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Democrats.com Has Put the GOP on the Ropes! Desperate Call from Party HQ to Rally the Faithful in Last Ditch Freeper Assasult

Cheryl Seal commentary

We Love it!!!! The Republicans are now on the defensive and have retreated to their corners of the ring, whining and moaning and calling for Freeper reinforcements. Why? Because, as with all bullies who are all bluster and no substance, the rightwingers can dish it out, but they sure as heck can't take it! In the past couple of weeks, the Donkey has shown some real kick (with the notable exception of some Democrats, who shall remain nameless but whose initials are Dick Gephardt). Bob Fertik kicked butt on the O'Reilly Factor, making poor ole Bill so flustered when presented with facts and Fertik's calm assurance, that all he's been able to do since is launch a name calling campaign and barrage his clueless viewers with trumped up statistics. Sad, indeed!

Of course, Democrats.com is the real fly in the GOP ointment. Let's face it - we're a hoot! Not only that, but we present the true spirit of the Democratic Party - spunky, energetic, and tenacious. In short, we tell it like it is. We ferret out the facts. We present the truth from a variety of solid sources - so many of them outside the mainstream media (it's a pretty sorry commentary when you have to learn the facts about Bush's latest arms inspection scam first from the UK Guardian, not the Washington Post!!). And, we don't let the GOP get away with their daily flimflam.

In response to our rising star, the GOP released the following press release "letter" to its "team leaders" (the party is organized sort of like a military school with these drone like hierarchies where those in the chain of command don't question the orders from "above."). My comments are in italics

Dear X (our inside man),

In recent elections, Democrats have shown they will do or say anything to win.

Talk about the biggest, blackest pot of all calling the little copper tea kettle black!

This year promises to be no different. With their razor-thin majority in the Senate literally hanging in the balance, Democrat false, negative attacks on President Bush and Republicans in Congress have intensified.

As a psychiatrist pal of ours has pointed out, a classical tactic used in more desperate types of propaganda is PROJECTION. As we all know, it isn't the Democrats whose backs are against the wall!!

In recent weeks we have seen Democrats and their leaders make false claims on news shows, in television and radio ads and on the Internet.

Go, Bob go!! But the only false claim made by anyone here so far is that the Bush administration might actually take the will of the majority of Americans seriously and back away from his immoral W-ar.

The Democrat National Committee has even gone so far as to email out a concocted, cartoon video of President Bush pushing a senior citizen in a wheelchair off a cliff in order to scare seniors about Social Security!

Hey! That gives us a new idea for a cartoon! How about Ashcroft pushing Lady Liberty into the Potomoc in cement overshoes - after first, of course, covering her breasts with duct tape! Or how about Dick Cheney poking holes in an ocean liner carrying several thousand energy company employees? Here's one - how about one of Bush cutting the safety net out from below a bunch of poor women and their kids as they try to cross a rickety bridge over a bottomless gorge? The possibilities are really endless!

We will respond to these outrageous, desperate, and negative attacks but we need your help.

Translation: Our millions and millions of bucks worth of lobbyist/corporate dollars just aren't doing the trick folks! People are getting too darn savvy. So we need you unpaid minions to start twisting arms and acting like you represent a million instead of 100.

How we respond to these attacks will be critical in the days and weeks ahead. I would like to share with you an important message from Chairman Marc Racicot on what you can do to set the record straight on the Democrats' false and reckless attacks.

Marc will tell you what to do, what to think, what to say, and when to s--t! He's printing up new cue cards even as I write this!!

Sincerely, (Well, as sincere as a corporate bought-and-paid-for politician can ever be, anway)

Jack Oliver
Deputy Chairman,
Goebbels Central
Republican National Committee

Here's the latest call to the loyal Freeps from Herr Racicot:

Hold Them Accountable: Report Desperate Democrat Attacks

We need your help to be vigilant and responsive. Toward that end, we have established a toll-free number. If you see or hear Democrat distortions on television, radio, print or during public debate, call 1-866-NOT-TRUE or democratattacks.com immediately so that Republicans across the country can be put on notice and respond.

Now, does this or does this not scream "WE ARE DESPERATE !!" Wanna good laugh - let's all call the toll-free number and tell 'em what some Not-So-Desperate Democrats think!!