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The Ballad of George Bush
© 2002 John Machado, all rights reserved

(To the tune of the Ballad of Jed Clampett)

Listen while I tell you 'bout the dogs that didn't move
It was Sunday and the house was calm, really in a groove
They were stretched out near the sofa and the table full of booze
Terrible thing on TV though, favored Florida would lose
Football ... Miami, that is...

Well, along about the second half, the chief takes a fall
But, what the hell do we care, say the dogs who saw it all
Really takes a header to the table, then the floor
Nothing new has happened; we've seen it all before
Shrub ... smashed, that is...

Now, they know he'll tell a story, that's the way it always is
Just like the AWOL, the dope and those DUI's of his
Many people hereabouts surely know this guy
And every one will bet that this is just another lie
Whopper ... made up, that is...

There's a pattern here for all to see; it's getting pretty clear
Not only did they cheat and lie and give us much to fear
The jokers at the highest court should hide their heads in shame
They ruined the economy and gave bumbling a new name
George ... Bush, that is...