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August 16, 2001

I sit in the federal prison in San Juan, Puerto Rico serving 20 days. Others of us are serving 30, 40, 60, 90 and up to 120, days for a class B misdemeanor. Most of us are first-time offenders in violating any kind of laws in our lifetimes.

We¹ve tried to peacefully bring awareness and the stoppage of the bombings on the island of Vieques. Today I have read an article printed in the Dallas Morning News by G. Robert Hillman quoting a political analyst, Charles Cook, stating "What do Mexican-American voters care whether the Navy bombs the hell out of a beach in Puerto Rico? The answer is, not in the least."

That statement leads me to believe that Mr. Cook thinks that Mexican-Americans and other cultures on our planet don¹t care about innocent children dying at a 40% higher mortality rate because of the mistaken use of depleted uranium bombs along with other deadly chemical pollutants which derive from the bombings of the small inhabited island.

I believe the president of Mexico, the presidents of Latin-America and other leaders of the world know and feel that this is something that should be stopped. There are plenty of places on this earth where the US navy can practice its military maneuvers that are uninhabited. I pray they find one soon. They¹ve had sixty years to find one and they still continue to use the inhabited precious island of Vieques.

While I'm unavailable for interviews until after the 26th, my good friend Dennis Rivera, President of Local 1199 in New York would be an excellent interview. You may contact him at is 212-261-2461. Carla Verdecias is his assistant. Dennis just got out from serving 30 days for the same offense.

Please help resolve this situation by running my short statement and the information below.

Thank you,

Edward James Olmos

Act Now!

Tell the U.S. government that bombing an inhabited island for practice is obscene. Get the Navy out of Vieques.

President George Bush
202-456-1414 or
202-456-2461 fax
e-mail: president@whitehouse.gov
Attn: Chief of Staff Andrew Card.
Web: www.whitehouse.gov

Vice-President Dick Cheney
202-456-1414 or
202-456-2461 fax
Web: www.whitehouse.gov

Your Congresspersons
Phone, fax, email info at
Web: www.congress.org

Note: E-mails are okay, but faxes and phone calls are most effective.

Demand a Healthy Vieques. 1-888-422-8737 Toll Free

Call the Surgeon General of the United States, and demand to know why the U.S. Navy is renewing (inert) bombing without an assessment of the clear risk to human health.

Even inert bombs and shells hitting the soil reintroduce depleted uranium, lead, and other hazardous materials into the air. Inert bombs also detonate unexploded bombs, releasing far more poisons.

The U.S. Department of Energy officials on January 29, 2000 acknowledged that employees of their facilities exposed to depleted uranium had significantly higher incident rates for leukemia; Hodgkin¹s lymphoma; and cancers of the prostrate, kidney, liver, salivary glands, and lungs. Previous announcements acknowledged respiratory problems at the Paducah, Kentucky facility. The release of lead into the environment causes mental retardation in children and other health problems.

The U.S. Public Health Service would NEVER allow soil disturbance in such a toxic area in North America. Do not let them apply a lesser standard to the people of Vieques.

We ask that you do three things:
*Stop bombing immediately
*Release all Non-violent civil disobedient prisoners immediately.