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Democrats.com Announces Disney Boycott to Protest Censorship of Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 911'
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"To Disney CEO Michael Eisner: We are outraged that you would block the distribution of Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 911 because it criticizes George W. Bush and could lead to his defeat (again) in November. We understand your corrupt motive: you are afraid Gov. Jeb Bush will cancel the lucrative tax breaks Disney gets in Florida. Your are censoring one of the most important filmmakers in America. This is unacceptable in a democracy. Since you only care about money, we will register our protest where you will feel the pain - by boycotting all Disney products until you agree to distribute Fahrenheit 911: Disney films, Disney theme parks, Disney toys, Disney TV networks." Sign the petition at http://democrats.com/disney and spread the word!

On Wednesday May 12, Join Democrats.com in Welcoming Greg Palast to DC
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Please join Democrats.com in welcoming investigative journalist Greg Palast to Washington. Greg is promoting the new expanded election edition of his book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy with a local appearance on Wednesday May 12 at 7PM Van Ness UDC - Main Auditorium, Bldg. 46, Connecticut Ave. & Van Ness St., NW - Van Ness Metro Station on the Red Line. This event is co-sponsored by WPFW-FM and the NAACP National Voter Fund. Tickets $15 in Advance, $20 at the Door. Information and Advance Sales: www.wpfw.org/news# and WPFW Membership Hotline 202-588-0999 ext. 344

Democrats.com Notice Helps 250 Protesters Organize in Houston
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"A little democrats.com told us the bushman would be in Houston on July 19th for his kickback tour. After finagling the whereabouts of the elusive, money grubbing bush, just 3 days before his appearance, our operative in the Bush's Backyard Surprise lookout committee started spreading the word. Over a thousand people on the NION Houston list were contacted. Costumes were prepared, signs made and the location staked out. The HCJNW secured a sound permit, made a PA and held a sign making party on the day of. The BBS posted the call to action right here on houston.indymedia. Many groups and individuals helped spread the word. The Houston Chronicle as well as local TV stations interviewed the protesters. And all this was accomplished without one butt numbing meeting. Thanks to all for coming out and letting bush know we aren't going away and he's not getting away." Sometimes it's the little things that count :)

Reports from Democrats.com's Bastille Day Celebrations
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David Lytel writes of the DC event: "We had 70 people there, including 55 who were there for dinner. It was crowded but really energetic. We talked both about what is happening in the world and what we're going to do about it. There was a great deal of support for telephoning to unregistered voters, organized weekend buses to Pennsylvania and Virginia to do voter registration, and a number of people who said they'd work a booth down on the Mall selling merchandise if we could set one up." Also, see the report from Napa Valley.

Meet Democrats.com Members at the National Progressive Conference to Take Back America
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The right-wing politicians who now run Washington are out of control. They are weakening America. Join activists from over 25 national organizations in Washington, DC on June 4, 5 and 6 to kick off a national progressive movement to TAKE BACK AMERICA. It's time to take back our country. Join John Sweeney, Jesse Jackson, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Julian Bond, Gerald McEntee, Kim Gandy, Sen. Jon Corzine, Arianna Huffington. This conference is hosted by the Campaign for America's Future, and is the ONE event each year when progressive organizers gather. We'll have a special gathering for Democrats.com members after dinner on the first night.

Gore Vidal Will Discuss Bush's Perpetual War in NYC on May 4
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Come to a rare New York City appearance by Gore Vidal, essayist, critic and New York Times bestselling author of Dreaming War: Blood for Oil and the Cheney-Bush Junta, in conversation with WNYC's Leonard Lopate. Introductory remarks by Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation. At the New York Society for Ethical Culture, 2 West 64th Street, New York City. Doors open at 6 PM. General admission tickets are on sale now at www.nationinstitute.org/gorevidal or toll-free at (866) 468-7619. Tickets are $20 and include all service fees (except $1.25 surcharge for phone orders only). Proceeds benefit the nonprofit Nation Institute, home to independent publisher Nation Books. Please distribute widely, and encourage others to buy tickets as soon as possible; seating is limited.

Democrats.com Co-Sponsors NYC Debate on Liberal Media
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"A panel of prominent writers - comedian Janeane Garofalo, Nation columnist Eric Alterman, NY Daily News columnist Stanley Crouch, Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, and New York Sun managing editor Ira Stoll - will debate the question, Is the media biased?, at 7 pm, Tuesday, March 18 in a free-wheeling public discussion sponsored by the Nation Institute. Participants in What Liberal Media? Truth and Bias in the American Media's Coverage of War and Peace will examine coverage of 'guns and butter': the Bush Administration's War on Terror, its planned incursion into Iraq, and coverage of domestic issues. The debate will be moderated by Columbia University law professor and Nation columnist Patricia Williams. What Liberal Media? will be held at the CUNY Graduate Center, Fifth Avenue and 34th Street. Admission is free; doors open at 6pm. There are no tickets for this event, so please plan to arrive early to ensure seating. This event is co-sponsored by democrats.com."

