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The Idol In The Bush Administration's Closet
Carolyn Hachquet

One of the most interesting facts about George W. Bush is his fetish for spending millions of the taxpayers' hard-earned dollars to travel. In my estimation this man has spent less time in the White House than any of our former such officials. Since it takes huge amounts of money to operate Air Force One, not to mention hotel expenses, security and such, this has caused the majority in America to wonder if he can only sleep when he has placed himself in a position that makes him feel closer to what he considers as god.

I suspect now that the Bush Administration's "drop in the bucket" tax rebate checks are being mailed, with millions of Americans receiving letters telling them they are not "eligible" for this tiny refund, the Bush fetish for flying all around the country has even more to do with dodging the truth of his actions. It is a well known fact the George is a low energy person and even the biased media in America has began picking up on just how low that level has become. So perhaps the massive amount of traveling that George is doing has to do with the massive amount of rest needed by this poor old man.

On the other hand, those in the know have began to wonder if George and his henchmen spend so much of their time flying around so they can be close to the "secret closet" that holds their idols. Especially since it is also a well known fact that the Bush Administration's idols include their god of money and profit almost exclusively, with a few side gods they have aptly named god of total power over the people, god of environmental destruction, god of destruction of women's rights, god of destruction of First Amendment Rights, god of destruction of religious rights in America, god of impending war and god of destruction of the little people in America.

But don't think it stops there! They have a well-deceived army behind their movement that prefers to be called the Christian Conservative Coalition. Most Americans find themselves having serious doubts that these people are sincere in their belief that the Bush Administration is doing the right thing for America. Those doubts arise when a republican learns that any person is not a republican and proceeds to ask in a "most" condescending manner if they are a Christian.

At these times most Americans are seized with an uncontrollable urge to laugh in their face. This is not because we do not feel compassion for these blinded ones who can only link their political party to Christianity and their gods. After all, many Americans have always considered themselves a "real" Christian Compassionate Conservative until they learned how these terms were being defined by the Bush Administration.

The moment most Americans discovered that to be a Christian Compassionate Conservative you had to worship money and power - to the point of the destruction of those you considered beneath your status and including the destruction of the very earth that sustains our life - they decided they didn't fit the Republican bill. Especially since all this was being done in the name of God. Not one of their gods. But the real one who holds every living being responsible for their deeds or misdeeds!

Even more doubts arise when we see the effects that the Bush Administration's decisions have on our brothers and sisters in countries around the world. Since war has notoriously been a Republican fix for a lagging economy, not to mention a proven "thinner" of the population, we do not have to wonder at where these negative Bush Administration actions are headed.

Americans find themselves wondering, not "if", but how this army of Christian Compassionate Conservatives would react if they had to provide the money to care for the majority of elderly Americans after the Bush Administration had high rolled Social Security and lost. Would they just shoot everyone who couldn't support themselves in the name of God to put them out of their agony?

Is it possible that these Christian Compassionate Conservatives would find it easy to feed every starving child that was born in America, or provide that child's parents with even the most meager form of existence including a home, food, jobs, transportation or guarantee the child could be raised in a two parent family? If that were possible then we have to ask, "why, with the millions of dollars that are sent to Christian Organizations monthly, do we still have homeless and hungry people? Why do we still have children who have not been adopted?"

Those who believe that women who have an abortion do so only for selfish reasons are truly blind. Many women make their decision after hearing the horror stories of the millions of children who grow up with the emotional damage inflicted by being raised in an orphanage or by those foster parents who are only in the game for the money. Perhaps they are emotionally damaged themselves for such an experience. They see mothers who have kept their children, living on the streets with those children or in an apparent futile struggle to give them some means of a normal life. These mothers-to-be see television ads with sad eyed children who have waited patiently for years as they plead their case to be given a loving home. These are the children who for one inept reason or another were not as acceptable as those already adopted. Not many truly loving mothers are willing to place the fate of their unborn child in the hands of such ungodly sadness.

So, let's see! What is wrong with this picture? We have noticed that these Christian Conservative Organizations have built much larger, fancier churches, theme parks, media centers and such which apparently moves them ever closer to their gods. The millions made from these ventures are spent monthly in all forms of media "get the word of God" out to the masses which includes a "send us your money if you want to help God" message. Yet we have homeless, hungry and children who are not adopted in America.

According to the Bible, Jesus did not allow the masses that followed him to go hungry. The Bush Administration's plan to turn over even more of Americans hard-earned money to these people is reminiscent of our biblical fore-fathers who believed if they built a tower high enough it would put them in closer communication with God. If you have read your Bible, you will most certainly remember the one I am talking about! It was eventually called the Tower of Babel!

The masses of people in America who are termed "less fortunate" are the exact same people whose fate the Bush Administration plans to place in the hands of the Conservative Christian Organizations. Are we to believe that miraculously overnight these Christian Conservative Organizations are going to lose their interest in the big business of making millions of dollars and turn their full attention to the "less fortunate" in America?

It makes one wonder what the outcome would have been in America if every penny of the millions spent by the Conservative Christian Organizations to date had been channeled into the support of the less fortunate for housing, food, education and such. It is possible - in fact, quite possible - if this had occurred there would be no need for abortion, adoption, hunger or homelessness in America!