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Fascinating Unasked Questions of Bush and the Media

How Are the Right-Wing Republicans like the Old Soviets?

July 26, 2002

By Jock Gill for Democrats.com

We can now compare the impending collapse of the Republican's dogmatic and rigid right wing revolution to the collapse of the Berlin Wall and Soviet style Communism in general.

Current events have clearly shown the myth of deregulated privatization and Free Market Capitalism, with its global pretensions, is at the very root of the current fiasco in our economy. If anyone doubts the chaos, not only have trillions upon trillions of shareholder equity been lost while top executives amassed personal fortunes, but, since Bush has become President, 1.8 million jobs have also been lost. By way of comparison, under President Clinton, 22 million jobs were created.

In simple fact, the myth the GOP has foisted off on us for 22 years is today so far removed from reality, and what is needed to correct its self-evident excesses, that it is truly tragic. Bush's speech is case in point. As Maureen Dowd writes, he talks the populist talk but walks the elitist walk -- just like an old Soviet bureaucrat who could not see the changes nor understand their connection to internal inconsistencies.

This is perfect symmetry. The old Soviet economic approach was rigid and dogmatic. The Right Wing GOP economic approach is rigid and dogmatic. They are simply opposite sides of the same bad coin. One side saw the world as all commons. The other saw it as all private property. In reality, the world is and/both: partly commons and partly private. It useful to remember that a robust commons requires a robust market and vice versa. The yin and yang symbol is a good visual metaphor for this interdependence of complementary opposites.

In the end, neither worldview bears any resemblance to the actual real world process of emerging reality driven by dynamic change across a broad range of complementary opposites.

In fact, the rigidity of their respective dogmas makes both belief systems incapable of even recognizing the fundamental facts of dynamism or its power to create exponential rates of change. In such cases, as we know from the history of Soviet Communism, it is only a matter of time before the ever widening gulf between the rhetoric and reality can no longer be papered over by propaganda. You can still fool some of the people all of the time but not all of the people all the time.

Now is the time for progressive Democrats to embrace dynamic change as the only political process which matches up with the way the world works. We should not expect the Republican revolutionaries on the Far Right to go gently into that long good night. They will fight tooth and nail is my prediction. So must we, to reclaim our democratic heritage entrusted to us by our Founders.

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