990 deposition for the criminal trial of his former National Security Adviser John Poindexter, when he claimed there wasn't "one iota" of evidence profits from arms sales to Iran had been sent to the Nicaraguan Contras, or that his aides had lied to Congress about the matter. He further obstructed justice when he instructed his administration to withhold evidence from Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh about the Iran-Contra affair.

Conservative Leaders

Ken Starr (Independent Counsel), who proclaimed the "sanctity" of the law in his remarks before the House Judiciary Committee, has repeatedly violated the law in his partisan zeal to destroy President Clinton. Whenever challenged on his misconduct, Starr has issued flat denials. However, his repeated leaks of secret grand jury materials to reporters is before Judge Norma Holloway, whose has refused Starr's motion to dismiss these charges. Salon Magazine has in-depth materials on Starr.

Richard Mellon Scaife is a conservative with a $1 billion fortune from the Mellon banking and industrial empire. Over the past two decades, he has used this fortune to attempt to destroy all vestiges of liberal policies in America. According to Salon Magazine, "Scaife helped seed the New Right movement back in the '70s, and today he funds countless conservative organizations -- including the Heritage Foundation and the Landmark Legal Foundation, which provided legal support for Paula Jones and helped her find an attorney -- through the Scaife foundations established by his mother." Scaife is reported to have spent millions in his effort to destroy President Clinton, and the influence of his money can be seen throughout the entire affair.

Pat Robertson (Chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network and the Christian Coalition) is the single most powerful figure on the Religious Right, thanks to the ability of the Christian Coalition to distribute 50 million "Christian" voter guides before each election. Robertson has made billions through business deals with some of the most corrupt figures in the world, including Zaire's former dictator Mobutu Sese Seko and global corruption champion Rupert Murdoch. Robertson has lied about the "non-partisan" stance of Christian Coalition from its founding, when in truth it was created with $64,000 from the Republican Party, and has distorted every voting guide to favor Republican candidates.

David Schippers (special impeachment counsel to the House Judiciary Committee) played a pivotal role in persuading House Republicans to push ahead for impeachment, even after the elections proved diastrous for the GOP. But Schippers had his own secret mistress for 25 years -- and he had the nerve to bring her to the Judiciary Committee's impeachment hearings! Nancy Ruggero was a young secretary in his office nearly Monica Lewinsky's age when their affair began in the early 1970's. Schippers, now 69, had 10 children with his wife of 45 years, Jackie, whom he called "his one and only sweetheart," on 60 Minutes. Moreover Schippers, who originally trained for the priesthood, is a "papal knight" - one of only several hundred in the world - and told the New Republic that adultery is, indeed, a mortal sin. In this case, Schipper's adultery may also be grounds for a lawsuit: Schippers has been accused of defrauding his partners in a business he set up and hired Ruggero to run. Schippers initially refused to answer questions about their affair under oath, but may be forced to do so by the judge.

William Rehnquist (Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) is presiding over the Impeachment Trial of President Clinton. Rehnquist was the leading conservative legal strategist for President Richard Nixon, who appointed him to the Supreme Court. During his confirmation hearings for Chief Justice in 1986, Rehnquist was presented with a memo he had written while clerking for Justice Robert Jackson during the landmark school integration case, Brown v. Board of Education. In the memo, Rehnquist argued against the NAACP and in support of preserving America's version of apartheid, the "separate but equal" doctrine. During the hearings, Rehnquist lied by claiming the memo represented Justice Jackson's views, not his own - even though the memo was written in the first person. Rehnquist also lied about not recalling his involvement in efforts to intimidate black voters in Arizona in the early 1950's, as charged by eyewitnesses.

Clarence Thomas (Supreme Court Justice) lied under oath and before the American public when he denied Anita Hill's sexual harassment charges and attempted to portray her as delusional and infatuated with him. He also lied when he claimed he had no position on abortion rights and Roe v. Wade; since his appointment to the Court, he has voted consistently against all abortion rights.

George Will (TV Pundit and Syndicated Columnist) lied to the nation in 1980 when he briefed Ronald Reagan prior to a televised debate with Jimmy Carter, and then claimed to be an "objective" reporter when he covered the same debate on TV. Will, who is a vicious critic of moral relativity, committed adultery against his first wife, Madeleine; when she found out, she dumped his clothing in a pile in the driveway with a sign saying "Take it somewhere else, buster." Will's divorce left his wife with their Downs syndrome daughter.



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