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I Have Looked into Bush's Soul and Saw Black
By Mary MacElveen

Every night as I log onto my computer to read various political lists, I scan the news section of Yahoo which I use as my home page. I have been outraged in the past at the actions and policies put forth by Mr. Bush when reading these headline blurbs. In my opinion, nothing compares to the recent revelations. First we have the White House authorizing a picture of him on Air Force One after the horrific attacks befell our nation speaking to Dick Cheney to be used by the GOP for fund raising purposes. All for the price of $150. He has always touted himself as a compassionate conservative, out of that alleged compassion, those funds should be sent to the victims that were murdered that day. On top of that, it was quoted in an LA Times article, when speaking with a German paper he said, “I was trying to get out of harms way”. Some leader?

If that first revelation wasn’t enough, we have yet another. It was reported that George Bush had prior terrorist warnings to September 11th, and he failed to act upon them. But, he did act upon heading to his ranch for a month long vacation. The victims of September 11th, will never get their future vacations. This failure has had many on both sides of the political aisle asking really tough questions, as they rightfully should be. But, the media and this administration have only zeroed in on the Democratic leadership asking these tough questions. To spin this in their favor, this Bush administration put out that those within his administration failed to pass these warnings to him. As Harry Truman said, “the buck stops here”. And it should under George Bush.

To even boil your blood more, we have George Bush putting out his second in command, Dick Cheney who went on NBC’s Meet The Press and angrily said that anyone questioning this administration is unpatriotic. They should not be doing so in a time of war. This is exactly when we should be asking those tough questions and doing so forcefully. It is because, if this event could have been prevented by this administration, we would not be in such a war.

When George W. Bush said that he would restore honor, morals, and dignity to the White House, these actions by him only goes to show the dishonor and immoral actions of a soulless man. Folks this most certainly pails in comparison to any so called less honorable or indignant actions by President William J. Clinton. While President Clinton was made fun of for saying, “I feel your pain”, he is to be believed. Because he never used a horrific life taking tragedy to boost his poll numbers or donations for the Democratic Party. He never put out his second in command, Al Gore to scold those asking the tough questions saying that they are being unpatriotic. In hindsight, what he should have done is say is that through any of the many baseless investigations into his administration, the Republican Party was putting national security on the back burner.

It has been little over a year since this man seized power, and he has attended more fundraisers, then actually doing his damn job. He is lending the office of President of the United States of America over to the money hungry GOP. He is actually prostituting not only himself, but allowing this sacred office to be as well. While President Clinton was attacked for his coffees, and Lincoln bedroom stays, there was nothing perverse in doing so. But here we have a man complicit in using this office to fund raise on the deaths of so many innocent people. There is nothing courageous in this action, only cowardice. Courage loans itself to let ones record stand for itself. With questions put forth to this administration which must be answered, we shall see just how his record will ultimately be recorded in the history of our nation. To me cowardice is using such a horrific event to promote one’s standing and the party they represent.

Last week as reported by the Associated Press, a three picture collection is to be given out to anyone that donates $150 to the GOP. Perhaps they should use his quote given to the German press “I was trying to get out of harms way” as a quote underneath these pictures. I would love to ask George Bush and the GOP the following questions. Is $150 the cost of a human life? Every time you saw a firefighter or a policeman dug out of Ground Zero, were you multiplying the amount of money you can get as each body went by? As other people were dug out of Ground Zero, the Pentagon, or picked up from Pennsylvania, were you also multiplying their body counts? As each man and woman who goes over to fight this war on terrorism, they do so out of the belief that they are fighting for their country, and they should be supported for their true and honest beliefs. Are their lives worth on that $150 to you? During the presidential campaign you said that you wanted to restore the military. No president puts such a perverse price on that restoration. Mr. Bush, you are not to be heralded, but scorned. Are you also putting a price on the heads of every allied soldier helping out in this war on terrorism? For that, it is time for the world to turn their backs on you instead of supporting this effort.

When you first met with Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, it was stated that you saw into his soul. What must he be thinking of your soul, Mr. Bush? In fact, what are we all to see as we look into yours? That is if you have one. Any man with a soul would refuse to use the deaths of so many for raising money for their party or to bolster their image with the American people.

Also reported by the AP, it is said, “A GOP mailing hailed the pictures as showing "the gritty determination of our new president at his inauguration; a telephone call from Air Force One to Vice President Cheney the afternoon of Sept. 11, 2001; and President Bush's historic State of the Union speech before a joint session of Congress that united a nation and a world.". We must remember that September 11th is not about George Bush, but those that lost and continue to lose their lives. Using such a horrific event is repugnant. Where was Bush’s “gritty determination” when he let the Secret Service call the shots on September 11th and he was reported as saying, “he wanted to get out of harms way”? He was not acting like a leader, but a coward. While the American people were clutching to each other to find solace, and to make sense of what was happening, it took many hours for all of us to hear from a man supposedly in charge. Where was George? In three states, and not at the White House giving comfort to those trying to make sense out of it all. Had President Clinton done this, the GOP would have immediately asked for his resignation and an investigation.

Many before last weeks revelations, have stated that they believed that George W. Bush holds some responsibility for the attacks upon our nation. Now we see that they were right in their beliefs. One person who comes to mind is Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Their voices are to be carried forth and with more force. For, if a man can use such a tragic event to make money for his party, his actions leading up to that tragic day calls for such an investigation. Because all of those who died on that day, deserve it. All of our military who continue to die, deserve it. Those who survived that day, deserve it as well. For those that truly love America and what it should stand for, deserve it also.

If a land deal such as White Water called for an eight year investigation that proved nothing, this screams louder for such an investigation. People’s lives have been lost and will continue to be lost if we do not act upon it.

Friends, it is long time that we connect powerfully with the voters that for them to even think of voting Republican in the midterm elections, condones such a perverse act. We must show the American electorate that we are the party with honor, morals and integrity. While we Democrats have not raised as much money as the Republicans, we must show that this is a good thing. Because who would want to use such a tragic day and those who have died to add to their coffers? I have looked into Bush’s soul and saw black.