Democrats.com Offers $1,000 Reward for Evidence of Iraq's Weapons
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Democrats.com is offering a $1,000 reward for convincing evidence of Iraq's prohibited weapons of mass destruction - nuclear, chemical, and biological. According to Democrats.com co-founder Bob Fertik, "George Bush said several times this week that Iraq's destruction of its Al Samoud 2 missiles would not be sufficient to prevent war, because they are 'just the tip of the iceberg.' But earlier this week, Newsweek revealed that the former head of Iraq's weapons programs told UN inspectors and the CIA in 1995 that Iraq had destroyed all weapons of mass destruction after the Gulf War in 1991," Fertik said. "At the end of this year-long charade, we must now ask: 'Where's the Iceberg?'" Spread the word - and make a contribution so we can offer a larger reward! (http://democrats.com/donate)

On Feb. 15, Join Democrats.com to Rally for Peace at the German Consulate!
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On Friday, February 14 - Valentine's Day! - Germany and France will present the Franco-German Peace Plan to the UN, with the expected support of Russia and China. Bush's W-armongers are "livid" over this plan, and are doing everything they can to stop it - including threats of removing US troops from Europe and dissolving NATO. Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder of Germany and President Jacques Chirac France need the support of the American people for their courageous actions!!! Let's show how much we love this wonderful peace plan with a Day-After-Valentine's Rally on Saturday, one hour before the massive United for Peace Rally. Let's bring: signs with gigantic hearts and chocolates for Gerhardt Schroeder and Jacques Chirac; signs proclaiming our love for peace; German beer and sausage; French wine and cheese; and our loved ones! We will gather at 11 a.m. in front of the German Consulate at 48th St. and 1st Ave. - all Democrats.com readers are invited!

Online Chat with Dilip Hiro, Author of 'Iraq: In the Eye of the Storm' - Friday 12/20 9 pm EST
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All members of Democrats.community are invited to participate in a chat on Friday 12/20 9 pm EST Chat with Dilip Hiro, Author of "Iraq: In the Eye of the Storm." Hiro paints a picture that is both nuanced and vivid, emphasizing the dual importance of the Gulf War of 1991, the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-88 and the role of the United States, first friend and then foe to the Baathist regime. Hiro is based in London and writes regularly for the Observer, the Guardian, the Washington Post and The Nation, and is a frequent commentator on CNN, BBC, Sky TV and various American and British radio channels. To participate, you must register in http://community.democrats.com, and click on the "chat" button. You can post questions in advance in our forum below.

UN Protest Draws Hundreds to Protest Bush's Iraq War
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AP reports, "Hundreds of demonstrators gathered Thursday outside the United Nations to decry any U.S. attempt to wage war on Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Beating drums and waving signs, the protesters appeared outside as President Bush spoke inside the United Nations, urging world leaders to force Hussein to destroy any Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. 'Earth to Bush: No Iraq war,' read a 1,500-square foot sign, held up with weather balloons, that was towed by a barge along the East River on Thursday morning." Speakers included Democrats.com's Bob Fertik, Lou Posner of VoterMarch.org, Cheryl Guttman of DemocracyMarch.org, Susan Johanesen of Citizens for Legitimate Government, Mark Crispin Miller of NYU, Todd Gitlin of Columbia U, singer Patti Smith, Matthea Marquart of NOW New York City, Sarah Flounders of International Action Center, and others. See the pictures - and check the schedule at RadioLeft.com to hear the rebroadcast.

Democrats.com Co-sponsors Bush Protest at the UN on 9-12
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On Sept. 12th we will have just come out of mourning for our dead on Sept. 11th's anniversary. But as Bush speaks at the UN on Sept. 12th we will still have other things to mourn. We will be mourning the erosion of our civil liberties, the environment, a woman's right to choose, social security, help for the poor and disadvantaged, corporate responsibility, and government surpluses turned into deficits. And soon, if Bush and his cowboy cadres have their way, we will be mourning the dead and displaced in a misguided war in Iraq which will cause greater instability in the world, probably lead to more terrorism on our soil, and therefore more death and destruction. Join a coalition of progressive groups including DemocracyMarch, VoterMarch.org, Democrats.com, CLG, NOW-NYC and more to Say No to the Losses, Death, and Destruction of Bush's Policies. D'ag Hammerskjold Plaza, 47th and First Ave, SW corner 9:30 a.m. -1:30 p.m. (wear black).

Democrats.com Endorses 'Freedom and Democracy Day' - Organize a Local Event!
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"The Alliance for Democracy calls for the formation of a 911 Coalition for America launched in local meetings across the country on the first anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. These gatherings will commemorate the loss of those who died on 911 and give meaning to the cause for which America stands: the cause of Freedom and Democracy. We believe Freedom and Democracy are threatened not only by small networks of terrorists, but also by unparalleled concentrations of power in the hands of global corporations and the un-democratic governments they support... When [Bush] and [Cheney] cannot seriously address the greatest wave of systemic corporate fraud and bankruptcy in history because both men have [committed] the same deceits, Freedom and Democracy are undercut. We urge people to come together in community and neighborhood meetings to discuss and debate four broad themes: 1) War and Peace; 2) Post-Enron Economics; 3) Civil Liberties, and: 4) the National Agenda."

Democrats.com Launches FairandBalancedBoxofChocolates.com to Thank NBC for Donahue's Return
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Democrats.com, in cooperation with Leonidas Chocolates, has launched FairandBalancedBoxofChocolates.com to enable people to show their thanks to NBC for bringing Donahue back on the air. The one pound boxes of legendary candies will be delivered to Neal Shapiro, the president of NBC News, to thank him for offering an alternative to the right wing crazies on Fox who claim to be "fair and balanced" but are anything but. The cost of a gift box is $20.02 and a small percentage of the sale goes to Democrats.com.

Making Democratic Activists More Successful: Starting (Where Else?) in San Francisco!
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Democrats.com co-founder David Lytel met with 25 San Francisco and Bay Area Democratic activists on May 7th. He set out the context for our work together in Northern California and elsewhere, and sketched an agenda, which was discussed at the meeting. If you missed it, here it is. If you are in Northern California and want to attend the next meeting, please visit our Northern California page at www.democrats.com/nocal to learn more!

