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Disillusioned Native American Speaks Out: Has American REALLY Sold Its Soul to the Bush Administration?

By Cheryl Seal and Ryk T.

Introduction: The response to the "Smoking Gun" series has been overwhelming. The articles have been picked up and linked or reprinted in literally scores of online publications and news services, all across the nation and in several other countries, including New Zealand and South Africa. A few months ago, Americans were afraid to say what they really thought, thanks to the Bush Administration's reign of intimidiation and its success in perpetuating the illusion that dissenters were a small and threatened minority. But now the floodgates are opening.

Here is an interchange between Smoking Gun author Cheryl Seal and a native American who fears that despite the revelations about Bush, American simply doesn't care enough to demand justice.

Dear Cheryl,

Do you think that, if tommorrow it was proven beyond the shadow of a doubt this administration's culpability, the American public would actually give a damn?

The question we need to be asking ourselves is not who knew what when, of which there is a wealth of evidence, but what has caused this pervasive social dysfunction to develop in which causes the general public to enthusiastically choose to embrace a lie. Why are we so afraid of the idea of a free republic?

Ryk T

Dear Ryk,

I had felt the same way you did - that Americans had ceased to give a damn about the prinicples of freedom and democracy and any belief system aside from consumerism. But the response to "Smoking Gun" from the public changed my mind. I have now gotten a steady flow of supportive, outraged mail from folks ranging in type from conservative Baptists in Iowa to Greens in Seattle. Only five letters so far - three unsigned one liners that appear to be written by redneck teens - dismiss the possibiity that Bush was involved in 9/11. The general tone of the overwhelming majority of letters is that people care and are starting to come to, out of their haze. It's just that right now, they aren't sure what to do, and the corporate infrastructure is making it hard for people to do ANYTHING or to be heard. The mainstream media is choked off, Congress is confused and intimidated.

But a few people are starting to come forward, courageously and unselfishly - Barbara McKinney, the FBI agents like Rowley, Wright, and others, Lt. Col. Steve Butler (the Air Force officer who is now facing court martial for speaking up). Others will follow. The nation is starved for real heroes and the actions of these people are inspiring people to be willing to take a stand. France showed us that when things have gone too far, the public can rally and triumph against an assault from within using conventional avenues - namely VOTING. That is what will be the litmus test of whether Americans now cares enough to reclaim their country - will they sweep out the dead wood clogging Congress come November. I think they will. Already, across the nation, the rightwingers are losing even their primaries. I think if nothing else, the tragedy of the Bush Reich has made a huge number of people treasure their vote as never before.

Afterall, only 51% of the voters in the nation bothered to vote in 2000, and then they made it clear they did not want a right wing dictatorship. Now, if just another few percent wake up, smell the coffee and head for the polls, there is NO WAY a change will not occur.

So my advice to anyone who asks "What can we do?" is to get your butts and those of everyone you have ever met to the polls this fall. People shed millions of gallons of blood, collectively to preserve this right - the least we could do is USE IT!!!!

Best, Cheryl

Dear, Cheryl,

Was pleasantly surprised to receive an e-mail reply as was not expecting one; it speaks highly of your generosity toward your fellow beings.

Very seldom do I connect with one that has a loftier perch from which to view society than I, stuck in provincialism with a censured media as I am; so thought to hazard one more bit of correspondence then forego any more dominance of your time, and would thank you for your indulgence. I have some questions, and possibly you can help.

How do we know what is real, when the government has hidden the standard from us? What do we do when we are given the choice of unquestioning trust or to be “cast into that burnin’ lake of fire in hell, ‘Texas style’”? I'm confused! ABC presents the image of a populace blowing kisses and throwing rose petals at the footsteps of their adored leader; all America celebrating with one big ‘ole country barbeque, running around sniffing each other’s asses for oil wells, beating the piss out of a few queers and otherwise frolicking in a red-neck paradise. Atlanta Constitution runs a poll with a question simply put, “do you think the government had foreknowledge of the events of 9/11?” and out of 23,125 responders 52% believe in a government that deliberately let its citizens die. How do you fall in love with the sinister?

Madam, am I missing something? Perhaps I was drunk the day of the casting call- do you have an extra script? Something seems a bit akimbo. Either I believe that something terrible is taking place- that we’re experiencing a change in our form of government and are being deliberately misinformed and disenfranchised as a means to psychologically disarm us during the take-over, or believe that America loves its little fucker so much it would give its only begotten sons to die that The Cause might live, and would sting their children’s future to death like a scorpion.

