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My 12 Step Program
for those Wimpy Democratic Politicians

by Reba Shimansky

1. Do not be intimidated by Bush's high approval ratings-they are a mile wide and an inch deep. In spite of brainwashing by the media, there is no great affection of Americans for the White House bum-George W. Bush.

2. Never refer to Bush as our wartime President. We are engaged in a campaign or fight against terrorism-this is not comparable to World War II. Also Americans do not like to change leaders during wartime and the use of this term will guarantee Bush a second term. Furthermore, wartime Presidents do not have the time to campaign and raise money for their party the way Bush constantly does.

3. Challenge the media when they refer to Bush as a compassionate conservative. Bush likes to project an image of being a different of Republican but his 17-month record shows that he is a foot soldier of the radical right. For example he says he is in favor of a Medicare drug program but only wants to invest a token amount of money to fund it. He should be held accountable for his record of radical right extremism.

4. Put Bush on notice that Antonin Scalia would be an unacceptable choice to replace William Rehnquist as Chief Justice and if Scalia is selected it will be filibustered to death. Democrats must remind Bush that Democrats have never gotten over his stealing of the presidency and we regard Scalia as his co-conspirator.

5. Hold Bush responsible for the sluggish economy. He was given the booming Clinton economy, which he has destroyed thru his mismanagement and tax cuts for the rich. We now have deficits instead of the Clinton surpluses as far as the eye can see.

6. Never praise Bush for his handling of his so-called war on terror. We still have not captured Bin Laden and the war in Afghanistan is still going on. His leadership has been a failure.

7. Demand the release of the Aug 6th CIA memo, which warned Bush that Al-Qaeda would be hijacking planes on US soil. Bush could be have taken some pre-emptive measures instead he did nothing and 3000 Americans were killed. Bush, not the CIA or FBI is to blame for 09/11.

8. Cheney's failure to release the notes of his Energy task force meetings must be made a campaign issue.

9. The electorate should be reminded of the influence that Enron had in the Bush administration in terms of formulating energy policy and hiring of personnel.

10. Democrats should give Bush the same respect and deference that Republicans showed to President Clinton, who unlike Bush was a legitimately elected President.

11. Domestic issues such as shoring up Social Security and Medicare should be made campaign issues and not placed back on the backburner because of Bush's scare tactics.

12. Do not approve any of Bush's conservative judges. There are enough rightwingwacko judges on the federal bench.