Watch Greg Palast on C-SPAN
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On 4-3-02, Democrats.com was able to get Greg Palast on C-Span's Washington Journal. C-Span wanted to discuss globalization, and Greg was brilliant, as we knew he would be. If you missed the show, you can watch it here (Real Player required).

Democrats.com Welcomes Greg Palast to Washington on April 3rd
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Democrats.com is proud to be a sponsor of an event honoring Greg Palast on Wednesday April 3rd at 6:30PM at the Martin Luther King Library. The event is free and open to the public and is co-sponsored by WPFW-FM, the National Newspaper Guild, VoterMarch and Vertigo Books. Please RSVP so we can sign you up to bring some refreshments!

Democrats.com Chat with Greg Palast
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In an online chat with members of Democrats.community, investigative journalist Greg Palast shared his trademark humor - and some intriguing revelations as well. Palast discussed his new book, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy." which covers the broad range of Palast's work. Topics include the Stolen Election (Palast uncovered Katherine Harris' Fraudulent Felon purge) ... Bush's interference with FBI efforts to trace Al Qaeda's roots in Saudi Arabia ... and Enron's criminal manipulation of California electricity prices. Palast's most dramatic revelation was that he has videotape proving that George W. Bush LOBBIED for Enron in 1988 - 6 years BEFORE he says he "really got to know" Bush! Stay tuned for an EXPLOSION when Greg reveals the videotape.

Democrats.com Will Host Online Chat with Greg Palast on March 8
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Democrats.com will host an online chat on March 8 with Greg Palast, author of the brand new book "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy." Palast is America's leading investigative reporter, but he works in exile from London because no US corporate media outlet wants to pay him to expose corruption in America's inner circles of power. Democrats.com has frequently cited Palast's exposes, including his discovery of Katherine Harris' fraudulent felon purge in Florida, a crime for which she still has not been punished. The chat will be at our regular time, 8 pm EST. To participate, first register as a member of Democrats.community.

Democrats.com Co-sponsors Civil Liberties Forum in NYC on 2/27
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The Nation Institute is presenting a free public forum "Patriot Games: Civil Liberties After September 11" on Wednesday, Feb. 27 7 p.m. at the NY Society for Ethical Culture, 2 West 64th St. (@ Central Park West). Joining moderator Phil Donahue in a conversation about safeguarding the core American values of liberty and equality will be historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., columnist Molly Ivins, ACLU President Nadine Strossen, and Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee's Hussein Ibish. The Nation Institute is also proud to present an original performance by MacArthur Foundation "genius" award recipient Anna Deavere Smith. Mr. Donahue will lead a wide-ranging discussion about such currently controversial subjects as the expanded spying privileges recently granted to the CIA and FBI, the sharing of personal information about Americans, racial profiling, national ID cards, the treatment of captured enemy fighters, domestic terrorism, military justice, and the Imperial Presidency.

Democrats.com Launches 'Share A Sticker' Site
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Thanks to the continuing generosity of our members, Democrats.com has created a new resource for Democratic activists called "Share A Sticker". These bumper stickers were created by the members of Democrats.com. They are designed to be printed on regular paper using your regular printer, and inserted in clear plastic sleeves, which are available at any stationery store. You can then slide these "stickers" in and out, changing your message as often as you like. Have fun - and tell your friends! (Registration required)

Celebrate 'Not My President's Day' in NYC on Feb 18 with Ekstrom & Quinn
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Here at Democrats.com, February 18 is - you guessed it - Not My President's Day! We'll be celebrating in New York City with the singer-songwriter team of Ekstrom & Quinn, who performed so fabulously at our December 12 'Rising from the Ashes' forum. Ekstrom & Quinn will preview their brand new show, "The Front Page Follies," an evening of topical satirical songs that takes on the entire broad spectrum of American politics today, from the far right ... to the ultra-right. Performances take place at the Cornelia Street Cafe, at 29 Cornelia St. in the heart of Greenwich Village. Doors open at 6:00 pm, the show starts at 6:30. Through a special arrangement, Democrats.com members can get half-priced tickets for $5 by calling 212-340-9468. Hurry - seating is limited. If you can't join us on 2/18, the special Democrats.com rate will be in effect every Monday until the official opening night on March 4th - as long as you mention Democrats.com. We hope to see you there!

Democrats.com Holds Its First Online Chat with Paul Begala
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"Junior is gonna fall faster than Enron stock. Yes, there's broad consensus he's doing the right thing on the war side for the good of the nation. But on domestic issues, Bush [is] more interested in rewarding his contributors with special favors in his energy plan, or multi-trillion-dollar tax cuts, or drilling in the wilderness of mining in the national parks, or logging in the national forests. That's why they're so afraid of Enron. Because it exposes them for the whores they are... The record is full of examples of Enron getting special favors from Bush for years before that. So we must ask: why all of a sudden was Enron cut off? Could it be because it was broke??? ... Book this: Junior is gonna join Poppy in the Hall of Failed Presidents, Democrats are going to win both chambers of the Congress, and we might actually one day have a Supreme Court that applies laws instead of the country club bylaws." So predicts Paul Begala in Democrats.com's first online chat.