I’ve never had faith in the government- I grew up on a reservation- but I was raised in the belief in the basic goodness of my neighbors. My choice, in the face of the lack of other evidence, was obvious.

So Cheryl, you’re the fate and I toss the coin: am I wrong or am I right?

Honorably yours,

Ryk Tompkins

Dear Ryk,

I read your letter with great interest and appreciation. I only wish I were coming from a "lofty perch" - maybe then I'd have more influence on events in D.C. However, my position inside the the media does help me to see some things that people not inside that increasingly complicated world might miss. There is absolutely no doubt that Bush's entire approval rating balloon is appalling, but it is a great big balloon full of artificially pumped in hot air. Below are some links to articles I have written in the past that will help you understand how the corporate propaganda machine has achieved this illusion. A handful of meanspirited, hateful ultrarightwingers has managed to appear to be a much greater multitude than they are, and as a consequence have a disproportionately powerful say in Congress and now, alas, the White House. This inflated power of the fanatical few has bred a rapidly ballooing arrogance and "I'm above the law" attitude in the rightwing and their "corporate sponsors" that has produced a completely enslaved press and a barrage of bought-and-paid-for bogus polls, all designed to perpetuate the illusion that folks like you and I, who in reality are part of the majority, are isolated and without any power in a sea of insanity. Unfortunately, even our decent Congressfolks, the dwindling few there are, have bought this illusion and are afraid to act responsibly.

The info in the articles supplied below should both upset you and give you some hope. Even though it is outrageous that these robber barons - the corporate barons and their minions on Capitol hill) are getting away with it, it will help you realize that the average American is NOT being represented and that they DO NOT support Bush the way the media would have us all believe.

If the average America is guilty of any major lapse of character, it is of NOT VOTING!!!!!! While the rabid rightwingers who support Bush all flock faithfully to the polls in organized masses like ants or lemmings, every single one of them accounted for, the average liberal is much less likely to vote at all, either through failure to remember to go, disillusionment with the choice, or whatever. As a result, only 51% of all registered voters actually get their sorry butts to the polls even on a good year. Unfortunately, the 100% turnout of the hardcore rightwing, though it only accounts for about 1 in five voters, ends up tilting elections to the right. In other words, a 100% turnout of 20% of the voters counts more if 75% of all nonrightwingers fail to vote at all.

In short, the 48% of the votes cast in 2000 for Bush did NOT represent 48% of Americans. It represented 48% of the HALF of all voters who went to the poll, or 25% of all registered voters. Pretty sad, eh? We forget in this country what a wonderful right the right to vote is and take it for granted. Meanwhile, in places like East Timor, in 1999, people who had the chance to participate in a democratic election for the first time risked their lives and homes to exercise that right. The anti-democracy factions there slaughtered these brave folks by the tens of thousands after that election in retaliation. Yet despite such intimidation and suffering, the East Timorese have still been determined to keep their right to vote, and are still willing to die for it. Makes America's 51% turnout on a good year seem pretty damn lame. Americans, frankly, are turning into complacent whusses who, if they don't start valuing the right to vote may well lose it (just watch - Bush will try to cancel elections for some reason, you can bet!).

Anyway, my take, after many years as a writer and activist is that most Americans:

1. Are moderate to liberal (Gore and Nader between them won 53% of the popular vote, even with millions of liberals blowing off the election and not voting).
2. Very suspicious of Congress and the White House
3. Want stronger environmental protections
4. Are not racist, anti-gay or anti-immigrant
5. are not religious fanatics
6. support strong social programs
7. want to see civil liberties and human rights upheld
8. believe corporations should be held much more accountable to the public
9. do not like mean-spirited people
10. Do not want to be embroiled in endless war

In short, Americans do NOT currently have a government that reflects them in any way, shape or form. But, most, cowed by the bogus polls and media presentations, don't know what to do about it. So, like yourself, they feel frustrated and helpless. Meanwhile, they are selling short the one real and direct power they do have: the VOTE. But even here there is hope. Across the country, even RIGHT AFTER 9/11, people have been sweeping Republicans and convservative Democrats - even incumbents - out of office in local and state elections, sending the message loud and clear that they want a real change and they DO NOT support the Bush model of government.

I hope this helps. Don't give up hope....we are living in unprecedented times, one characterized by many new "frontiers" : the mass media, vast multinational corporations, and the Internet. We have to understand, we are all pioneers making our way through a largely uncharted wilderness. History can be our guide to an extent, but we must blaze a whole new trail, fight a whole new battle in which the dissemination of truthful INFORMATION is our most effective weapon and the VOTE is our best tool.

Keep the faith....you are NOT alone,

Cheryl Seal

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