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We win! Republicans surrender!
by Bob Fertik, Democrats.com co-editor

Without a shot being fired, the Republican Party today raised the white flag of surrender and re-registered as Democrats.

"We listened to our own speeches at the convention, and realized that right-wing conservatism was dead," said ex-Republican Presidential candidate George W. Bush.

"After a generation of peddling racism and contempt for the needy, our message has failed," he said. "America is a loving and generous nation, and she has rejected our message of hate."

"So we have decided to live up to our rhetoric and join the party that stands for prosperity, progress, and peace, namely the Democratic Party," Bush declared.

Bush made his announcement with Marian Wright Edelman, founder and President of the Children's Defense Fund. Edelman praised Bush for adopting CDF's slogan, "Leave No Child Behind." Edelman told Bush, "I am delighted that you have seen the light and become a born-again Liberal."

Bush withdrew from the race and announced his support for Vice President Al Gore. "Al Gore will be an outstanding President, and I stand behind him 100%," Bush declared.

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