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Taxation without Representation Now a Reality; Meanwhile Media Tries to Sell Absurd Bush-JFK Comparison

By Cheryl Seal


Scores of people have written in asking what they can do now that recourse they have now that their government has stopped representing them. Donations to the Democratic Party have plummeted (Bush's scheme, in part, I'm sure in snuckering the fatuous in Congress), while enraged phone calls, faxes and emails to Democrats have gone through the roof. Some voters wonder why they should bother to participate in an election when it won't make any difference who they elect: the message Congress sent this week is clear: once in Washington, they will do what ever suits their own purposes, voter be damned.

Well, implied in what's left of our constitution and spelled out in the Declaration, it clearly states that the American people shall HAVE NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. Guess what? We have no representation. We are thus no longer legally obligated to send these usurpers our tax dollars. I recommend that all Americans (save the one in 10 who are good little fascists who support the illegal regime's war stance) withhold all payment of taxes until representation of the American public is reinstated on Capitol Hill. Put the money in an escrow account, send it to the charity of your choice and keep the receipt, send it to the UN to help pay off the remainder of our bill - but do not send it to the IRS, where a huge chunk of it will be turned over to the Bush war machine (this war will likely cost roughly $9 billion a month). Send a notarized statement to the IRS as to why you are conscientiously objecting to paying your taxes.

If enough of us do this, we WILL get their attention. I mean, who is it, afterall, who pays these people's inflated, ever-increasing salaries? Who finances their incredibly complete medical insurance coverage? Who pays for their transportation, lingering meals in posh restaurants, and staffs (lest they have to work too hard for their money?). WE DO. If you live in a state where your elected officials sold you out to Bush this week, why the HELL should you be financing their illegal occupation of their positions as your representatives?

CBS Wins 'Broken Maytag' Award for Week's Lamest Spin Cycle

CBS "Sunday Morning" is, once again, a hands-down winner of this week's Broken Maytag award, which I often give to the media offering presenting the lamest spin cycle. There's no other candidate in the field that comes anywhere close in recent days, out of a range of network propaganda offerings that ranged from the merely annoying to "hand me the barf bag!" Oprah's hour on Iraq was a close runner-up, but it at least stuck to its phony "talk show" format and avoided reading DIRECTLY from the White House cue cards. On "Sunday Morning" on October 13, however, CBS apparently allowed Ari Fleischer, G.W. Bush, and Charlotte Beers (the live-in Madison Ave. PR coach who maps out the Bush daily moves like a story board for a slick car commercial) to write, perform in, and (gawd help us) edit a segment of this supposed "family" news digest. The segment made a monumental, though ultimately pathetic, effort to compare Bush and his phony war in Iraq (give him a week, it'll be full blown) with JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was tantamount to having a studio try to convince the public that the aging, heroine-addicted, abusive ex-hooker who runs the local whorehouse really is JUST LIKE MOTHER TERESA!

The Sunday Morning segment shoved the comparison between Bush and JFK into the public's face with all the finesse of James Cagney shoving, then smearing the half-grapefruit into Carol Lombard's face in that old 1930's classic. Clips of an historic Kennedy speech were clumsily spliced with clips of His Heinous spewing his trumped up BS about Iraq. As if to say, "Did you get that comparison? Did ya? Did ya?" The clips went back and forth so quickly and choppily, it seemed as if they were trying to make the public believe Bush was TURNING into Kennedy before their astonished eyes. Instead, most of us just felt ill - partly from the bad editing (think Blair Witch Project) and partly from the nausea inspired by seeing a truly great man being forced to share air time with a common criminal.

The reason for this desperate piece of propaganda, of course, is because of the accelerating incidence of Bush being SERIOUSLY compared to Hitler. I have seen this analogy cropping up everywhere, from an intellectual web site in Hong Kong, to editorials from the American Heartland. The comparison was made even more horrifyingly poignant this week as Congress morphed into the German Social Democrats circa 1933 right before our eyes - and it was NO trick of film editing. It was the real thing. The Bush PR machine imagines that by stepping up a counterspin comparison, the Bush-Hitler equation will be diffused. Not bleedin' likely! It's like the ole hooker mentioned above thinking the Mother Teresa comparison will make people forget the needle marks on her arms, her wasted life, or the misery she has helped perpetuate among her "girls." Instead, the comparison just becomes a pathetic travesty of reality that makes the reality stand forward with starker, more glaring clarity.