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The Media-Wide Conspiracy to Destroy the Clintons
By Reba Shimansky

I just finished reading David Brock's book "Blinded by the Right" which I highly recommend. It is a real eye opener. I will never forgive the Democrats for approving Ted Olson as Solicitor General-who was very active in trying to bring down Clinton. Brock says that Hillary was right- that there was a rightwing conspiracy to destroy the Clintons. However I believe that it was broader than that. There was a media conspiracy to destroy the Clintons:

1. The New York Times - Most of the information on Whitewater came from Jeff Gerth's article. Even after Gene Lyons wrote his book "Fools for Scandal" disputing Gerth, Howell Raines chose to believe a psychotic conman named James McDougal over a reputable journalist like Gene Lyons.

2. The Washington Post - Susan Schmidt was Ken Starr`s stenographer. And when Ray filed his final report the Washington Post wrote on their editorial page that the Clintons were guilty there just was not enough evidence to convict them.

3. NBC News
a. Tim Russert - In the book "Blood Sport": by James Stewart, he reports that Russert used David Bossie, who worked for Floyd Brown and Dan Burton, as an information source. He also let Juanita Broaddrick use his network to slander President Clinton.
b. Lisa Myers - As a tool of the rightwing,. she pursued the interview with Juanita Broaddrick and according to Brock that during the Lewinsky scandal she said to him "that Clinton has been lying so long that she was glad he was caught."

4. ABC News
a. Jackie Judd - Another Ken Starr stenographer
b. Brian Ross - was directly involved in having a special prosecutor named for Alexis Herman,-although Ms. Herman was exonerated, her reputation was damaged.
c. Chris Vlasto - a producer for ABC. After McDougal was convicted and sentenced to over 80 years in jail Vlasto encouraged McDougal to turn on Clinton and said that Starr would reduce his sentence-which he did. At a news award ceremony, Vlasto dedicated his award to McDougal (who was deceased by then), whom he regarded as a great American hero.

5. Newsweek - Employed Michael Isikoff as an investigator of Clinton's sex life. And he allied himself with Lucianne Goldberg in her attempted coup d' etat. In the book Brock said that Isikoff was eager to give him stories about Clinton's sex life that Newsweek refused to publish.

6. LA Times - which allowed the paper to be used by the right in the so-called Troopergate story. The Right needed the LA Times to give the story legitimacy. So the LA Times eagerly assigned to of its top reporters to investigate Clinton's sex life.