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A group of activist Democratic artists has organized a series of art exhibitions on the election and Bush Agenda called Counting Coup.

This exhibition was inaugurated on January 20th at the Scott Pfaffman Gallery, 35 E.1st St in New York City, and has been on exhibit continuously since then in different venues in New York. It can currently be seen in an abridged format at the entrance of the TNC Gallery, 155 First Ave, New York, until June 30th.

The artists currently on exhibit include famous artists such as Barbara Kruger, Leon Golub, Tom Otterness, the Guerilla Girls, and Dread Scott, plus many not so well known but excellent artists in different media. The work in the exhibition varies from traditional figurative painting, to sculpture and conceptual installations. The content of the show varies from pointed political barbs to veiled and personal references, which show a wide-ranging, freewheeling, and fun approach to a show on such an important theme.

The organizers are committed to putting this exhibition up in as many galleries, museums, and exhibition space that will have the political courage to show it. Collectively, they have a long history of exhibition, curation and political activism in the art community. They are Frank Shifreen, artist, teacher, and doctoral candidate at Columbia University, Dr. Alan Moore, Art Historian, Scott Pfaffman, Stefan Eins and Aki Kimoto

The NextMuseum, a part of MONA, The Museum of New Art, in Detroit has agreed in principle to hold a version of the exhibition at the end of the year. It will be one of the first exhibitions at the Museum, which officially opens on Sept 25th. Other galleries that have agreed to host the show are Art Consortium Gallery, Portland ME (Aug 3-Sept 7), Open Space Gallery, Allentown PA (Oct 30th -Nov 19th), and Center for Cultural Change, Northampton MA (TBA). The show is featured on the website of the Digital Museum (www.thedigitalmuseum.org).

The organizers are looking for more work from artists and further venues from sympathetic galleries. Clarence Thomas declared that there is a cultural war, that conservatives are fighting, obviously to abridge our freedoms and block innovative answers to the problems that face America. Through the focus on image as opposed to language, art can make important points succinctly. This exhibition is meant to advance the cause of democracy. We hope to make a case that art can have a direct effect on the world, with the power of vision, clarity of purpose, that other media cannot.

For more information contact: Frank Shifreen, fshifreen@mindspring.com