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Open Letter to Congressional Democrats from a Disillusioned, Angry Constituent

By Steve Warren

To My Texas Representatives, assorted Democrats and media-types:

Today's headline: Bush wants Maximum Flexibility to make war.

And there in Washington, you Democrats continue to play your roles as patsies in the theater of the absurd.

You have an unelected 'leader' who was placed into office through a rigged election and five members of a Supreme Court whom, in a normal and sane world, would all be impeached for their blatantly partisan ruling. You know their appointed man and his minions are lying to you constantly, daily, in your face and you refuse to call them on it.

They are even campaigning against you now saying Social Security 'privatization' was not a Republican idea, even though the words are there in black and white in their 2000 platform. You don't even seem to get irritated at that.

In the weeks and months following 9/11, they told us all they had no idea, no inkling that we might be attacked by extremists here in America, that they thought any attack would be against American interests overseas. They told us all they had no idea, no information at all that that the extremists might be contemplating flying airplanes into buildings. They all chanted it. Condi, Rummy, Cheney and Junior. Dick and Dub then personally called Daschle to ask him to 'limit' the investigation of the most devastating attack against us since 1941.

Now, yesterday on the first day of Senate hearings the very first thing you hear is that intelligence indicating an attack here in the US using airplanes was coming to us from all sorts of places. Aschcroft stopped flying commercial three months earlier, for goshsakes, and said outright it was because of new security concerns. They lied to us all about life and death and national security. How can you trust them about ANYTHING after that?

And the Democratic response is to seriously contemplate giving these men More Power?! Have you lost your ever lovin' minds? Those of us out here who take the time to read the newspaper each day and maybe Time or Newsweek once a week can clearly see the drumbeat for launching an unprovoked attack against a weak Middle Eastern nation ruled by an evil man who used to be our very own good buddy is a blatant wag the dog ploy. No, it is more than that. The Sunday papers all had articles about how the oil companies are already salivating and carving up the oil-pie their bought-and-paid-for CEO is about to give them. The CEO who says he wants to 'defend' American by making us even more dependent on imported oil. The guy who thinks global warning is a myth. The guy who cut the already teeny budget for research and development of alternative energy. The guy who wouldn't consider even suggesting to the car companies that they make more fuel efficient engines. The guy who conspired with Ken Lay to rip-off billions of dollars from the citizens of California less than 18 months ago.

You fellows are making me ill. You have no spines. You won't stand up for your convictions. You won't fight about anything no matter how right you are, no matter that you hold the moral high ground, no matter than the core beliefs of the Democratic party are directly in line with more than 60% of the voters.

And now, you apparently are going to vote to give this administration one more appeasement as they move toward dictatorial power. You've already given them the Bill of Right to shred, so I guess it now is a matter of momentum. And gutlessness.

If you vote for this resolution it will be the most short-sighted vote since the Gulf of Tonkin. Only this time it will be worse because you have the information. You KNOW Saddam is no threat to us. A vote for ?maximum flexibility? will pour more gasoline on the fire of Mulsim extremism. It will lead to more attacks here in America. It will launch an anti-war movement the likes of which we have not seen since the 60s. But this time it won?t be just the college kids out there. It will be moms and dads and vets and grannies. Did you see the photos of those citizens in Portland two weeks ago? Babies crying with pepper spray in their eyes? Good God! But, this time when demonstrations begin, you have an administration which has no qualms about declaring martial law here in our states and towns and neighborhoods.

It has already happened in Florida, or didn't you know that, Mr and Ms Elected American Representative? Jeb Bush signed Executive Order No. 01-261 on September 7, 2001 (notice that is four days BEFORE the WTC/Pentagon attacks) which authorized training the military for police action in the event of civil disturbances, natural disasters or drug law enforcement. Then on 9/11/01 he signed Executive Order No. 01-262 which placed the state of Florida under martial law. It remains under martial law this very day. On his whim, at this very moment, Jeb can suspend any statute or rule governing the state. He can seize any and all property. He can order evacuation of any area. He can regulate the movement of any and all persons within the state. There is no expiration date of this order.

And you men and women, people who were actually ELECTED are knuckling under to this? You are actually discussing giving these people "maximum flexibility" and undisputed power to break international and American law and make unprovoked, unilateral war? You are already giving them your own phone records and appointment books, letting the FBI investigate you because you are investigating them. It is absurd and utterly dangerous. Appeasement is absolutely the proper word for you. Only the appeasement does not relate to a nut-case, contained, essentially impotent despot in Baghdad. It relates to the right wing movement in the office next to yours.

For all our sakes, find your damned spines, your honor, your duty and your patriotism.