New Book Details the Bombings of Civilian Populations During World Wars

"On the night of July 27, 1943, 728 Allied bombers arrived over the German city of Hamburg [and] 10,000 tons of high explosives and incendiary bombs were dropped... The late W.G. Sebald explained what followed: '...a firestorm of an intensity that no one had ever before thought possible arose. The fire, now rising 2,000m into the sky, snatched oxygen to itself so violently that the air currents reached hurricane force.... Behind collapsing facades, the flames...rolled like a tidal wave through the streets [and] spun across open squares in strange rhythms like rolling cylinders of fire.' ...[The author] concludes his history of civilian bombing in the world wars with these words: 'One can say that the losses and destruction were unnecessary and do not represent a leaf of honor in the annals of mankind. They cannot be excused. The best one can do so many years after the wars is to analyze and assess them, dispatch them to history, and hope and pray that they will never happen again.'"

Rebirth of a Nation

In 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt did not merely win an election, he demolished a broken idea of a government of the privileged, by the privileged and for the privileged. In doing so he was the first Democrat since the civil war to single handedly defeat a Republican in a landslide.

Korean War Vet from Ohio Seeks to Bring Attention to Atrocities Committed By U.S. Overseas

Chuck Overby, now 75, served in WWII and the Korean War. After leaving the military, Overby learned the truth about U.S. involvement in Korea. "I have become completely disillusioned with what we did in Korea," says Overby. "My government lied to me, in my opinion, and I'm angry about it." Overby and other soldiers were told that the North Koreans were "evil" and that America just wanted to help the cause of Democracy. But the US set up unpopular leaders eager to collaborate with Japan and the U.S., with little interest in the welfare of Koreans. A professor emeritus of Engineering at Ohio U, Overby is now working with the International Criminal Court to bring attention to the injustices committed by America in Korea and elsewhere. He is also concerned about the future, especially Bush foreign policy that is pressuring Japan, against its own Constitution, to create a military presence - a move more calculated to further U.S. interests in the oil-rich South Pacific than to aid Japan.

George/G. W. Bush and John/John Q. Adams: the REAL Similarities between These Two Father-son Acts

David McCullough's best-selling biography "John Adams" is a thinly-veiled piece of Bush PR. Bush's spin doctors have often try to invoke similarities (The Bushes and Adams are both father-son prez duos). But they will fail to point out the REAL similarities: John Adams was an autocratic, verbally abusive father who browbeat his son mercilessly. Adams also passed the Alien Acts (worse than any restrictions cited against King George in the Dec. of Independence). These Acts aimed at suppressing the immigration of potential Jefferson supporters. Adams also passed the Sedition Act, the most anti-free speech legislation in US History. John Quincy Adams was described as sarcastic, tactless, and closed-minded, and was widely believed to have won the Presidency through cutting a secret deal with power broker Henry Clay. Oh, yes, and add to that a family history of serious alcoholism.... Yes, we can see the similarities!

Never Mind! Reformed Right Winger Admits He Lied about Anita Hill to Help Clarence Thomas Win a Seat on the Supreme Court

David Brock, the former right-wing journalistic hit man, admits he lied about Anita Hill in his 1993 book "The Real Anita Hill." Brock also reports he received information from an intermediary sent by Clarence Thomas. Thomas wanted Brock to use this information to intimidate a witness. Brock successfully used the damaging information about the woman's divorce to get her to retract her truthful story about Thomas, who currently serves on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Pilgrims, Provincetown, and Plans Revisted

There stubbornly persists in the minds of many right-wingers a vague historical ideal of what constitutes a "patriot" and a "good Christian." It wouldn't hurt for these folks to stop and look history squarely in the eye - they might just come down off their mountains and join the rest of humanity! Here for a square look at Pilgrims and Plans is Will Rogers.