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America, Where Art Thou?
Mary MacElveen

It was inspiring to see thousands of you come to Washington DC on April 15th, 2002 in support of Israel in this latest crisis, whose ramifications are being felt world wide. But, I am left to question your priorities. You come together in support of one side versus another side in a foreign country. Yet, how many of you would have done just that for our country on December 12, 2000 when a group of Supreme Court InJustices came together to select the leader of the free world? Which thereby undermined our very foundation for what we have come to believe is democracy. That foundation is the right to vote and have those votes counted. While there was no blood shed in this event, many gave of their blood to insure that we have this right throughout our history. Since the Supreme Court InJustices saw fit to impose their will upon the American people, they gave us an administration who through it's inept handling of this situation over in Israel should be held accountable for this latest bloodshed.

Many of you will say this is different. This is a war of terror where people are dying. You only have to look around your own country to see that those left behind by this administration are too being terrorized. And not by some foreign terrorist organization. But at the hands of Bush administration.

During his presidential campaign, then candidate Bush said that he would get our seniors the prescription drug coverage that they so desperately need. Where they would not have to choose between eating and taking their medications. Has this happened yet? No it has not. How many of our seniors are being terrorized monetarily through this broken promise, and have had no recourse than to skip taking important medications putting their health in jeopardy? Have any deaths occurred from this yet, America? We hear of the many victims of September 11th, the war in Afghanistan, and the war in Israel, yet where are our seniors stories? Don't their lives matter too? I have come to the conclusion it is the way in such a life was snuffed out. Bullets and bombs get more of a response, than a skipped pill. For shame, America. After all these seniors who have been called the "Greatest Generation" have been left in the dust heap of your priorities. They gave so much of themselves, so that you would be here and have your voices heard when you went to Washington DC to support Israel.

Mr. Bush talks a good game about being prepared on the home front in this war on terrorism. But, yet he chose through his horrific budget to cut the cops on the street program put forth by President Clinton. Our police are our first responders. If we are at such a heightened alert, then we need more cops, not less. America, the next time you fall victim to any crime and wonder where the cops are, ask Mr. Bush. He gave a speech last week in Knoxville, Tennessee where he was heckled. Glad to see the voice of dissention is still healthy in America. It is about time. He stated how he was looking for people to volunteer in policing their communities. No thanks, Mr. Bush. I want the real thing, not an imitation. By you cutting these needed funds, Mr. Bush you have become the terrorist for many who will need qualified, trained, and paid police officers in their communities. But then again, you have a personal, tax payer funded police squad protecting you. It is called the Secret Service. The rest of America be damned. If you are in support of these first responders, do not do so only in photo ops, but in real monetary support, Mr. Bush.

When America went to the polls last year, many rural farmers gave their votes to Mr. Bush, and now we see that millions of our tax payer dollars go to help big agribusinesses whose only intent is to over come the small family owned farm businesses. Many of these small family farm owners are being terrorized as well financially, yet you do not hear their stories, America. It is because anything negative said about this administration is swept under the carpet. You know, the "United We Stand" motto which in essence means, keep your traps shut.

During the presidential campaign, America Mr. Bush said to the people of Nevada that he would not use their state as a dumping ground for radioactive material. Well now they are getting such material. I applaud the state's governor for going against this administration. America, Nevada citizens were lied to by Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney. They chose to give their precious electoral votes over to these liars. And they should be held accountable. Oh yeah, I forgot do not question this holier than though, sacred administration. We have to remember what Ari said, "watch what you say".

Also speaking of this radioactive material, during his speech at the Florida Democratic convention this past weekend, Mr. Al Gore stated just how ill conceived it is during this heightened alert it is to be trucking these dangerous materials through our streets. Mr. Gore you are most certainly correct in pointing this out. How well guarded will these convoys be, and what is to stop a terrorist organization, be it foreign or home based to get their hands on it? Some homeland defense there, Mr. Bush.

I am very angry at you, America for not speaking out with more force against this administration. You were told that your and I reiterate your Social Security funds would be protected. Now we see the invasion of these funds by this administration. These are your funds, not his. Again, another lie, America. Where is your voice in these matters? Mr. Gore was ridiculed during this presidential campaign about the "lock box", but we are seeing all to clear just how right he was. His priorities were for you, the American people and not the large corporations. I must say he would never have given the airline industry such a mega billion ($15.5 billion) bailout for their sheer stupidity and greed over your concerns and safety. After all he did chair the Commission of Airline Safety and Security back in 1997. And in this report it cited using airplanes as delivery systems for bombing our own soil. But through a Republican congress and the FAA these recommendations were not implemented. Now we reward them. Thanks, Mr. Bush for nothing.

Now we have returned to deficit spending, and a healthy surplus left to us by the Clinton/Gore administration has all but evaporated. Oh yeah, I forgot Mr. Bush's friends needed their huge tax cuts. The many defense industries have to be rewarded since they gave so heavily to his campaign or his road to seizure of this most respected office. Which in my opinion, has been desecrated.

During the last few days of the presidential campaign, H. Ross Perot chose to endorse Mr. Bush on the same day we learned Mr. Bush had been arrested at one point for drunk driving. This still boggles my mind since H. Ross Perot was the champion for paying down the national debt, sound fiscal policies and used those pie charts to show us all why this must be done. I am left to wonder what Mr. Perot is thinking now seeing us return to deficit spending, and big governmental spending especially in the defense budget. Remember those hundred dollar wrenches and toilet seats in the Reagan/Bush Sr. administration? Well, Mr. Perot what are you thinking now? What do your pie charts tell us now?

Last but not least, America during the presidential campaign, Mr. Bush touted at the Republican National Convention that his administration would "leave no child behind". Then how come much needed funds to their education are being cut by his budget? Where is the money for Head Start? How come library funds were cut by 15 percent? I wonder how Mrs. Bush his wife took this since she was once a librarian. I wonder how his mom took this news when during the Bush One administration her main focus was on literacy in America.

Last but not least, America we have millions of families with children who have no health insurance. Is this not leaving children behind? How many deaths have occurred because of this, America? And if there have been such deaths, shouldn't their live matter too?

All I have to say is, America there are many injustices happening in your own backyard under this deplorable administration, and it is about time you rethought your priorities. Our priority must be to hold Mr. Bush's feet to the fire and do so more strongly. Strong dissention in any democracy is healthy. To follow blindly surely is not. I will ask you again. America where art thou?