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The Republican Lie Detector Test
By Stephanie Donald

With all the expertise of Penn & Teller, the Republican Party has shown us how to detect when a lie is being used to cover the truth. Here's an example: When you get caught covering up the fact that you knew Terrorist attacks were going to happen simply issue a warning that another attack is "imminent" and the people will cower in their homes and offices and forget about the fact that you contributed to the deaths of 3,000 Americans by not taking the threat seriously. After all, if we tell you that another attack is coming then we're paying attention now, right?

Another example is when the Republicans want the oil in Iraq all they have to do is to tell people Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. People will believe that because everyone knows that Hussein is crazy, right? Pay no attention to that man over there who served as a CIA Intelligence operative in Iraq for 10 years who says that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were dismantled 8 years ago and Iraq has shown no sign of reinstituting these programs. Also, pay no attention to Saddam Hussein himself, who has invited the United Nations, even dared them, to come to Iraq and find even one instance of a weapons factory. Finally, the White House admits that there is no proof to the accusations and Bush himself, under pressure from the European governments says, "There are presently no plans on my desk to invade Iraq."

Although Bush and Cheney are trying their hardest to tell the American people that they don't need to know what they're up to, even some hard line Republicans are beginning to wonder what they're up to when Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge refuses to testify before a Senate Committee to explain what measures are being taken to safeguard Americans at home. What could possibly be secret about helping to make the American people feel safe after their liberties were raped by a handful of daring psychotics?

The only possible reason is that the Bush Administration and the Republican National Committee want the American people to be so scared they never question the government and their motives. 911 wasn't as much an attack on America as it is forming into the United State's own private Reichstag Fire.

Information leaks out that Bush was briefed about the imminent possibility of attack against an American target by Al Qaida operatives and Bush can't be bothered because he's on vacation. However, if you question whether Bush took the threat seriously, Dick Cheney trots out on cue to berate the press for being irresponsible during wartime and those who believe Bush didn't pay attention are being "Unpatriotic.".

In 1960, an author named William L. Shirer published a book called, "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich". It's considered the finest book on the subject of the phenomenon of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party's rise to power. By all appearances, the Republican Party is using Hitler's plan to seize world power and the worst part is that American Apathy is making it come true.

George Santayana once pointed out that, "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." How right Mr. Santayana was because if one reads Mr. Shirer's historical accounts of the Third Reich and their seizure of the German people's freedoms and liberties and rights to self-rule -- one can only wonder at how blatantly the current American situation was taken from a blueprint of the worst chapter of human history.

The answer is quite simple when one considers apathy as cause and effect. The mindset of Americans is ripe for a fascist regime. Those who don't care feel disenfranchised because of decades of not having their vote count for anything. The candidates seem all alike and one comes along that seems different in any way, they mistakenly take difference for being better, as in the case of George W. Bush. In this case the American people mistook stupidity for difference.

Most who care about America won't allow themselves to see the similarities between the Republican Party and the Nazi Party because to think that any political body in America could espouse the policies of fascism is unthinkable. Therefore, those who try and draw the analogies of the Nazi's and the Republicans just have to be mistaken. That could never happen here in the land of freedom.

Here's a pop quiz for those of you who are skeptical. Simply assign Nazi, Republican or both for the answer to each question:

1. Who espoused the concept of hating a particular group for their religion or politics?

2. Who used a disastrous event to erode civil liberties and take freedom from the citizens?

3. Who provided a platform of unilateralism to its allies to secure protection from enemies real and perceived?

4. Who targeted countries whose chief resource was oil in order to secure world dominance militarily?

5. Who manufactured enemies by propaganda so its citizens would obey the rule of the predominant political party?

6. Who used loopholes in the law and internal lawgivers to force a leader into power that had no right to have that power?

7. Who violated treaties on a regular basis when those treaties were designed to lull allies into a false sense of security so they would let their guard down?

Here are the correct answers to each question:

1. Both. Hitler had a long list of hated people in Mein Kampf. Among those were Jewish people, Gypsies, Blacks, Jehovah's Witness, gays and lesbians and Russians. Bush's short list is Gays and Lesbians, Pro-Life citizens, Welfare Recipients and foremost, Liberals.

2. Both. The Nazi's used the Reichstag Fire and Republicans used 9/11.

3. Both. The Nazi's portrayed an umbrella of protection for European nations if they would enter into treaties to provide material and support for the Third Reich. These treaties were just as quickly broken once Hitler realized that Germany was more powerful than its Allies. Bush just finished a European good will tour designed to hammer American Allies into conformity based on the United State's military power.

4. Both. The Nazi's had no oil resources within Germany. They were totally dependent on foreign oil to supply its needs. America has nearly exhausted its supply of domestic oil and must seek to control the remaining world supply in order to maintain dominance in the world market.

5. Both. The Nazi's doused a liberal amount of homeland propaganda designed by the Nazi Party to give the feeling of solidarity to the German people. Anyone who dared disagree with the views of the Nazi Party was called "Unpatriotic" and branded as a dissident. While the Republican Party is using the same brand they are also using the brand "Liberal" or "Obstructionist" to anyone who dares questions its decisions or rule. Aside from the instant executions of life the Nazi's performed for enforcement there is no difference. The Republicans are using professional executions to enforce their rule.

6. Both. Hitler rose to power on a technicality in the German Parliamentary rules when Kaiser Wilhelm resigned in disgrace. The military-industrial complex of Germany who thought that they could control him supported Hitler. Bush used the predominately Conservative Justices of the Supreme Court to place him into power in a situation that they had no business intervening in. The military-industrial complex also supported Bush and it appears they succeeded in controlling him where Germany failed to control Hitler. The difference is that America's current industrial complex is peppered with executives who think that Hitler had a pretty good idea when he sought to control the world.

7. Both. Hitler entered into agreements with Poland, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Sweden, Britain, The Soviet Union, Spain, France and the United States and broke every treaty. Bush entered into a treaty with American citizens to protect the environment and then refused to sign the Kyoto Agreement. He also broke the SALT II agreement with Russia and all treaties regarding US invasion of Middle Eastern Countries. We have seized total control of NATO much to the chagrin of the British Parliament and other European countries.

If anyone disputes this please read the current news and William Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Compare them and if you find no similarity then you are either in denial or you are failing to learn from history.