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Poem to the People
Tamara Lynn Scott

May we inaugurate a new day of freedom.

May we learn how to take up the power within ourselves
to unite in our actions,
to share our knowledge,
our experience,
and awaken a new day,
within ourselves,
arming our fight for right,
and just,
eternal fray.

May we inaugurate within ourselves
the belief
that the will of the people can succeed
and reshape the shadows of our failings
into a more perfect state.
That we can in word and deed,
change the power of greeds' dark face.

May we take these criminal acts witnessed
and grow stronger,
and braver,
and surer that not one can be left behind,
no stone unturned,
no ballot uncounted,
no lie allowed to stand,
no greed allowed to play.
For where can there be room to hide,
on this great and glorious day?
When we will have arrived at a new bridge of understanding,
and that bridge is within ourselves.
Each and every one of us must dedicate.

May we inaugurate the changes needed
to secure a more perfect democracy,
punishing the lies,
the spins,
the greed that has ever won
and has killed the honesty within,
that weakens and enslaves our world,
demeans all dream.

May we celebrate on this inauguration day
civil disrespect
for what has been so easily stolen from us,
belief that our votes do indeed count,
belief that we can rely upon our justices
to rise above self centered power plays,
belief that our leaders
can lead us in moral right,
for they have forgotten the price eternity will pay.

May we inaugurate ourselves
into the most powerful force of this nation,
the united, awakened masses,
that have connection to what is true,
beyond what wins position and fame.

We, as this nation,
can take its movement forward or backward,
or inward, or outward,
without relying upon too limited a field of representation,
that neither represents us,
nor cares that we exist,
other than funding the deep pockets of special interest,
especially interested.

May we inaugurate a new day,
a new consciousness,
fully able to take
upon our shoulders
the task of keeping ourselves fully fed
on the substance of what is being done
in the name of power
solely intent on its own material gain.

May we learn to take our news from many sources,
and realize the failings of power,
and of those who do not know,
and of those who will say whatever is being paid to be said.

Turn the tide to enrich the whole
through participation of the whole,
and a new dedication to truth and justice,
so lost from the American way,
that we now stand,
in disbelief that such a coup has been thrown in our face.

A solemn dream, ever kept in the soul of each,
not yet found on our T.V.
that holds each of us to our highest goal,
the ever expanding consciousness of each.

May we learn to see the real behind the lies,
the true behind slick and pretty face.

May we awaken from our failings,
enlightened in the grim reality of money that talks,
and paid mobs that rage.

May we reawaken a new desire to fight for our freedom,
so long dazed in the shadows
of tricks of the trade.

May we see in every day,
new beginning,
new call to awaken,
and unite,
moving in a new dawn of awakened and informed citizenship,
in great spontaneous uprising
towards more responsibility,
and new look into ourselves,
our minds,
our acts,
our hands,
to elicit forth a new world of our own create.

Freedom is not free.
There is no light in the city.
Who here can give us truth?
All grapple with the limited view of short spanned life,
and grab for all that greed can take.

We have not yet created a free world,
or a free mind,
free from the shackles of power
that has always fed itself
from the blindnesses and weaknesses of the greater whole.

May we inaugurate ourselves
from the dark dealings
of those who reside in the white halls
and the Supreme enslave,
dark and grisly Politic
of a force that has always sought to enslave.

When all that is needed to corrupt is the promise of gold,
and always the least of us pays.

May we inaugurate ourselves up and out of these feudal days.

There is no honor in grasping and choking wealth,
in small and dying pockets,
with no intent of enrichment to the whole.

There is not one light in the city.
May we inaugurate within ourselves,
the light that is needed
to give our world and our beings change.

May we inaugurate a true birth of freedom,
dedicated to the principle
that we are the only ones who can win our freedom
and who can in this fight engage.

We have no leader who can fight for us.
It is a fight that always waits upon our self.

Up from the well of the masses must come the overwhelming wave,
equal in our voice to be heard,
able and capable of thinking,
and educating,
and ruling ourselves,
through our discourses,
a greater base
for the greatest sight
of greatest good,
democratic might.
For only we, the people, can set justice right.

There is no relying upon our leaders
or justices
to do for us,
what only we can win.

We have seen in the limitations
of those who stand before us,
the failings of our selves,
crimes against our selves,
against all truth,
against the liberation of our hearts and our estates,
limitations that only we can lift ourselves up from.

There is no leader to fight for the greatest right.

Our voice is lifted.
Our thirst unquenched in the fires of true.
Our responsibility to our souls,
our union,
our sense of everything holy and right,
compels us to rise,
to speak,
inaugurate the fight.

Democracy has not died.

Take from this wounding,
a new will,
awakened and bruised mind,
and ready to redeem some semblance of light.

We find that light.
Vigil now on this inauguration day,
as with the common man throughout the world.
Let us all act,
and pray,
that we are fit to the job
of creating a world more free,
more humane.

Life, Liberty, Justice for all,
not just some carved words on stony page,
but flame within our spirit,
and honest in its claims.

Only the balance of the whole
can ensure the good of the whole may prevail.

May we rise above the destructive,
into the construct,
and give our voices true meat of matter,
and weight of law.
Not the law of the lawless,
but the law of the all.

Learn to take up our tools of communicate.
Learn to use these mediums to inform and embroil.
Penning our thoughts,
denying criminals reward for their sins,
their lies,
their obstructions against right,
and humanity.

Use our communicate
as a force of enlight,
for good,
for greatest good.

May each of us remember
within the silence of our being,
what right action means.
And when it holds no meaning in the great white halls,
then we must remember from whence all power emanates,
the tacit approval,
the mandate of the people.

We do not forget.

Inaugurate the flame within ourselves,
our only light,
our only chance in this eternal fight.

No one owes us the truth,
as we must be able to see.
The unjust parades,
and there is no altar of sacred.
All illusion is used to woo the unwary to believe.

Those of no mandate,
no moral,
no right,
Criminal of obstruct,
the power base,
the ever invisible hands in the night.

Act. Fight.

Let us inaugurate within ourselves,
the mandate towards governing.
For without the participation of a free and educated public,
there is no flame of freedom on this earth.

Greed has won the day.

Powers of the night
define and embolden the light.
and so,
Let us rekindle the burning flame,
and improve our sight,
that sees the truth behind the lies,
that knows the letters behind the page,
that sees through the invisible face,
the purported grace.

Can we inaugurate the highest good,
in the highest minds?
Change must ever move upward
from the lowest of denominators
to take hold on the greater stage.

And so,
on this day to celebrate inaugurate.
Look to ourselves,
for that is where the true vigil of democracy lies.

Inaugurate governance
that will take the wealth of this nation
and invest it for the wealth of the public,
not the pockets of the few,
for truly,
no taxation would be necessary if our resources were not bled away.
Deal makers have dealt the deeds,
deadened the day.

On the dais,
this inauguration day,
with no intent or interest in the uplifting of the mass,
only the amassing of power base,
a dark and deadly face,
that has no sight,
no grace.

Inauguration day.

A people,
A nation,
A force of might for right,
for the highest grace of our natures,
requires each of us.
We await.

Become the new arm of free.

Poem to the People