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Ex-Republican Report: GOP Lies About California Polls
M.E. Lower

It is absolutely amazing to me that there are no people in the Republican Party who can think for themselves! Not one challenges the daily lies that are presented for their consumption. Actually, it frightens me that the future of our nation could be in the hands of so many people who are incapable of independent thought and who cannot discern truth from spin (if not out right lying).

One does not have to search to find the misinformation. It flows freely from the Republican National Committee. Being a registered Republican who refused to vote for George Bush and remains incensed at the selling of the 2000 election, I continue to receive all of the propaganda put out by the party. I therefore have daily access to the pathetic tactics used by the leaders of that cult to influence the thinking of its mindless minions. The leaders of the once great party are nothing more than momma birds who regurgitate twisted and false information to the baby Republican birds who lap up the vomit because they are incapable of nourishing their own minds.

This is merely the latest example. Today I received an e-mail from the Republican party. They assume that I will follow the norm for Republicans of jumping on the band wagon to join a "winner". (Republicans, as you know, find their validation vicariously because their own lives are so lacking in meaning.) If the Republicans need votes, they merely convince their party that they already have them!

The e-mail today assured me that the latest polls are showing Simon leading Davis in California. Knowing that Republicans accept what they are told without question, the party even goes so far as to tell me that the results are appearing in a major California newspaper.

Sacramento -- A new poll by a leading national polling firm shows Republican challenger Bill Simon maintaining a commanding 39% to 31% lead over incumbent Governor Gray Davis. This confirms a recent series of statewide polls reporting similar results and reveals Davis' million-dollar television attack has had a more negative impact on Davis himself than Simon.

The San Francisco Chronicle recently reported on a Democrat poll showing the governor trailing by nine points. With just 120 days until Election Day, many of these polls show Davis stuck in the 30s, well below the 50% threshold that incumbents need to be considered 'healthy.'

If I, like some citizens of the state, were a little worried because of the energy problems, etc. the above bit of "news" might just push me a little toward Simon. But the news is just one more Republican lie. Here is the latest article from the San Francisco Chronicle on the Simon/Davis race.

Sacramento -- Despite Gov. Gray Davis' problems with a state contracting scandal, a budget deficit and criticism over his fund-raising tactics, California voters reluctantly give him a 7-point lead over Los Angeles businessman Bill Simon, a Field Poll released today shows. Half the state's voters have viewed the Democratic incumbent negatively for more than a year, but the new poll found his Republican challenger was backed by only 1 in 3 likely voters -- primarily the state's most conservative Republicans.

The poll also revealed another trend that has troubled Republicans in recent elections -- a gender gap in which more women support the Democratic candidate. Female voters surveyed backed Davis by 42 percent to 30 percent for Simon. Overall, 41 percent of the likely voters polled said they would vote for Davis, while 34 percent picked Simon. Nine percent said they would support a minor party candidate, and 16 percent remain undecided. "

Davis ekes out 7-point lead over Simon

Normally, I do not engage in nit picking. These are, I acknowledge, small issues in themselves. However, when they expose a pattern of deceit and manipulation to mislead and influence a large segment of the American people, they loom large! Those of us who have come to recognize the Republican party for what it actually represents, and had to suffer through the sham of the 2000 election, have got to persist in bringing to the front all of the dishonesty and treachery already creeping into the next elections!