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Tell Salon to Heave Horowitz

TheDailyBrew writes:

If you are like me, and would consider a paid subscription to Salon if only they would fire the wing nuts like [David] Horowitz, I urge you to forward this to Kerry Lauerman at klauerman@salon.com and let him know. He wants to hear from you.

Don't believe me? Read our email exchange:


From: "brew"
To: "Kerry Lauerman"

I would like to go premium, I really would. Back when you were free, you were definitely my favorite zine. But, like many, I'm not going to do a damn thing that gives a single nickel to the likes of Horowitz.

I know your opinion, no need to repeat it. But I do have one question.

There are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, who are just like me. On the other side, I doubt even 20 people would drop their Salon Premium subscription if you gave 'ol Dave the boot.

Have you ever calculated how much it costs you to print that nut job? Care to throw out a figure?

Just asking.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Kerry Lauerman"
To: "brew"
Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2002 2:36 AM
Subject: Re: Subscribe

curious: who are these thousands, and hundreds of thousands? where are they?

----- end -----

From: "brew"
To: "Kerry Lauerman"

wow. that was quick.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I've misinterpreted the 50 million votes that Al Gore got. Maybe I've misinterpreted the 500,000 more he got than George Bush. Maybe there aren't any liberals left in America after all.

If that's the case, then I suppose people who subscribe to Salon tolerate your progressive writers because you have courage to publish ol' Davey Horowitz. Yeah, that's it. They love his wild invective soooooo much, that they put up with the cognative dissonance they experience if they inadvertantly click on Conason.

Figure it out. Newsmax and Free Republic are only a click away. Your model isn't like a daily, or even a newsmagazine. Your readers don't want balance. They don't want equal time. They want to support a rare voice of progressive reason in a sea of corporate mediopolies. Balance to that voice is a click away, for free, among any of a dozen mainstream press outlets and right wing attack sites. Your niche is progressives. Your story on Henry Hyde literally put you on the map. But you insist on MAKING us pay Horowitz salary (and a few others). It won't work. You have to pick sides. Or die.

Which is apparently what you've chosen.