Bush Flip-Flops

Bush is 'Dismantling' the American Dream
Bush Flip-Flops

Andrew Young: "Bush spoke at a National Urban League Conference in Detroit where he discussed black America's place in the 'ownership society' - a major theme of his 2004 re-election campaign. [Bush] offered his take on black progress. 'Progress for African Americans and all Americans,' he said 'depends on more citizens living the dream of owning their own home....' He's right. Like gainful employment, the ability to save for the future and access to affordable health care, child care and higher education, home ownership is not only a vital component of the American Dream - it's essential to the stability and growth of the middle class. Unfortunately, proposals made last week by two Bush administration appointees ... threaten to make the 'ownership society' a myth, rather than a reality, for working-class and middle-class families [Bush] is dismantling the very government programs designed to help families achieve the American Dream."

List of Bush Flip-Flops
Bush Flip-Flops

(1) Flip-Flop #1: Bush has flip-flopped about whether capturing Osama Bin Laden is an important priority for his administration.
(3) Bush opposed the creation of an independent Sept. 11 commission, then supported it.
(5) Bush has flip-flopped on whether the War on Terrorism is winnable.
(8) In 2000, Bush argued against new military entanglements and nation building. He's done both in Iraq.
(12) Bush and Cheney have been hypocritical flip-floppers on the question of whether we should prosecute the war on terrorism and assert our national power in a way that is "sensitive."
(49) Bush Flip-flopped and Broke His 2000 Promises to Reform and Strengthen Social Security and Medicare, and to Not Raid the Social Security Trust Fund.
(51) Bush flip-flopped on his 2000 Promises to the Military and Veterans.
(56) Bush and Cheney flip-flopped on the $87 Billion.

Just a few examples. Read the entire list and pass it on!

Bush's Foreign Policy Flip-Flops Top 60
Bush Flip-Flops

It's "flip-flop month" at compassiongate! Read the 41 (count 'em) flip-flops on Iraq alone, plus 19 other foreign policy somersaults. Bush can't ride a Segway, but he's an Olympic champion flip-flopper!

Hail to the 'Flip-Flopper-in-Chief'
Bush Flip-Flops

AP reports, "Bush has his own history of changing his position, from reversals on steel tariffs and 'nation-building' to reasons for invading Iraq . Most recently, Bush did an about-face on whether the proposed new director of national intelligence should have full budget-making powers as the bipartisan Sept. 11 commission recommended. Bush at first indicated no, then last week said yes... In 2000, Bush argued against new military entanglements and nation building. He's done both in Iraq... _He opposed a Homeland Security Department, then embraced it. _He opposed creation of an independent Sept. 11 commission, then supported it. He first refused to speak to its members, then agreed only if Vice President Dick Cheney came with him. _Bush argued for free trade, then imposed three-year tariffs on steel imports in 2002, only to withdraw them after 21 months. _Last month, he said he doubted the war on terror could be won, then reversed himself to say it could and would." And on and on...

Come One! Come All! Meet the Fabulous, Fickle, Free-Loading, Fallacious, Fanatical, Farcical, Felonious, Floundering FLIP FLOP Man!
Bush Flip-Flops

Cheryl Seal writes: "The Rove-ling Brothers Circus has come to town with its amazing Center Ring attraction: FLIP FLOP MAN! He whines (when the press doesn't cooperate)! He dines (with corporate execs and their checkbooks)! He car-awlllllllls on his belly like a reptile! You've never seen anything like him under the Big Top (of the White House) ever before! He's played to a crowned head of Europe (Tony Blair's sidekick Queen Elizabeth). He's stunned audiences from Kalamazoo to Kuwait with his sleight of hand! It's the one, the only (thank God!), the OUTGOING (in January 2005), George W. Bush, the World's Foremost FLIP FLOP MAN!!!!!!!!! Here is just a sampling of his confounding and truth-defying stunts!

Bush's Flipflopping on Korea is so Outrageous that the Koreans Can't Keep Up with It
Bush Flip-Flops

Digital Chosunilbe, a Korean news source, was clearly struggling to make sense of Bush's outrageous-to-irrational flipflopping on Korea. "George W. Bush said Wednesday that the U.S. had a duty to maintain a strong military presence in Korea. On the Wednesday program of NBC's Today, Bush was asked what he thought of Sen. John McCain's statement that the reduction of U.S. forces in Korea by one third was the most dangerous thing since the Korea War. Bush said he didn't agree." The writers seemed to wrestle with finding a way to present Bush's self-contradiction - that he supports a strong presence, but that he also plans to cut that presence and make it weaker.....HUH? Kerry's straightforward statements, presented later in the article, seemed a welcome relief .

Kerry Unmasks Bush's Dangerous Flip-Flopping on Korea Troop Commitment
Bush Flip-Flops

Ya wanna talk about flip-flopping, well, here's a veritable upside-down cake! Here's Bush in 2002: "We hope for a day when the stability of the Korean Peninsula is built on peaceful reconciliation of North and South. Today, however, the stability of this peninsula is built on the military might of our great alliance. In our dealings with North Korea we've laid down a clear marker: We will stand by the people of South Korea. We will maintain our presence here." Now here's the White House position as of June 7, 2004: "The US confirmed yesterday that it plans to withdraw a third of its troops stationed in South Korea by the end of next year as part of a worldwide redeployment." Had anything changed to justify this shift in position? Nope! In fact, the dangers posed by No. Korea have INCREASED, thanks largely to Bush's abysmal diplomatic tactics. For more Bush flip-flops, put 'Bush flip-flops' into "compass" search at upper left (no quotes needed).

