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Southern California Says NO to Bush and Simon
By Natasha H. (age 10)

More than 600 Californians came together to protest a Bush/Simon fundraiser at Century City today and let the pair know they're not welcome in our state. The crowd included kids and people of all colors and ethnic groups protesting Bush's theft of the White House, his policies and his attempt to buy the governorship for a man who is opposed to everything real Californians want.

Local unions came out in full force with signs noting Simon's disregard for workers and his similarity to Wilson (the man responsible for California's power crisis.) While many Jews and Palestinians may be on opposite sides in the Middle East, in Century City they stood side by side in opposition to Bush.

Protesters chanted: "What do we want? Bush in jail. When do we want it? Now," "4,3,2,1 Investigate Bush for 9-1-1," "1,2,3,4 Recount proves that Gore got more. 5,6,7,8. Resign right now. It's not too late," and "Hey, hey. Ho, ho. S & L Simon has to go."' A giant banner read, "G W BUSH, history will condemn you."

A KCAL-9 cameraman who was videotaping a "Gore won Florida. Read the recount" sign said there was almost no chance that the protest footage would make it into the news. I watched K-Cal news and somehow they forgot to mention the 600 plus protestors. Hopefully, the news media won't report the vote count next election in the same yellow journalistic fashion they report the protests.

And instead of coming to California to do a fundraiser for a millionaire, Bush should donate the profits he's made off his own policies to make sure that every kid in California is guaranteed a college education. By the time I'm eighteen, only millionaires (like Bush and Simon) will be able to afford the tuition.