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Song of the Oily Bush
by Jim Mooney

I'm a Chickenhawk, A Coward, I evaded Vietnam
But I'll send your sons and daughters to get killed by Saddam,
All the people workin' with me have evaded service too
But now that they're too old to fight
Their duty you should do.

We'll all sit home and get rich as the wartime money flows
And wrap ourselves in that old flag to hide the green that grows
Beneath our dirty fingers whenever there's a war,
There's money to be made, boys If you're a corporate whore.

I'd sell out my own mother for more money in my hand
Like brother Neal stole when Pa was Prez of all the land,
Or Grandpa, who helped Hitler to build his bombs and guns,
We don't care if Americans die, if it's someone else's sons.

The Saudis sent us Nine One One, but they're our oil friends
They set me up in business, so I must make amends,
And never let them get the blame, or my bin Laden buds
We'll hang it all on old Saddam, and all those silly Scuds.

I'll drum up war and talk a lot and people will forget
My good old buddy Kenny Lay, recession, and regret,
For money stolen, money lost, by all those corporate crooks
Who just like me at Harken, loved to cook the books.

Oh, the military contracts and the oil leases too
Money, money, money, money, how can I be blue?
Well sure, a lot of kids will die but I won't have to fight
And neither will my wealthy pals, we'll just take a big bite
Of all the dollars that come past, and stuff them in our pockets
Then go to murder Iraq folks with bombs, and guns and rockets.