Bush Redeployment Plan: Long on Headlines, Short on Workability
Bush Flip-Flops

VOA: " Bush's plan to withdraw up to 70,000 troops from overseas bases contained few specifics, particularly about Asia...Although Pentagon officials have said the troop realignment plan includes pulling about 30,000 soldiers from Germany, they have said nothing about Asia... It is not even clear if the figure of 70,000 includes the 12,000 soldiers that the Pentagon said last month would be pulled out of South Korea in the next two years. Some analysts say there are few ways to withdraw large numbers of troops from Asia without reducing US commitment to the region. Plus, they note, the DOD actually has been talking about moving troops INTO Asia." Says Korea expert Lee Dong-bok of Bush's vague plans: "It is going to create a lot of complications."

G. W. FlipFlop Goes from Kicking Butt to Kissing A*s to Win Campaign Brownie Points
Bush Flip-Flops

IHT: "The fact is that Bush needs allies now. Iraq has gone so badly that the old go-it-alone neoconservatives have had to take a back seat, and the Bush forces are out courting countries it formerly disdained. .The Bush administration came into office with a big chip on its shoulder, and long before 9/11, America's allies watched in dismay at what wags called the bonfire of the treaties - Kyoto, the International Criminal Court, et al." Now, needing a boost in the polls, Bush has completely abandoned his former stance. "Last month, however, Bush traveled from Washington no less than four times to meet with and to soothe ruffled allies." But Mr. Flipflop will find throwing PR crumbs won't do the trick: "Polls show that while 63 percent of the French population held a favorable view of the United States two years ago, only 37 percent are favorable today. In Germany the 61 percent who held a positive view of the United States has diminished to 38 percent. "

When it comes to 'Flip-flopping,' Compared to Bush, Kerry is 'Bolted to the Floor'
Bush Flip-Flops

Dan Payne writes: " The Bush-Cheney team likes to say president is "steadfast." And John Kerry is "flip-flopper." But Senator Kerry is bolted to floor compared to Bush. Bush is no more steadfast than Tony Soprano is faithful." Payne says that Bush's glaring examples of flip-flopping remain extremely underreported by the press. Among these: First Osama was Bush's #1 priority. Now he's Osamab bin Forgotten. First Bush lavished money, power, and attention on Chalabi. Now he claims he hardly knows who Chalabi is. In 2001, Bush said there was no need for a cabinet-level office of Homeland Security. Now its practically a crusade. Bush was vehemently against the 9/11 commission. Later, he claims he "always supported" it. First he was dead set against "nation building," then later all for it...and so forth, ad nauseum.

The First the Pentagon heard of Bush Vow to Raze Abu Ghraib was during his Speech
Bush Flip-Flops

The Bush regime is becoming like a very dark version of the Keystone Cops everyone running frantically around bumping into each other in their frenzy to plug up the leaking ship. Tonight (5/27) we heard that no one in Homeland Security ever heard of any terrorist alert until Tom Ridge and Mueller announced it. Now it turns out that when Bush vowed to "tear down" Abu Ghraib prison, he never ran the plan past anyone in the Pentagon, or even the folks running the prison. After hearing Bush's speech, reports IHT, "Pentagon officials...scrambled without success to come up with details of the plan.."This office was not aware of any plans to raze Abu Ghraib or build another prison," said a Pentagon spokesman, who insisted that he not be identified because he did not want to be seen as contradicting the president." Or seen the next day at the unemployment office.

Rumsfeld Hearing Highlights Bush Administration History of Geneva Convention 'Bait and Switch'
Bush Flip-Flops

At the May 7 hearing, Rummy said that Bush had designated only "Al Queda members" as "enemy combatants" (a term minted by Bush & Co.) while he had "always" recognized the Taliban as POWs under the Geneva Convention. But Bush originally did not want to recognize ANY prisoners in Afghanistan as POWs or the Geneva Convention, for that matter. It was only after world pressure that he gave the Taliban POW status, and then he failed to comply with the full intent of the Geneva Convention, making up his own rules as he went along. "Bush wisely reversed his position last week in announcing that the Geneva Conventions do apply to Taliban captives... Unfortunately, Bush stopped short of agreeing that the Taliban captives were prisoners of war and entitled to all the legal protections that designation entails under the internationally accepted treaty. This is the diplomatic version of bait and switch. What you see is not necessarily what you get." (Record Online)

Bush Israel Decision 'a Terrible Blunder' that Will Intensify Anti-US Rage and Terrorism
Bush Flip-Flops

Business Times: "By endorsing the Israeli Likud government's claim to part of the West Bank and to retain large Israeli settlements in the territory it occupied in the 1967 war, Bush has taken a historic step that runs contrary to US national interests. It would only ignite anti-American sentiments in the Middle East, including in Iraq, and would play into the hands of Osama bin Laden and other radical Islamic terrorists. That such a development would ignite more opposition to American policies in the Middle East and around the world should not surprise American officials and should not be spinned by them as a reflection of irrational hatred against American values and way of life. In fact, a policy that places the US in isolation from its friends and allies, and alone on the side of a radical Israeli nationalist and religious agenda, clashes with American values."

Flip-Flop-Bush Will Rehire Baathists
Bush Flip-Flops

On 11-4-03, Bush vehemently denounced "Saddam loyalists, those are the people, the torturers and murders [sic] and thugs that used to benefit from Saddam Hussein's regime." But now "Some senior Iraqi officials sacked in a purge of those connected with Saddam Hussein's regime will be brought back in an overhaul of the policy." So who's the flip-flopper-in-chief?