Democrats.com Will Host Online Chat with Paul Begala on Wednesday 9-10 pm EST
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Democrats.com is proud to announce our FIRST online chat! Our guest will be Paul Begala, co-author (with James Carville) of the brand new book, "Buck Up, Suck Up... and Come Back When You Foul Up." Begala was one of our most exciting speakers at our December 12 "Rising from the Ashes" forum in New York City, and we are delighted to have him as our guest. To participate, you must join our online community through the link below, and then follow the "chat" link to "General Chat Channels" and then "Democrats.com Chat". To submit a question, e-mail it in advance to public@democrats.com with the subject "Begala Question" - we will sort them and present as many as we can to Begala during the hour. Be sure to include your full name and community login. This should be fun, but please be patient if we encounter those inevitable "technical difficulties" on our maiden voyage.

Bob Fertik Debates Enrongate on BBC Newsnight
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Democrats.com co-founder Bob Fertik debated Enrongate on the BBC's popular "Newsnight" TV show. Bob debated Christopher Horner, a former lobbyist for Enron, a leading opponent of the Kyoto Treaty on global warming, and a flack at the right-wing Competitive Enterprise Institute. Bob highlighted the intimate connections between Enron and Bush, and called for a Special Prosecutor. Horner blamed - guess who - BILL CLINTON!! Hey Christopher, Enron's collapse happened while BU$H was President, not CLINTON!!! The show will be available until Saturday 5:30 pm EST. Click on the "Latest Programme" button on the right hand side of the page linked below. Real Player is required. To view the Enron report and debate, move the slider about a quarter of the way, or 15 minutes in.

December 12 'Rising from the Ashes' Welcoming Speech by Bob Fertik
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In Washington DC, the Bush Administration and the Republican Party have very different priorities. Instead of helping New York rise from the ashes, they would rather let us dig our way out of the rubble, by ourselves. Instead of assisting the many struggling families who need jobs, food and shelter, they would rather aid the fortunate few who own powerful corporations, oil fields, and mansions. Instead of showing the world America's pride in our unmatched system of open justice, they would rather conduct secret trials with secret evidence collected with secret methods by secret agents. My fellow New Yorkers, the Bush Administration and the Republican Party have their priorities wrong.

RadioLeft Will Broadcast 12/12 Events this Weekend
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Coast-to-Coast demonstrations, forums, and even a demonstration in support of Al Gore highlighted the commemoration of the corrupt Supreme Court decision that placed George Bush in the White House. Radio Left provided the only broadcast coverage of these events which were ignored by corporate media outlets such as CNN. Radio Left will re-broadcast this coverage over the weekend.

12/12 Vigil Report from Eugene OR
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"Those of us attending the Denial of Democracy vigil in Eugene on 12/12/2001 chose to highlight the profound significance of the US Constitution, civil rights including our right to dissent, the need to protect our right to elect our leaders, and a call to support impeachment of the US Supreme Court justices in the majority opinion of Bush v. Gore, issued on 12/12/2000. A tribute had been set up for the Twin Towers victims in New York City. Approximately 75 citizens attended the vigil with signs, candles, and bells in hand. Some participants had traveled from as far south as Modesto, California, and to the north from the Portland area." So reports Bevin Gilmore.

Democrats.com Stolen Election Anniversary Events Were a Big Success - What Do YOU Think?
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We were thrilled with the outcome of the events we hosted in Washington DC on 12/10 and New York City on 12/12. We have received personal notes from many of you who attended, thanking us for organizing the events, and telling us how energized you were to be among others committed to telling the truth about Election 2000. We in turn are grateful to the generous members of Democrats.com who made these events possible. We believe we succeeded in our primary goal, which was to tell the world - including Bush, the media, and the silent Democrats - that millions of Americans believe Bush STOLE the election. If you attended one of our events, we invite you to post your comments. What do you think was the most important aspect of these events? What should we do next to build on the energy at these events?

200 Free Tickets to December 12 Event are Now Available!
Democrats.com Events

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our members, Democrats.com can now offer 200 free tickets for our December 12 "Rising from the Ashes" forum in New York City. We would like to offer 100 more free tickets to those who cannot afford one - please contribute if you can! Free tickets will be available at the door on a first-come-first-served basis, starting at 5 pm.

Rising from the Ashes: Come to the Democrats.com Forum in New York City on December 12
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On December 12, we will gather near Ground Zero at the historic Great Hall at Cooper Union to let the world know that Al Gore really DID win, that George W. Bush is a thief, and Democrats will sweep to victory in New York and nationally in 2002 and 2004. We will talk about the Supreme Court's usurpation of Democracy, about Bush's unconstitutional attack on our civil rights, his war profiteering during our national crisis, and his lack of a mandate for ANY of his right-wing policies. Our speakers include: activist Liz Abzug, pundit Paul Begala, City Council members Yvette Clark and Robert Jackson, State Senator Tom Duane, NYU professors Todd Gitlin and Mark Crispin Miller, NY State Comptroller Carl McCall, Nation columnist John Nichols, Singer-songwriter Michael Quinn, White House Correspondent Ellen Ratner, WBAI Host David Rothenberg, and Mediachannel.org editor Danny Schechter. Come if you can, or listen live on RadioLeft.com

You are Invited to Mark the 1st Anniversary of Bush v. Gore with Democrats.com in Washington on December 10th
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Democrats.com is sponsoring a forum to bring together authors of books about the 2000 election and its aftermath. The event will be held on Monday December 10th at 7:00 PM at the Kay Spiritual Life Center on the American University campus in Washington. It will feature Newsweek's David Kaplan ("The Accidental President"), The Nation's John Nichols ("Jews for Buchanan"), Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. ("A More Perfect Union") and Judge Richard Posner ("Breaking the Deadlock"). This event is co-sponsored by the Appleseed Project on Electoral Reform of the Washington College of Law, American University's Kennedy Political Union and AU's Center for Presidential and Congressional Studies. The Kay Spiritual Life Center is located near Ward Circle, just inside the main entrance to the American University campus. Tickets are $5 for the forum and $35 for a special reception afterwards. A limited number of spaces are available so please buy your tickets online in advance.

