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Aurora, MO--1/14/02 Geo. Dubya Bush, selected pResident of the USA today visited the small southwestern town of Aurora, Missouri where a couple of hundred (the media estimate) selected people were allowed into the grain mill to hear Geo. talk about Jobs, Farmers and Free Trade.

Jobs, he said were eliminated by September 11, blaming the millions of idle workers on the WDC Towers attack by the "evil ones" And that "we will git 'em.

And on FREE TRADE: Farmers, he said, were great at growing food and should be allowed to sell any extra food not needed in the USA. (Geo. said nothing about the opposite... you know the cheap labor and produce that will flood into the USA putting more people out of work--and among them the small farmers leaving only the corporations to grow food and name their own price. Just because the corporations hire cheap labor... doesn't mean the savings will be passed on to the American Consumer.

Earlier, there was a Republican Rally held at the Springfield Airport where Air Force One landed. Tickets were overly distributed... leaving a large crowd outside the airport hanger where Dubya addressed the crowd. (causing "an overflowing crowd of admirers!--- according to media)

Dubya was introduced by Senator "Kit" Bond and later Dubya thanked all the people who had accompanied him and/or met him at the airport... all republicans and all received applause as their names were announced..... Now, Lori Holden, the wife of our Democratic Governor Bob Holden, met Geo. Bush at the airport to give him a VIP welcome.... However, when Lori's name was mentioned by Bush... Not one person applauded... Lori was the only one who received no applause and was mentioned last.

It was Truly a Republican affair... so that means he is only Prez to Republicans. To get into the airport or the Grainery, you had to sign you name, address and phone #... so now the REpubs have a fresh list of names from which to solicit campaign funds in 2002 & 2004.

Bush received 3 days of free publicity BEFORE his visit... it will be played back this p.m. and usually REpubs receive 2 days free publicity AFTER their visit to this area.

No one knew Lori, the Governor's wife was going to be there... she was not mentioned. Discrimination in the media abounds in SW Missouri.... But don't know what to do about it!