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The Ballad Of Al Gore
(To the tune of "Davy Crockett")
by Marilyn Dinger

Comes from the mountain state of Tennessee,
The greenest state in the Land of the Free,
Raised to love the woods and to love every tree
And works to save a "bar" (bear) for the future, yes siree!
Albert, Albert Gore - champion of the wild frontier!

Went off to Washington to serve his country
That every American may live to be free
Works to preserve the home and family
And a livable climate in perpetuity!
Albert, Albert Gore - friend of the new frontier!

Friend of the Indians, the Blacks, and Jews,
Friend of all people with pure and wholesome views,
Friend of the common folk and folks yet unborn,
Friend of sufferers, the forgotten, and forlorn!
Albert, Albert Gore - champ of the healing frontier!

He'll work for education that will help all succeed,
Which will teach all Americans to help all in need.
He'll work for safe health care for the old and the young,
While he speaks in plain English, he respects every Tongue.
Albert, Albert Gore - a leader we need not fear!

He'll preserve the right to own a gun for hunters, yes they may!
But there'll be no White House office for the NRA.
Schools, Churches, and hospitals will be safe and free from guns
While he preserves all Park Lands for our daughters and our sons.
Albert, Albert Gore - will preserve the free and safe frontier.

Born with a purity of soul and heart
He does not act smarty but he sure is smart!
He holds the needs of average folk to be very dear,
That the rich folk should not take it all, he's made it very clear!
Albert, Albert Gore will protect the last frontier!

He'll win California. He'll protect Yellowstone.
He'll save the great wild Arctic Coast that ALL of us own.
He'll tell the state of Texas at the Alamo
To protect clean air, clean rivers, and restore the buffalo!
Albert, Albert Gore will help us save the new frontier!
So we'll live to have no fear!

Al Gore won Florida and that is TRUE!
He won the the vote of most of us; that's me and you.
We need him in the White House to keep our Nation free,
And to help our Founding Fathers keep this Land of Liberty,
Albert, Albert Gore is our President, yes siree!
And he cares about you and me!