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Some Random Thoughts on Bush's First Year
by W. David Jenkins III (dumod@aol.com)

Well, as the song goes, “What a long strange trip it’s been.” This time of year seems to cause many people to reflect upon the recent past. We look at where we’ve been and where we might be heading. Many people wonder what they might do to in order to effect positive change in their corner of the world while others roll their eyes and think, “I can’t believe this is happening.” I tend to identify with the latter group as much as I would prefer to be a member of the former.

This last year has been indescribable. Chaos is the closest word I can use in reference to the nightmare that was 2001. Between the Supreme Courts selection of George W. to the events of September, the country has become a place few of us recognize. The folks who promised to “restore honor and dignity to the White House” have failed miserably. Problem is, not enough people know about it. And, of course, the “liberal media” sure as Trent Lott’s fake hair isn’t going to say anything about it. Besides, they have their hands full just keeping everybody paranoid about Tom Ridge’s latest “alert” and convincing the lemmings that Dubya really HAS grown into a leader! Well, with all due respect, I don’t see it. The media has a better chance of selling me beachfront property in Kansas then convincing me that Sheriff Bunnypants is presidential. I promise, in the spirit of the season, to keep this as light hearted as I can, but some things have been going through my head that won’t go away. Which brings me to …..

Random Thought #1

Recently, a member of an anti-Bush web site stated that they received a “little visit” from the Black Sedan Brigade after calling Bush Lite “Crusader Bunnypants” in a chat room. While most people might disregard this claim, the fact remains that people have been visited by folks representing the government for not being good little robots since January. There was the gentleman from a southern state who had too many anti Bush bumper stickers on his pick up truck. Then there was Wheaton, Maryland, resident Mike Hershdorfer who ran a web site called www.bushoccupation.com. Two Secret Service agents according to the LA Weekly visited him back in January. These and other incidents took place long before September 11th. Why? It seemed perfectly fine to ridicule Clinton for 8 years. And if anybody deserves to be ridiculed, the current embarrassment in the White House fits the bill. Somebody please tell Letterman to stop kissing butt and get back to business!

Random Thought #2

The “smoking gun video”of bin Laden. Why is the first video, complete with discrepancies concerning interpretation, a smoking gun while the second video is nothing more than “propaganda?” And another thing. Bush and the media robots made a big deal out of bin Laden laughing over the deaths of Americans. That he would do this helped make him that much more “evil.” Okay, fair enough.

Now, would somebody explain to me how Bush’s mocking of Carla Faye Tucker is any less “evil?” Seems to me Bush and bin Laden have more in common than just the Carlyle Group.

Random Thought #3

Pity John Lennon. Some of you may have noticed a commercial for one of those “Kids Songs” CD’s. It’s called “Patriotic Songs for Kids” or something along those lines. Along with “God Bless America,” “The National Anthem” and “America the Beautiful” these vermin have included John Lennon’s “Imagine” in the package! And you know they’ve changed the lyrics to benefit this propaganda. Please don’t try to convince me that after singing “God Bless America” that these children as propaganda puppets are going to sing:

“Imagine there’s no Heaven-it’s easy if you try”

And while we’re at it, what the heck does the “Yellow Rose of Texas” have to do with any of this? Maybe if they rewrote it as, “The Yellow Belly of Texas” then you’d have something.

Random Thought #4

I’m sure you’ve heard that bit about how animals and small children can sense things about people adults can’t. You’ve seen how your cat or baby just doesn’t like certain people. I happen to be one of those people who feel there’s a lot of truth to this theory. Well, that’s another strike for the Resident in Chief. We’ve all witnessed that animals don’t like him. Remember Liberty, the turkey? Bushie pardons the bird from getting his head lopped off and the bird goes ballistic on the Thief’s family jewels. Hilarious to be sure….but telling. Then there was that butt-kiss fest masquerading as an “interview”with Barbara Walters. During the softball question session, Shrub summons one of his dogs….who promptly runs from him. Kind of makes any animal lover go “hmmm” doesn’t it?

Random Thought #5

Hey, Georgie! Do you think you might get your Economic Stimulus Package through the Senate if it didn’t include giving millions away to corporations like Enron? I mean, haven’t they pretty much proven that they can’t handle money? I know you and Trent have been blasting Tom Daschle for not caring about the unemployed. But you know and we know that’s not true. By the way, Georgie, what did Kenny Lay get you for Christmas?

Random Thought #6

I keep hearing people in charge saying that we are under attack because of our freedom. I mean, we’re under attack because of what we have, so they say. All I’ve ever heard is the terrorists referring to America as the “head of the snake.” You mean if we give them HBO they’ll stop? No? Okay, so that’s why Ashcroft is trying to take our freedom away. So we won’t be attacked, right?

Random Thought #7

Could we please stop blaming 9/11 for everything from the economy to psoriasis? Yes, it was a horrific event that changed the lives of all of us. But the republicans are using it as an excuse to ram through legislation that was unpopular prior to the attacks. And it’s still unpopular, it’s just that fewer people are paying attention because they’re too busy buying up copies of “Patriotic Songs for Kids.” Yes, the attacks didn’t help the economy any (except for defense industries and Ashcroft’s crusade against civil liberties) but the recession started back in March according to experts. Bush and Cheney were bad mouthing the economy a month before the Supreme Court gave them a job and anybody in the market will tell you that the investment business is 75% psychology. If a big shot tells you the market’s in trouble…..well, look what happened. Besides, Bush Inc. needed the economy to tank in order to put through “Thank You Legislation” to their supporters in big business disguised as “economic stimulus.”

I saw something awhile ago that really seems to sum up how I feel.

9/11 didn’t change everything.

Bush still stole the election.

The Scalia Five still stole our vote.

The Globe is still warming.

Cheney is still an oil company whore.

Ashcroft is still a fanatic.

The rich are still getting richer.

Ari is still a smarmy liar.

“Star Wars” is still a stupid idea.

The surplus is still gone.

Houston, we have a problem.

Please won’t you take it back to Texas. It’s only been a year and just look at this mess!