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Depositions Completed; Wednesday Trial To Begin on Schedule

The court case involving the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections and the improper activities surrounding the absentee ballot requests may well be the deciding case in the race for President.

There will be a Hearing this afternoon; pre-trial hearings tomorrow, Tuesday afternoon; with the trial on Wednesday morning.

Attorneys Gerald Richman and Alan Greer, co-counsel for the Plaintiff Harry Jacobs, will be available to speak with the press.

The depositions will be completed today. State Democratic Chair Bob Poe’s deposition was completed today and Poe stated in his personal opinion “the absentee ballots in Seminole County were tainted and all should be thrown out.” Depositions of all experts are taking place today.

Gerald Richman, Esq. stated: “This case is crucial as cheating by obtaining absentee ballot requests are violations of Florida Statutes. Another election involving cheating was decided by invalidating absentee ballots. Our victory will be in accordance with the laws of Florida."

Richman continued: "Tampering with Absentee Ballot Request Forms by the Republican Party using staff and office of the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections, a Republican herself, and paid Republican operatives having unsupervised use of the office and non-public space secretly for as long as three (3) weeks clearly violates Florida law."