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"I Don't Know Whether to Laugh or Cry"
W. David Jenkins III (dumod@aol.com)

"….in order for people to give me sound advice, that information not oughta be public." - GWB in reference to GAO lawsuit. 3/1/02

George, are you out of your mind? Did you hear what you said in Des Moines? Did you really mean that? George, I played that line over and over in context to the question you were asked and no matter what way I hear it, your response was still stupid. Did you hear yourself?

"….in order for people to give me sound advice, that information not oughta be public."

Okay, let me make sure I understand. In order for you to get "sound" advice the American people need to butt out. In other words, no one can give you sound advice if they think we're gonna find out about it. Is that right? Wait, let me go look this up just to be sure.

SOUND – Adjective: capable of being depended on; dependable, reliable, responsible, solid, trustworthy, trusty (see Trust)

Oh, there it is. It's that trust word again. But wait a minute, George. Didn't you say during the campaign that you "trust the American people?" Sure you did. Of course, you also promised the people of Nevada that that you wouldn't turn their state into a nuclear….I mean, "nucular" waste site too. You lied to us again didn't you George? Okay, wait a minute, according to what you said, we the people are entitled to crappy advice but not the good stuff, right? Nobody is going to give you advice that's good for us if we're gonna find out about it, right?

The events of the last few days have convinced me that either Dubya has no idea what's going on or he's not really in charge. Those are the only two choices. No, really. Either George has no idea how stupid and hypocritical he sounds or he just doesn't care because he knows it's not really his show anyway. I mean, consider the following.

On the 13th of March, Little Bush said that "flaws in Zimbabwe's election will prevent the United States from recognizing the government's claim that incumbent Robert Mugabe was the winner." Then Colin Powell turns around and says, "Mr. Mugabe may claim victory but not democratic legitimacy." These guys are kidding, right?

Apparently there was evidence of a government-orchestrated campaign of intimidation and violence. Powell went on to say that "the policies of Mugabe's government have been marked by a blatant disregard for the rule of law, serious human rights abuses, a broad repression of the Zimbabwean electorate, and ultimately the disenfranchisement of thousands of Zimbabwean voters." Umm…Does Florida ring a bell with these people? Actually, does Florida ring a bell with anybody anymore? How many of us have said that if what happened in Florida during the sham that was Election 2000 took place in a third world country that we'd be sending in the troops. As it stands, Bush has announced that the US may have to impose sanctions against Zimbabwe. And he did it with a straight face. I swear, I've never been so embarrassed and scared in my life. Then there was Sheriff Shrub's remarks concerning Sharon and the Israeli offensive the last week or so.

After spending the last year or so telling Sharon and Arafat, "Hey, you guys work it out yourself," Boy George decides to play school marm and shake the finger that used to stir his drinks with at these two. In his press conference on the 13th, George had the audacity to say that Sharon's actions were "not helpful" and went way beyond "self-defense." Oh really? Although, just this once, I agree with the little brat but is he listening to himself? Sharon is way out of line, trying to get his jollies and revenge while he can but how does that differ from Bush's reckless policies and smart-mouthing concerning his adding to the "Axis of Evil?"

Like a toddler having a snit fit, Bush has raised the stakes and named Russia, China, Syria and Libya to his hit list. By golly, we're gonna warm up the nukes and aim them at these guys if they don't tow the Bush way of thinking. If George thinks you guys are being bad well, you might as well paint a bulls-eye on your ass 'cause we're gonna "ready, aim, fire" you people until you say "uncle." Of course, there's the Philippines, Yemen and anywhere else Bush Inc. decides to wage this "just war." And don't give us any lip about it because God says it's okay. Just ask Ashcroft.

I just can't believe how far Bush has thrown America and all it stands for in the trash. Our standing in the international community is failing. We look like a schoolyard bully imposing a pathetically disguised sense of revenge because of a loser who squats in the White House thinking he represents the will of America. Plain and simple, Bush Inc. is making a mess. Our allies are worried and angry, our enemies are just plain mad as hell and half of America have no idea what the hell's going on.

I quoted a statement long ago that the events of 9/11 and what would surely follow, along with the other problems the international community would pose would require the kind of leadership that America hadn't seen since the days of FDR. Unfortunately, we're stuck with Howdy Doody with an attitude problem. When I hear Little Bush speak without a net, it can be the funniest thing. But when I consider the consequences of what this imbecile spews, I get scared. Very scared.

I know Bush Inc. isn't listening to a damn thing we're saying, but is anybody in America listening to what they're saying? I mean, when they're done laughing, isn't anybody scared?