Bob Fertik Denounces Coverup of Stolen Election in Interview with CNSNews.com
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A recent review of the Florida 2000 election results by a [media] consortium...wrongly concluded that...Bush still would have won the state and the presidency if the recounts had not been halted by the U.S. Supreme Court. "They [media outlets] chose to spin the outcome as a victory for Bush," Bob Fertik...told CNSNews.com. "They chose to validate Bush's theft of the presidency rather than look at the facts..." When all the legal votes were counted, Gore won by margins ranging from 42 to 171 votes, depending on the standard used for...chads. Moreover, if the voting machines had accurately recorded the intent of Florida's voters, Gore would have won by more than 25,000 votes…the only scenarios that supported a Bush victory were those where some legal votes were not counted, Fertik said. "If you count the votes, Gore wins. If you don't count the votes, Bush wins. In a democracy, you're supposed to count the votes," he said.

Meria Heller Interviews Bob Fertik
Democrats.com Events

Bob Fertik was interviewed on the "Meria Heller Show" international webcast on the NORC Report, the Stolen Election and freedom in America today. Bob discusses practical changes that MUST be made to insure a legitimate election in 2002 and 2004. Bob also discusses the NORC report clearly showing GORE the winner, yet the media spin played it into Bush's camp. Also on the show (first half) is Nancy Oden of the Green Party, who was stopped at the airport in Bangkor, Maine and grounded from flying based on her name being on their "computer list". Nancy is an organic farmer (her first love) and environmentalist. Hear her firsthand report of what happened to her in AMERICA 2001. All shows are archived for listening 24/7 at www.Meria.net

Vote for Democrats.com at The Nation
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Our friends at The Nation write, "For an upcoming special issue on the National Entertainment State, readers are invited to submit brief letters nominating their favorite independent media outlet. It might be a web site, alternative newspaper, magazine, public access TV show--as long as it is useful, imaginative, witty, socially conscious or otherwise worthy of wider attention. Please e-mail your nomination, by November 21, to letters@thenation.com, with the subject line 'Favorite Media Outlet.' Include your street address and phone number." With nearly 30,000 e-mail subscribers, Democrats.com is by far the most popular progressive news site. Let's show The Nation how popular we are!

Democrats.com Co-sponsors Forum on 'Freedom, Terrorism, and Civil Liberties' in New York City on October 17
Democrats.com Events

On Wednesday, October 17 in New York City, New Democratic Dimensions will continue its "Conversations on America" series with a forum on "Freedom, Terrorism, and Civil Rights," co-sponsored by Democrats.com. The panel includes Peter Tufo, former Ambassador to Hungary under President Clinton, and Steve Hyman, President of the New York Civil Liberties Union. Join us for an informational discussion on the current crisis facing America. Do we sacrifice freedoms for security against terrorism? What is the role of Congress when considering legislation giving authorities almost unlimited powers of surveillance and detention? Is free speech in danger of restriction? $10 minimum donation, all proceeds to the Twin Towers Fund. National Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park South from 6:30P - 8:00 p.m. RSVP 212.481.7251 or nddmain@newdd.org - click "events" in the gray box.

Democrats.com Attacked by Nimda Virus
Democrats.com Events

On Tuesday, the main Democrats.com server was clobbered by the Nimda virus, which knocked out thousands of servers around the world. While we were down, we received many notes of support and concern from our readers, for which we are most grateful. Have no fear - we will never abandon the fight for truth, justice, and the American way! Through it all our online community site was alive and well. Check it out - and meet your fellow members of Democrats.com!

Democrats.com Launches Fall Offensive!
Democrats.com Events

Heading into the fall campaign of 2001, Democrats.com is launching a "Fall Offensive" to remind voters about the Stolen Election of 2000, and to channel the anger felt by millions of Americans into effective political action, culminating in a grassroots movement to to return Democrats to control at every level of government. According to Democrats.com co-founder Bob Fertik, "The 27,000 members of Democrats.com are proud to declare that we will NEVER 'get over' the Stolen Election." According to co-founder David Lytel, "The unlawful suspension of the recount in Florida by the U.S. Supreme Court is the most important crime against democracy in our long and proud history. We know that millions of Americans are still angry about the election, so despite the almost total news blackout of this issue we will work tirelessly to ensure that justice prevails through the ballot box." Read our plan - and get involved!

Democrats.com Will Announce Our 'Fall Offensive' At Our First Washington DC Press Conference On Tuesday
Democrats.com Events

Democrats.com is planning to make some news! On Tuesday, September 11, we will hold our FIRST Washington DC press conference, along with Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and author Vince Bugliosi. We will be announcing our "Fall Offensive" for the First Anniversary of the Stolen Election of 2000. Co-founders Bob Fertik and David Lytel will describe the overwhelming evidence that Al Gore won; the evidence of nearly 60 crimes committed by Republican officials that must be investigated; and our grassroots efforts to enact election reform; enact a voting rights constitutional amendment; impeach the Supreme Court 5; and sweep all Republicans out of office in the upcoming elections. Call or e-mail your favorite Washington reporters and urge them to attend!

