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Republican Party Engages in Corporate Fraud by Lying to the Elderly

M.E. Lower
Coronado, Ca.

Republicans are so devious! You won't find a Republican who will admit that the only way the party can function is to play to the bias of each individual member. They look for the sensitive issues that are bothersome to a group of people, and manipulate those people into believing that the Republican party as a whole is really bothered by just that same issue!

Here is a very good example: The RNC knows that even the California Republicans, while being anti-Gov. Gray Davis, are not all that inclined toward Bush. To generate funds for Bush's reelection, they solicit money from Republicans by telling them that the money will be used to elect a Republican as California's new Governor (namely, Simon).

My Mom is an 84 year old Republican. She would love to see her state of California again have a Republican governor, but would not vote to reelect George Bush. She got several phone calls telling her if she would send money to the Republican party, they could defeat Gov. Davis in the next election. After three calls, she told them she that she is on a limited income but would send them $100.

The first notice came; she didn't send the money. After a couple more notices, she handed the last one over to me to write the check for her. While I am not a Republican, I respect her for helping to elect whomever she hopes will be the next Governor of her state.

She was told that her money would help to elect Bill Simon. She cannot read small print! The notice she got had Simon's picture splashed all over it. How did the Republicans lie to an elderly lady? In the very small print at the bottom was the following: "The first $5,000 received per individual per calendar year (husbands and wives counted separately) will be used for the federal election to reelect George Bush."

In plain words is the fact that my Mom's $100 will go to Bush's reelection campaign, NOT TO THE ELECTION OF BILL SIMON!

How can one expect the Bush followers to apply any honesty or ethics, when their party is so damn dishonest!