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An Open Letter to the Media on Investigating 911
Rebecca Knight tennessee_gal655@yahoo.com

On September 11, 2001 America suffered the single most devastating terrorist attack ever perpetrated on our nation’s soil, enveloping our citizens with sorrow, fear, and anger. America showed her usual strength as we pulled together in denouncing the barbaric attitudes of those who could carry out such a hateful plan.

In the months that followed, as Americans had time to contemplate the enormity of the planning involved in such a well-coordinated attack, the natural thought progression led to serious questions. However, few had the courage to speak of their questions or doubts regarding the details of the attack as released by our government or reported by the media. Patriotic Americans did not come to these positions easily. Indeed, Americans have firmly believed in the principles that have characterized this nation for generations, reasonable actions taken by reasonable men and women elected to office by reasonable voters.

Gradually, courageous individuals began to ask forbidden questions. Ordinary citizens, elected officials, and some in the media became inquisitive about the details, questioning apparent inconsistencies, and calling for Congressional investigations. These individuals were met with cries of “traitor, anti-American, terrorist sympathizer, conspiracy nut, or loony” which, in a free society, should chill the very heart of every citizen. Vitriolic attacks such as these should be recognized for what they are, a subversive way to discredit inquisitive points of view and disrupt the efforts of those who support investigations.

When did America change so? When did it become wrong to speak out? The very essence of America’s democracy hinges on the right of all citizens to speak freely, openly, and, yes, critically. An open government should not only want an investigation of the terrorist attacks, it should vigorously pursue one – even demand one! Too many unanswered questions remain, not the least of which is the intelligence failure that allowed this to occur on our soil. Only through rigorous scrutiny of these attacks can we ever hope to prevent more in the future. This is not a matter of being unpatriotic. This is a matter of common sense, self-preservation, and the preservation of our beloved America.

The Bush administration, rather than welcoming an investigation, has attempted to subvert the efforts of Congressional leaders to establish investigative committees. If Watergate, Iran/Contra, Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, Monicagate, natural disasters, plane crashes, etc. warrant public inquiries, why doesn't a terrorist attack of this magnitude? What possible reason could they have for opposing an investigation? Why would anyone oppose such an investigation? Is there something to hide?

We American citizens who express our desire for this investigation do so with loving hearts swelled with patriotic pride, for we have experienced the very essence of the best of American citizenship and we hope to do so again. So, don’t pin any undeserved labels on us simply because we ask for the right to have our voices heard regarding the truth of this tragedy. To do so would be the true unpatriotic act, for it would dishonor all the heroes of our past who have challenged America to be its best and brightest throughout her history!