Join Democrats.com At A Reception for Vince Bugliosi in Washington DC on September 11!
Democrats.com Events

If you are in the vicinity of Washington DC, Democrats.com proudly invites you to a reception for Vincent Bugliosi, author of The Betrayal of America, on Tuesday, September 11th from 7 to 9 p.m. This is Bugliosi's FIRST appearance in Washington since he published his history-making book. Bugliosi will speak about his book, and light refreshments will be served. Copies of the book will be available for $10 for the first 50 guests and will be signed by the author. You'll also get a chance to meet Democrats.com co-founders David Lytel and Bob Fertik. We hope to see you there!

Democrats.com Interviewed on NYC TV
Democrats.com Events

While national TV continued its blackout against anti-Bush protests, local media acknowledged our presence, as well as Bush's goofs. Democrats.com co-founder Bob Fertik was interviewed on the WB network - stay tuned until the end.

Bush Hates NY - And the Feeling is Mutual, as 500 Protesters Greeted Him
Democrats.com Events

After visiting 32 other states and Poland, Shrub finally visited America's largest city. According to the NY Times, "Mr. Bush expressed something short of pure delight at being back in the state that he lost by nearly 25 percentage points last November and that his advisers view as politically out of reach for 2004. 'How do you like New York, Mr. President?' a reporter asked Mr. Bush as he posed for a photograph with a small cluster of Democrats and Republicans in front of New York Harbor... 'It's a beautiful day,' Mr. Bush responded tersely... If Mr. Bush had reason to dislike New York, those feelings were returned by 500 protesters who assembled outside the church to greet him, holding signs reading, 'He's not my president,' and chanting, 'Bush, Cheney, got to go!'" To see photos of the protests, visit http://democrats.com/images/bush-nyc-071001/index.htm

Democrats.com Members March in California Parade
Democrats.com Events

On July 4, 300,000 people marched to celebrate Independence Day in Huntington Beach, CA. Among the marchers were proud members of Democrats.com, who carried a huge banner reading "Democrats.com - For the Real News." Thanks to our local members for their enthusiasm and support!

Fight Back! Take the Democrats.com Voter Pledge
Democrats.com Events

On April 6, Democrats.com announced our Voter Pledge campaign: "In the next election, I pledge to register and deliver as many voters as I possibly can, in order to sweep all Republicans out of office." So far, we have 428 pledges totaling 6,330 voters. That's a good start - but we have nearly 25,000 subscribers, and we need every single vote. Take the pledge today!

Participate in the Pro-Democracy Convention in Philadelphia June 29-July 1
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Democrats.com is co-sponsoring the Pro-Democracy Convention from June 29 to July 1 in Philadelphia, where the US Constitution was ratified. The convention is in response to the disenfranchisement of thousands, if not millions of voters in the recent Presidential election. The convention includes an intensive training institute, a National Town Hall Meeting with prominent pro-Democracy leaders, adoption of the Voters' Bill of Rights and strategies for strengthening the pro-democracy movement. Register now!

Want to Protest the Tax Giveaway? Send Your 'Refunds' to Democrats.com!
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Here's a great suggestion from a number of our subscribers: if you want a fun and effective way to protest the Republican tax giveaway, send your 'refunds' (which are actually advances against next year's tax credit) to Democrats.com! We will use your contributions in our unceasing efforts to expose the truth about George W. Bush and the Stolen Election - and for our ongoing pledge campaign to sweep all Republicans out of office. So make a contribution, and send a note to the Republican Party (info@rnc.org) telling them what you're doing with their refund. A number of you have already done so, and the word we're getting is that the Republicans are not too pleased!

Democrats.com Protests Bush in San Diego
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Here's the report from Mark Hull-Richter of the Southern California chapter of Democrats.com: "Democrats.com and the San Diego County Democratic Club organized a Democratic protest of Bush's appearance at Camp Pendleton this morning outside the Harbor gate. A few Greens, Socialists and individuals from other groups joined the Democrats. People carried signs addressing issues that included the stolen election, criticism of the Bush's so-called "energy policy," Bush's connections with the energy industry and his illegitimacy. 10 Democratic children were present and actively involved. 10 year old Natasha Hull-Richter acted as the group's spokesperson as she led a chant of "Gore won Florida, Bush go home, Gore won Florida, Nazi go home!" over her megaphone. Reporters from local television stations and newspapers circulated through the crowd conducting interviews and filming the activity. The response from most of the drivers passing by, including many Marines, was largely positive."

It's a Great Day to be a Democrat!
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Members of Democrats.com are simply overjoyed at the news of Jeffords' switch. In less than a day, nearly 2,000 members joined our "Dollars for Jeffords" Campaign. Read the enthusiastic comments below. As for ourselves, all we can say is THANK YOU JIM!!!

Share Your Voter Rights March Stories with Democrats.com!
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The news media blacked out the awesome Voter Rights Marches in Washington DC and San Francisco. Are we surprised? Of course not! The media helped Bu$h steal the election, so they don't want anyone to know that a crime was committed! But we don't have to rely on the media - we can tell our own stories! Tell your story here.

What's the Best Bush Watch Dog Site? Democrats.com, of course!
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You know how hard we work for you every day to keep you informed about the latest Bush assault on the things we all care about. If you value what we do, please vote for us in the "Best Bush Watchdog" category of the First Annual Bushie Awards (scroll to the bottom).

It's VoterMarch Time
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The Voter Rights March on May 19 is quickly approaching. This is the big day for protesting the Stolen Election and demanding far-reaching election reform. There will be major rallies in Washington DC and San Francisco. Hurry up and buy your bus or plane tickets! If you simply can't get there, listen to live coverage from http://radioleft.com

Attention Webmasters: Co-sponsor the Democrats.com Voter Pledge
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If you have a web page, we invite you to co-sponsor the Democrats.com Voter Pledge by posting our banner ad and linking directly to our Pledge page. Our goal is 100,000 pledges in the next 18 months, so we need lots of help! After you post the banner, send your URL and the name of your site to public@democrats.com so we can list you as a co-sponsor. Please put "Voter Pledge Co-sponsor" in the subject line.

