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Democrats.com Action Alert: Al Gore's Historic Anti-War Speech is CENSORED

On Monday, September 23, 2002, Al Gore gave a major speech on Iraq at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.

Al Gore called the war on Iraq a distraction from the war on terrorism, warned against unilateral action and Bush's new Doctrine of Global Domination (a.k.a. preemptive strike policy), and addressed the timing questions of Bush's war in Iraq.

You can see the speech at the C-SPAN archive for the next few weeks, or you can read the full text here:

How did the networks cover Gore's historic speech?

FOX News - No Coverage

CNN - Broadcast the first few minutes - then went back to Talk Back Live.

MSNBC - Broadcast a portion of the speech - then Buchanan and Press talked over the rest of it.

These are the same networks that routinely interrupt programming with "breaking news" of press conferences concerning kidnappings, child abuse, and baseball riots. And yet a major anti-war speech by the WINNER of the 2000 election does not warrant coverage in their opinion. But these same networks carry just about every pro-war speech by Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney.

We must demand equal time from the media. We CANNOT let them conduct the hatchet job they did during campaign 2000.

We demand that Gore's speech be aired in prime time - and we demand full coverage for the anti-war movement, which represents the MAJORITY of Americans.

1. Call CNN at 404-827-1500

2. Call Fox News at (212) 301-3000

3. Call MSNBC at (201) 583-5000

4. Send this alert to every website you know

5. Send this alert to everyone in your mailing list

6. Contact your local paper's Editor

7. Go to FAIR's media contact list for more numbers:

8. Contact the media watchers:

9. Support our tireless efforts for truth, justice, and the American way with as generous a contribution as you can afford:

The media stole the Presidency from Al Gore in 2000 - it's time to get justice for Al Gore.

Act now!