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Hon. Charles O. Porter
132 East Broadway, Suite 314
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 687-2111

September 7, 2001

Dear Democrats.com,

My congratulations to Democrats.com for your network of 27,000 activists who are replicating Paul Revere's example of sounding the alarm.

And of course, to Vincent Bugliosi for his arousing, keen analysis of "The Betrayal of America," the title of his best selling book that is still informing Americans of the shocking and unprecedented disloyalty of five members of the United States Supreme Court last December.

Good luck in finding allies in Washington, D.C. The center of our target is the House of Representatives. It takes a majority of a quorum to send an impeachment bill over to the U.S. Senate for trial.

We're at ground zero now in that we don't have the support of even one Member of Congress at this point. I'm hoping that with Vince's help and our growing number of allies who realize that impeachment is the only process that will remove these black robed, massively misguided and morally deficient persons from their lofty offices.

The Oregon Democratic Central Committee, as you know, voted overwhelmingly last July to investigate the actions of the five felonious justices who deserve the disrespect of every American citizen.

There are encouraging events in both the States of Washington and California. The entire Pacific Coast may soon be united behind calling these disloyal justices to account for their phony opinion and injunction in Bush v. Gore.

Your efforts are extremely timely in Washington, D.C. Do confront Members of Congress and respectfully but firmly ask for their assistance or an explanation of their refusal. Of course, get them to hear Vincent speak, and read his book, first and second editions.

My persistent vision is still, speaking metaphorically, of a black powder train ignited, and then proceeding at lightning speed to illuminate the issues so that the House of Representatives and the Senate will perceive the urgency for action to rescue our Supreme Court and return it to our traditional rule of law.

I realize that I may be indulging in wishful thinking. If I am, I know you agree with me that our allies are ready and willing to devote to whatever time it takes to preserve the rule of law for which our revolutionary forefathers fought so devotedly. Bush v. Gore is, no matter what Justice Scalia wrote in the opinion, a precedent that will be used at future elections for more serious harm.

We must and we can win. The sooner the better.

Charles O. Porter
Former Member of Congress