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Nine Simple Questions: Can Any Republican Answer Them?
Daryl D. Heslop

Here are nine simple questions from an American citizen and a voter. Can any Republican answer these questions?

1. The Florida Legislature made provisions in their statutes for a protest action following a close election for a variety of reasons. These provisions were met in the timeframe required for protesting and the reasons for the protest were also valid. My question is simply this: If the votes in the three counties protested, had been counted under the manual recount provision of Florida Law, instead being stalled and derailed by (BUSH) initiated lawsuits and appeals until time for protesting expired, thus making it impossible to achieve redress for grievances under the Protest provision, IS THERE ANY DOUBT WHO THE WINNER IN FLORIDA WOULD HAVE BEEN?

2. Since the election process under the Constitution of the United States is structured to allow the electorate the sole right to chose their ELECTORS to the electoral college, by casting of their votes on election day, and the CORRECT TABULATION of those votes, how can this constitutional right be TAKEN AWAY by a few Republican Lawyers by slowing and circumventing a LEGAL STATE OF FLORIDA manual recount provision, designed and implemented specifically to provide a clear winner in a PROTEST ACTION? I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION TO THIS QUESTION!

3. The next question I ask is, Why can't the Florida Supreme Court, that identified these conflicting statutes use their Legal discretion to draft and implement a solution to those conflicts in the statutes?

4. Why while this remedy to determine a clear winner was in progress, were the stall tactics of false accusations, and continued legal slowdowns allowed to continue when all that was being attempted by the Florida Supreme Court was to implement a fair and impartial Legal solution as mandated by Florida Law?

5. When the U. S. Supreme Court vacated the Florida Supreme Court solution to the Contest phase of the Election why did they ignore the single and most powerful reason that the Florida Supreme Court gave for rendering their ruling. TO INSURE THAT EVERY LEGAL VOTE THAT COULD BE DETERMINED BY THE INTENT OF THE VOTER BY MANUAL EXAMINATION as mandated by law SHOULD BE COUNTED AND CERTIFIED IN THE FINAL RESULTS OF THE ELECTION.

6. Why was ruling by the Circuit Court Judges, Lewis & Clark ignored by the U. S. Supreme court In the two cases in Seminole and Martin Counties, where tampering with the forms to apply for the absentee ballot were arbitrated in favor of Bush and his attorneys, despite the uncontested proof of guilt admitted by the Republican operatives. The ultimate reasoning behind both decisions was WE CAN'T IGNORE THE INTENT OF THE VOTER TO CAST THEIR VOTE even when it was obtained by ILLEGAL MEANS. Why then is it permissible to ignore legally cast votes on election day cast by legal voters, when through NO FAULT OF those voters a flawed PUNCH CARD COUNTING SYSTEM failed to read the intent of THOSE VOTERS? The initial manual sample recounts proved beyond any doubt that there were legal votes that were discernible by manual recounting. How can any sane SUPREME COURT JUSTICE ignore these facts? Was part of the court NAPPING? WHY? Were they concentrating only on their questions and remaining oblivious to all other FACTUAL EVIDENCE. The uncounted ballots contain the evidence, but then I THINK THEY ALREADY KNEW THAT!!! That reflects exactly the party that appointed them! NO BIG SURPRISE!!!!

7. We have already been robbed of thousands of votes by Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris by their purging of felons from the Florida voter rolls. When sound alike names or similar names of felons are used to disqualify LEGALLY REGISTERED VOTERS. ON ELECTION DAY the lines to election headquarters were busy or the phone was off the hook, making it impossible to resolve the mistake in time for those LEGALLY REGISTERED VOTERS to vote. Does any rational thinking person believe this is a coincidence? The supervisor of Elections was informed by the Texas based accounting firm doing the VOTER PURGING FOR FELONS that the findings were inaccurate and needed to be rechecked against actual voter registration records before Election Day. Would I be unduly cynical if I thought that this was PROBABLY DONE to remove Republicans placed on the disqualified FELON LIST but NOT DONE to remove Democrats in the same fashion? Based on all the other irregularities in this Election being revealed daily, I THINK NOT! Where is the FAIRNESS? There is something very suspicious here and must be entered into the evaluation of the total Election Results. Ask the Judge who was disqualified by these tactics if he is willing to GIVE UP HIS RIGHT TO VOTE? Ask the other thousands disqualified and denied their right to vote if they feel they got this same EQUAL TREATMENT UNDER THE LAW! What happened to TRUST THE PEOPLE? What do the Supreme Court Justices propose as a remedy for these voters? Could I suggest simply, COUNT THE REMAINING VOTES! AL Gore and Joe Lieberman got enough Election Day Legal votes in Florida to still win if THE REMAINING VOTES ARE COUNTED!

8. This Florida Election smacks of internal POLITICAL CORRUPTION and designed confusion and deception in every phase of the process. From election day to present, the RIGHT TO VOTE, the RIGHT TO HAVE THE VOTES COUNTED, as prescribed by the U. S. CONSTITUTION AND THE VOTERS RIGHTS AMENDMENTS, have been continually violated and ignored, and thwarted by every conceivable means possible by the Bush Camp and their Operatives in their election positions, their Judicial Positions of authority, and in their public positions of influence through the media. The denial of wrong doing by the Bush Camp, and the COVER UP of same, continues! Where is the JUSTICE? WHERE IS THE HONESTY AND INTEGRITY?

9. I'm just one simple voter! All that I have been asking from the time I stepped out of the voting booth on Election Day is, Count The Votes! ALL THE LEGAL VOTES!! Not just Republican Votes or Democrat Votes, but ALL THE VOTES!!!!!! My party has been fighting for this simple Uniform Constitutional right, consistently and rightly and in good faith. IN RETROSPECT THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO SIMPLE AND FAIR AND CONCLUSIVE in the beginning has now become literally impossible. WHAT ARE THE REPUBLICANS AFRAID OF? We all know the answer to THAT! Al Gore still has the votes needed to win Florida even after all the irregularities, voter intimidation, goofy butterfly ballots, lost motor vehicle registration records, felony purging of legal voters from the voter registration list, and the other documented dirty tricks known to date! WHERE IS THE JUSTICE?

I WILL BOYCOTT every product or company having ANY connections to Bush in any way shape or form! I already have my own truth of coverage standard which I use to select the MEDIA I watch. I assure you we CAN inflict SUBSTANTIAL monetary punishment on these perpetrators of false piety, perverting, and PARTISAN POLITICS!!

With the amount of Democratic voters we have in the United States we can implement a BOYCOTT on Florida that will make them aware of our displeasure and our commitment to legally express our wrath in the only way they understand, THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS!!! If they REFUSE TO COUNT OUR VOTES, I refuse to give them the opportunity to COUNT OUR MONEY. I don't TRUST THEM EITHER!! When their bottom line bottoms out they WILL understand!!!

Let them continue to merge and purge and propagate the vile rhetoric of lies and deceit we have learned to expect from them in this Election. Our peaceful, lawful strategy will succeed IF IMPLEMENTED by all of us that HAVE BEEN DEPRIVED OF OUR VOTING RIGHTS! We don't have to accept that type of treatment. They think we will ignore votes stolen from black voters, or Jews, or other minorities by their sleazy tactics, but our votes are included in the BIG HEIST and if we can't get redress from our Courts we must make the scoundrels accountable by some other means.

We just need to borrow a page from the Civil Rights Movement, known as BOYCOTT.

Daryl D. Heslop (greywolf38@earthlink.net) lives in Neosho Falls, KS.