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MARCH 9, 2002
The Alliance for Democracy is a national grass-roots populist organization with 55 chapters.


The national Council of the Alliance for Democracy, meeting in North Hills, California, Saturday, March 9, called for the impeachment of George W. Bush.

"The discovery of George W. Bush's top-secret program to initiate first nuclear strikes in situations of conflict leaves the American democracy no honorable choice but to repudiate these plans by ejecting Mr. Bush from the White House," the Council said.

"Mr. Bush's ominous interest in using nuclear weapons against at least seven named nations is exposed in his orders to the Pentagon to prepare for such use," the statement continued.

"The secret report specifies three situations in which nuclear weapons could be used:
--against targets that can withstand non-nuclear attacks;
--in retaliation for not only nuclear, but also for chemical and biological attacks;
--and the blank check: 'in the event of surprising military developments.'

"Mr. Bush's new policies embody indifference to the United States inflicting mass death abroad and put the American people at dramatically increased risk of retaliatory annihilation and terrorist attack. Now we understand why the Bush Administration has created an underground shadow government.

"In responding to suicidal terrorists, Mr. Bush has unconstitutionally declared perpetual war on targets and nations of his choice. He seeks to militarize our democracy into a garrison state. But this escalation answers suicide with suicide--suicidal terrorism with suicidal terrorism.

"As the only nation that has used nuclear weapons in war, it is our obligation to lead the world to their abolition, not their use," the Alliance Council declared.

"As free American citizens we must brace ourselves to reject the torrent of calming reassurances which the Bush Administration's spin doctors will now produce. The revelations this morning in the Los Angeles Times catch the Bush Administration red-handed in its determination to secure domination of the world for the oil and other transnational corporations, using every means which Mr. Bush's seizure of the Presidency in December 2000 put at his disposal.

"Turning the United States into the world's nuclear bully-state will not be accepted by American citizens or the people of the world," the statement continued. "We call on Congress to hold immediate public hearings on these revelations, speak out, and take necessary steps to rein in and curb Mr. Bush in the use of nuclear weapons.

"The Alliance Council commends as heroes of democracy William Arkin and his source and the Los Angeles Times for publicizing this program, signed by the Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, and now being used in the Pentagon to prepare this new nuclear-war strategy. These revelations in the Los Angeles Times eclipse even the Pentagon papers in historic importance, for on this the world may survive or perish. The AfD Council calls on all citizens to rally behind Mr. Arkin, his source, and the Los Angeles Times against any and all threats and punishments which the Bush Administration may now launch against them.

"We call on all citizens and organizations who believe in peace and democracy to nonviolently resist this grossly irresponsible plan and to support the impeachment of George W. Bush," the statement said.

Issued on the authority of the AfD Council by Nancy Price of Davis, California, and Lou Hammann of Orrtanna, Pa., co-chairs of the Alliance for Democracy.

Contact information:
Co-Chairs of the Alliance for Democracy
Nancy Price, 1223 Sequoia Place, Davis CA 95616, 530-758-0726,
Lou Hammann, 181 Orrtanna Rd., Orrtanna PA 17353, 717-334-4488,