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The view from Palm Beach County
by Karilee Shames

From the minute we voted, thousands of us knew something was fishy here. For days we walked around in shock, then anger, then outrage. Now people are outraged but tired.

When our elections officer, who created the butterfly ballot "to help the seniors see better" refused to admit there was a problem, and stood behind her ballot despite thousands of calls on Election Day and after...

When 5000 people went back to fill out affidavits at the elections offices, and were not told that these had to be notarized to be official...

I could just go on and on. There are almost a half dozen things misleading and /or illegal about our ballot, causing what I believe is 19,000 double punches for Gore & Buchanan (Gore & Lieberman had 2 holes next to their box, and ballot said vote for Candidates... –

And another 3400 for Buchanan who even knows these do not belong to him...

And thousands of people here feel disenfranchised, and furious - and can't exactly put their finger on what happened, but something terrible did happen here...

We need strong leadership from the Democratic Party. The Republicans are fully organized and out in full force, and we look like pansies.

We need some help to get the unions out to match their paid thugs

We need people to help get us organized, to be effective, to develop and implement strategy

We need Democrats to pour into Florida in droves, like the Bushies, and Democratic leaders, and to show force and might

We must stand behind our candidates and their courage in standing up to this obvious attempt to deny our civil rights

Don't abandon Al Gore. Tell Democrats the truth about what's happening here - and let's all stand with him for a full and complete investigation. If we get that, it will show people being solicited to do unsavory things to undermine the voice of the people.

We are at a crossroads that could easily result in the end of democracy, unless the American public is quickly shocked into realization of this imminent danger, we may be turning power over to the mob rule. This sets a very dangerous precedent.

WE can stand together in unity without being violent -

But we MUST be strong

And vocal

And visible.

Let's get organized and show America that we will not allow this travesty, before it's too late

Help Palm Beach County and Florida NOW!!