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The Latest Alerts from the GOP to the Party Faithful

The two letters below are actual memos sent to Republican "team leaders" this past week. "Annotations" by Cheryl Seal are in bold italic while the actual letters are in regular typeface.


Dear Chris,

President Bush is working to advance a positive, compassionate, and results-oriented agenda for all Americans and the American people recognize that.

We're not sure exactly what Americans, but we're sure there must still be a few out there who buy our line - afterall, as our boy in the White House says, you can fool some of the people ALL the time.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 73% of Americans know that President Bush is working well with both Republicans and Democrats.

Of course the poll was taken during a black tie lunch at the Heritage Foundation but you don't need to mention that to anyone!

His positive agenda has resulted in tax relief for working families and historic education reform but much more needs to be done.

Like finding a way to take back those tax dollars back and give them to the oil, coal, and airline industry!

While trying to reach across party lines, President Bush puts principle above partisan politics.

And his number one prinicpal is "Look out for number one."

In that same poll, 72% percent of Americans agreed that President Bush is putting the country's interests ahead of his own political interests.

Aren't those Heritage Foundation folks great!

Our President has worked to change the tone in Washington - despite the continued partisan, stonewalling attacks from those on the left - and the American people recognize it.

Those same one in 10 American people who can always be relied on to buy anything you sell em ! God bless em every one!

Your work as a Team Leader is a valuable part of our work to advance President Bush's agenda for America.

Especially since you poor fools work for free!

I want to recognize the hard work of this month's Outstanding Leader, Brenda Stallings of Memphis, Tennessee. She became actively involved in the Republican Party through her participation in her local church and the pro-life movement.

This is our kinda gal - a rightwinger who uses her religion to help push our political agenda!

Since becoming a Team Leader she has are recruited over 300 additional members of our team!

All those folks thought they were going to a religious tent revival! Weren't they surprised when they found out it was a GOP rally and those "name cards" they signed were RNC memberships!

Thank you Brenda, for your hard work and dedication.

But just don't come whining to us for any help or money if things go sour here pretty soon.

Sincerely,Jack Oliver
Deputy Chairman
Republican National Committee


Dear Chris,

Americans know that President Bush when faced with credible information about a threat would act swiftly and strongly.

That is, of course, if we're talking about a threat to his bank account!

It is terribly unfair to the victims and victim families of the terrible tragedy of September 11 for anyone to suggest anything to the contrary.

Of course, after the 2004 election, it won't matter to us WHAT anyone suggests to them!

Such statements are irresponsible and politically motivated.

That's going to be our number one line of defense, folks, so memorize it right now!!! Remember what Goebbels said - the bigger the lie the better, but make sure you repeat it OFTEN!

Last summer, President Bush and Members of Congress received briefings that contained general, non-specific and uncorroborated information about possible threats.

And even though the FBI, CIA and every intelligence agency in Europe told us it was the worst, most plausible threat in decades, we thought maybe it was all just "politically motivated" scheme by the Democrats to make us look bad.

In light of the potential threats, the Bush Administration took appropriate action including alerts to law enforcement agencies, airlines, and U.S. assets overseas to protect the lives of American citizens here and abroad.

At least till August 6. After that we decided that the airlines loss of cash in the very important August through Sept. season was much more important and well-corroborated than any "vague" threat specifying planes, tall buildings, Osama Bin Laden, and a list of people with flight training.

Click here to get the facts about the Bush Administrations actions.

Whoops - guess you'll have to wait till we come up with something good - Karl Rove, Ari Fleischer, Charlotte Beers and an busload of FOX news writers are working on it right now!

Despite these facts, Democrats leaders such as Senator Tom Daschle, Rep. Dick Gephardt and Senator John Edwards have tried to play politics with this threat information by making irresponsible statements about President Bush allowing their presidential ambitions get the best of their judgment.

Yep, the opinions of Daschle, Gephardt, and Edwards are our number one concern, here, people - not Ma and Pa Average Citizen whose relatives may still be buried in the WTC. We can't afford to give a rat's ass about September 2001 now - what we have to focus on is how all this is gonna affect November 2004!


We called in a few favors and managed to get hold of some goood PR stuff from our propaganda team inside the Times and Post....so clip these two bits below and spread 'em around like grass seed! We don't have many of these babies - the cost of sellout journalists is getting pretty high - so we'll just have to get as much mileage out of these two as we can!

"As Congressional Democrats and other Bush opponents rev up the recriminations following this week’s disclosures, they should remember that the House and Senate Intelligence Committees received some of the same intelligence reports as the White House. These included public and private warnings from George Tenet, the director central intelligence, that Al Qaeda could strike at any time."


"The tempest seems overblown...based on what the White House has revealed thus far, the information Mr. Bush received was very general, and the possibility of a domestic hijacking was far less salient in the briefing he received from the CIA than the possibility of an overseas attack. The administration warned airlines to take precautions. It’s easy after September 11 to insist that more should have been done."

Stay tuned, because we'll probably get lots of good spin jobs out of the "Washington Times" and our boys and girls on the take inside the AP


Marc Racicot
Republican National Committee