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Report from Earth Day in New York City
Leah Faerstein


It was a hot summer-like day - Mother Earth's way of reminding us about the reality of the global warming.

Maya, Victor and I arrived in Times Square at noon. As soon as we got out of the subway, we ran into the usual suspects: Cheryl, Chris, Bob Fertik, Teresa Ward (with a great "It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature" sign complete with Jr as Alfred E Newman), Jon Bexell, Susan from NJ. I took from Bob a bunch of Democrats.com voter pledges ("I will never let republicans steal another election...").

As we joined the group formed inside the baricades I was pleasantly surprised at the good reception my Democratic stuff had among all protesters. Except for a guy I had to send to read "the Earth in the Balance" and a woman who waved her fist to me and screamed: "I will never vote Democrat in my life", I found the protesters a nice, friendly crowd.

My T-shirt featuring Al Gore looming over the White House "Hey, Smirk, get out of my house" drew mostly sympathetic reactions. Someone offered to help with distribution and diligently gave out a large number of CLG flyers (thank you, Monica). The group proceeded south and east on sidewalks, under friendly police escort to the UN. I managed to give away all my CLG flyers (100) and I finished the voter pledges too.

People were mostly sympathetic to the whole scene and ready to get flyers. "I appreciate what you are doing" a guy said taking a flyer, "and I am from UK ." "We appreciate you too and especially your press," I replied.

A funny walking guy took the voter pledge flyer which started with "Stop Bush" and yelled at me:"FROM WHAT?" ""From blowing us up, from dragging us into war, take your pick" I obliged. "War? War? YOU ARE KILLING BABIES!!!! he yelled at me. Oh, yes, that's New York for you: we have the best AND the worst.

The group continues to the UN singing ("This Land is your land") and chanting :"Hey, hey, ho,ho, the Toxic Texan has to go." At the arrival place songs and speeches started. It was hot. Maya got her ice cream on herself and wanted water. So, we had to go. It was a good Earth Day after all. I just hope that Mother Earth will be patient with us until we solve this mess in the White House...