Report from Earth Day in New York City
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"It was a hot summer-like day - Mother Earth's way of reminding us about the reality of the global warming. Maya, Victor and I arrived in Times Square at noon. As soon as we got out of the subway, we ran into the usual suspects: Cheryl, Chris, Bob Fertik, Teresa Ward (with a great 'It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature' sign complete with Jr as Alfred E Newman), Jon Bexell, Susan from NJ." So reports Leah Faerstein from New York City.

Print our Voter Pledge Flyers for Local Events!
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In order to sweep Republicans out of office, we want to sign up as many voter pledges as we possibly can. We have designed a one-page flyer that you can print on your own printer and distribute in your neighborhood, in community gathering places, and in street demonstrations. Print it out and distribute as many copies as you can!

Bob Fertik Returns to Meria Heller's Show
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On Wednesday, Bob Fertik returned as the featured guest on Meria Heller's excellent radio show, which is streamed over the Internet.

Democrats.com Launches State and County Discussion Lists!
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As part of our "UnPresident's Day" events in February, we began forming state and county chapters of Democrats.com. We are thrilled to unveil our starting list of chapters, which are being organized by our members using yahoogroups e-mail discussion lists. We encourage you to join the groups for your state and your county! If you don't see a list for your state or county - and you'd like to moderate one - send a note to mailto:dem-moderators-owner@yahoogroups.com and be sure to include your state (and county for a county list).

Democrats.com California Chapter Celebrates Gore's Birthday
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Here are two reports of our President Gore Birthday Party at the Anaheim Convention Center (site of the 2001 Democratic Party State Convention) from Ruth and from Gina Record. We had a big Democrats.com sign we made up, and we handed out over 150 flyers. We're going to get the photos we took developed tonight, including pictures of the cakes (and our kids with Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who also signed the "card"), and then mail them all to Al Gore tomorrow in a secure box.

Protest FOX in New York on April 6
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On Friday April 6th between 12 and 2, DemocracyMarch.org, in coordination with Project Blackout, will hold a rally at Fox News Cable Studio at 6th Ave. btwn. 47th and 48th in New York City to protest the media bias which has resulted in a virtual media blackout of the stolen election - FOX cable news being one of the most egregious offenders. Speakers include Mark Crispin Miller, expert on media conglomeration and author of The Bush Dyslexicon; Bob Fertik of Democrats.com; Phil Berg, former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, filing Class Action Lawsuit to in Florida overturn Presidential Election; Maia Cowan, writer with mediawhoresonline.com and failureisimpossible.com; Chris Acosta Outreach Coordinator of Voter March; and Aton Edwards of the International Preparedness Network, interspersed with some entertaining interludes.

Report from the Plainfield Protest
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As we left, there was a guy who walked with us and he said, you know, I feel the same way you do, but I keep telling myself I have to get over it, I have to let it go. And I said, no, you don't and don't you believe that. Communists get over stolen elections. Americans don't. You can be as angry about it as you want. Don't let them make you feel guilty about being angry about this... And he said, "thank you, thank you, I was feeling guilty."

'Static Cling' Campaign 'Catches' in Kansas
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"On Tuesday, March 20, 2001, U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell made what ought to be one of the most outrageous statements in American political history: 'The American people are more concerned about static cling than campaign finance...' It doesn't matter if you're Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative. If you love this country, if you hate what our political system has become, that statement ought to make you mad as hell." So writes Democrats.com member Ronald Dickens of Wichita, and he's mad enough to do something about it - collecting dozens of dryer sheets to send off to Republican Senators. Send your personalized "Stop Corruption Now - Pass McCain-Feingold" dryer sheet today to your Senator, Washington DC 20510.

Democrats.com Launches State and County Discussion Lists!
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As part of our "UnPresident's Day" events in February, we began forming state and county chapters of Democrats.com. We are thrilled to unveil our starting list of chapters, which are being organized by our members using yahoogroups e-mail discussion lists. We encourage you to join the groups for your state and your county! If you don't see a list for your state or county - and you'd like to moderate one - send a note to mailto:dem-moderators-owner@yahoogroups.com and be sure to include your state (and county for a county list).

What Would WE Do with $360 Million?
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An anonymous donor has given $360 million to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. Which leads us to wonder - what would WE do if a donor gave us $360 million? (hint, hint!) First, we'd get the 51 million Americans who voted for Al Gore plugged in to Democrats.com. Then we'd go after the millions of Bush voters who thought they were getting a moderate. Then we'd invite the Nader voters who think they made a mistake. Then we'd go after the 100 million Americans who didn't even vote. If we could build our network to 100 million Americans, we could turn this country around 180 degrees from the reactionary plans of the Bush administration. Does anyone know some progressive millionaires?

Bob Fertik to Speak at Internet Organizing Conference on Saturday
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On Saturday March 10, the Organizers' Collaborative is hosting a conference in New Haven, CT, on Grassroots Use of the Internet. Democrats.com co-founder Bob Fertik will be among the speakers, along with many of our favorite Internet organizers. There are a few openings left (registration is $5-$15), so if you're interested mailto:conference@organizenow.net (include name, address, and email adress) or call 617-596-4957 quickly.

