The Florida Margin of Victory Campaign

On Election Day, November 7, Al Gore won the popular vote for President of the United States.

However, the election was so close in Florida that election officials are still trying to determine the winner.  Florida's 25 electoral college votes will give the next president his margin of victory.  We believe a legitimate count of the votes would give the election to the candidate favored by a majority of American voters, Al Gore.

The accuracy of the vote count in Florida has been cast into grave doubt by an unusual situation in Palm Beach County. Because of a poorly designed ballot, many Palm Beach voters were misled when they cast their ballots. As a result, some voters who intended to vote for Al Gore accidentally marked their ballots for Pat Buchanan instead.

The statistics below are striking. Even though Palm Beach County is smaller than neighboring Broward and Dade counties, Pat Buchanan received five times more votes in Palm Beach. With a statewide Bush lead of only 1,805 votes, the votes cast for Pat Buchanan by mistake could represent the margin of victory.


Palm Beach












We therefore believe the voter confusion in Palm Beach County is so important that Palm Beach County should invalidate the results and hold new balloting for the presidential campaign.

IF YOU VOTED in Palm Beach County and were confused by the ballot, we encourage you to complete this AFFADAVIT and fax it to local attorneys who are preparing to file a complaint with the canvassing board.

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If you live in Palm Beach County and believe your intended vote was improperly recorded please fill out an affadavit and fax it to a local law firm that is collecting them.

If you are a Palm Beach County voter with questions please call 561-803-3530


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