Democrats.com Members Protest Bush in Ohio
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President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush were greeted by about 150 angry protesters as they paid their first visit to the Buckeye state since Bush was sworn in at last month’s inauguration ceremony. "The American people rejected vouchers, high-stake tests and school reform that will gut public education," said J.B. Lawton, spokesman for Franklin County’s chapter of Democrats.com. "We are going to turn our anger into organization. We are going to turn our indignation into mobilization. George W. Bush lost the election in 2000; we are going to make sure he loses it again in 2004 and every vote is going to count." Right on, J.B.!!

Publish Your UnPresident's Day Stories!
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Thanks to you, UnPresident's Day was an enormous success!!! Dozens of Democrats.com local chapters were born across the country, with gatherings of as many as 50 local members. Here's one report from Liz Cortell in Chicago: "It was a smashing success. By my count, 28 people showed up. We had some very interesting folks on hand, including someone from the 46th Ward Regular Democratic Organization, someone from Alderman Richard Mell's office, and folks from Trust The People Chicago. We had a minimal agenda - we introduced ourselves, had a toast to our duly elected President Albert Gore Jr., and then demolished 8 pizzas and a few gallons of beer. Several people are gung-ho on developing an agenda for action..." Thanks to everyone who attended in Chicago! Visit our message board to post or read a report (community registration required).

C-Span Interviews Bob Fertik
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Democrats.com co-founder Bob Fertik was interviewed by Brian Lamb of C-Span on Washington Journal for three minutes on Friday, February 16 at 7:30 a.m. EST. We were invited on the show to balance their interview of the infamous Lucianne Goldberg of lucianne.com. You can replay the interview with RealPlayer.

Celebrate UnPresident's Day Sunday!
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We'll be partying from coast to coast this Sunday at 5pm for UnPresident's Day - over 100 parties and counting! Check our list for a party near you and drop a note to the host if you can attend.

Massive Voter Rights March Planned for May 19
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On Saturday, May 19, 2001, the Voter Rights March will be held at Lafayette Park and the Mall in Washington, DC from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The march will express our outrage over the fraud and disenfranchisement of voters in the latest Presidential election, to call for critically-needed voting and electoral reforms, and to protest the illegitimate President's right wing agenda to turn back gains in the environment, a woman's right to choose, and the separation of church and state. Democrats.com is proud to co-sponsor this event.

Democrats.com Featured on C-Span
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If you woke up to see the Democrats.com home page on C-Span, you weren't dreaming. Andy Berkowitz, author of the "Nobody Asked Me, But..." .commentary, was the first caller when C-Span asked viewers for their favorite news web sites. Way to go, Andy - let's tell the world about Democrats.com! And by the way, Brian - thank you for C-Span :)

Momentum Building for UnPresident's Day on Sunday. February 18!
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Party, party, party! That's the message from our subscribers, who have organized over 100 house parties and local gatherings for Sunday at 5pm. It's not too late to organize a party to meet your fellow Democrats.com'ers - just sign up and be sure to list your e-mail address so folks can contact you. And if you'd like to be a guest at a party on Sunday, follow the link to find your closest host.

Let's Build a True Democratic Party for the 21st Century
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We don't need to build a "New" Democratic Party that is indistinguishable from the Republican Party. We need to build a TRUE Democratic Party that is capable of winning in the 21st Century. The key to our success is the Internet. Strategically, we must use the Internet to organize in every state, every county, every town, and eventually every block. This CAN be done, and in many places it IS being done. Between now and the next election, it MUST be done – at least everywhere that we want to win! Here's our plan...

Not One Senator! What Should We Do?
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On January 6, we could have challenged Florida's stolen electors - if we had Just One Senator! On January 31, we could have filibustered John Ashcroft's nomination - if we had Just One Senator! Both times, we could not find One Senator willing to stand up and fight for the people who elected them - US. What should we do? Form a PAC to elect Aggressive Progressives? Form state-wide chapters to hold Democratic Senators accountable? Tell us what you think we can do to persuade the Democrats in the Senate to fight the illegal Bush regime. Join Democrats.community and post your thoughts here.

Federal Agents Want Us to 'Coordinate' our Rallies with Them
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Here's a letter from Special Agent Scott Matthewson to the coordinator the Florida rallies against John Ashcroft: "We recognize, and support, your rights to demonstrate at these facilities. We only ask that you coordinate your planned activities with us to ensure your, as well as our, safety." Does that sound like a subtle threat? Is our safety in danger if we don't "coordinate"? Drop Mr. Matthewson a note to express your views of First Amendment rights - and be sure to cc: the nation's chief law enforcement officer at president@whitehouse.gov.

Buy Your Bus Ticket to the Inaugural Voter March on January 20
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The Inaugural Voter March will be held in Washington, DC on Saturday, Jan. 20, 2001. Thousands of protesters will meet at Dupont Circle at 10:00 am to hear speakers and entertainers. This will be followed by a protest march from Dupont Circle to the Capitol and then to the U.S. Supreme Court, and then a counter-inaugural ceremony at 5pm. Chartered buses will be bringing voters from various locations throughout the United States to Washington, DC. Bus tickets are on sale here.

Democrats.com Speaks Monday in NYC on "Democracy in the Information Age"
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On Monday 12/11, Democrats.com co-founder Bob Fertik will speak to the New York Software Industry Association about "Democracy in the Information Age." The event is free for NYSIA members, $20 for non-members. Come by and say hello!

Democrats.com Hosts Party in DC
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On Monday, David Lytel, Bob Fertik, and Jim Buie hosted a party for members of Democrats.com at the Capitol City Brewing Co. We met some wonderful Democrats and had a fascinating discussion of the current political situation and the future role of Democrats.com as a force for Democratic activism. Thanks to all who came!!