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ELECTION 2000: Where Do We Go From Here? Our Readers Speak Out

Well here we are. It's been six months since inauguration day and we still have a destructive "pretender" on the throne. It wouldn't be so bad if he was just sitting there, feeling smug that he got away with it all. But instead, he is moving ahead full steam to dismantle the America we know and value - the America which has, against discouraging odds at times, struggled to create a true democracy, to foster civil rights for all, and to protect and conserve its incredible natural resources. This man STOLE an election, using the highest court in our land to achieve his goal. Do you think America should just wait out the four years or do you think action must be taken to remedy this crime? Afterall, we don't allow bankrobbers to just keep the cash and go home with our blessing once we've caught them.

Tell us what YOU think should happen now. In the coming days, we will run all of the letters we receive.
Send your comments to: bustingout2001@hotmail.com

We'll Get Over It Only After Justice Has Been Served!

(This letter was also sent to the San Fran Chronicle)

In an article in the June 2 issue of the Chronicle (an editorial entitled "Bush's Photo-op Stop"), the writer stated, "Look, it's time for those who want to contest the result to get over it - George W. Bush is president." Well, I am sure I won't be the only one to take the writer to task for this statement. It is ridiculous to suggest that we need to "get over" the crimes against our government when the perpetrators are still getting rewarded for having committed them. To be commanded to get over it is tantamount to telling the IRS to "get over" income tax evaders because they already have their illegally taxed assets. If your child were kidnapped, would you "get over it" because the kidnaper now has custody? If Iraq rolled its tanks into Kuwait would you "get over it? because they now control the territory? How can we "get over it" when there are individuals such as the author of the Chronicle piece who still don't even "get it?"

Mickey Rowe, San Francisco

George Carlin's Vision of an America after Four Years of Bush

This poem by George Carlin was sent to us by David Adam in Baltimore


Oh beautiful for smoggy skies,
Insecticided grain,
Strip-mined mountains [MAJESTIE]
Above the asphalt plains

America, America!
Man sheds his waste on thee
And hides the pines
With billboard signs
From sea to oily sea!

The U.S. Constitution Has Been Violated!

This reader wrote in response to our "suggested reading": an article by Constitutional law expert David Kairys in the June forum of "The Jurist." Kairys says a Constitutional crisis did indeed occur when the Supreme Court overstepped its authority and that the event must be addressed, not ignored. See http://jurist.law.pitt.edu/forumnew23.htm

I completely agree that this event has been totally overlooked and most likely even "suppressed" - when it was such a monumental act of partisanship and the most undemocratic thing that the world's most successful democracy has ever done. It would be different if it had been liberals who handed the presidency to Fore...then it would not have been forgotten, but would have exploded instead! There should be impeachment and disbarrment for all involved: Bush and the five guilty justices of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). SCOTUS has completely compromised their credibility and everything this country was created for in this one act of violence. Yes, it was, and continues to be, a violent act, and the fact that it is being ignored isd scary and sad.

Jeffrey D. Zacko-Smith

Two Point Plan Calls for Election Reform, Investigation of Supreme Court Justices

First, we need an amendment guaranteeing the right to vote and requiring the president to be chosedn by election. As of now, the states each decide how they will choose the electors who then vote for president. All fifty states use popular election, but there is no requirement to do so. Last year, I would have said an amendment like this is unnecessary, since America would rise up in arms if any state tried to change this, but now we all know botter. To protect even more erosion of rights, we should pass an amendment requiring elections for president. And for senat, too, come to think of it.

Second, we should start a petition to force the Senate to investigate the conflict of interest of Scalia and Thomas in Bush V. Gore. There is already a petition circulating calling for the disbarrment of Scalia, Thomas, and O'Conner, but it will do no good, and the case against O'Conner is based on a comment overheard at a party. Scalia's conflict of interest is greatest, and goes beyond partisan concerns, since he had two sons who would directly benefic financially from his decision and since one of his sons would have had inside knowledge of the case. He should have recused himself. An investigation would raise awareness of this conflict, and, perhaps, give the public a direction to focus their anger.

Joseph B. Comstock, from the Former Republic of the United States, who adds "Mad at Bush? Tell him: (202)456-1414"

Where Is the National Shame?

I am extremely concerned about the degradation of the Supreme Court, now being paid off in patronage after the election, just like another contributor. This quid pro quo should be investigated and analyzed and steps taken to ensure that political hacks and segregationists, sexual abusers, etc. are never appointed again. This is the most crticial issue of all. Where is the national shame?

M. Iovino

Court Tripped On Robes Too Big For Them

The Supreme Court clearly stole the election for George W. Bush. There should definitely be hearings into the law and their interpretation of it. They have tripped on their robes on this one, and it should be exposed for history if nothing else.

Joyn Coyne

Justices Should Be Tried for Treason

Impeachment is only the first step in the process. Once they are removed from the high bench, then they may be tried and convicted of the treasons committed. And we all know what the penalties for treason entail!

Cactuspat, Tallahassee, FL

Demand an Investigation!

We must immediately launch an independent council investigation into the election. How about Janet Reno as the independent council. She'll tell the truth, and then let's impeach Shrub and throw out the Supreme Court. It's time for a revolution!

Maurice R. Mizrahi

What "Busting Out" Means to Me

We are never going to return to a democratic government until the Supreme Court is held accountable, by condemning their decision in the appointment of Bush. Our lawmakers need a forceful reminder that we have unfinished business in Florida. We need to reference the existing presidency as President Gore's hopeful imposter. Difficult but necessary: Justices must be elected so they will know where their bread is being buttered.

Vincent Franco, Long Island, NY

Listening for the Outcry that Never Came

I listened hard but I did not hear an outcry from the elected Democrats at the Supreme Court decision. I listened hard but I did not hear an outcry from my Senator Graham when the Gucci Gestapo invaded Miami (thank God for the So. FLA Dem Reps. for crying out!). I listened hard but I did not hear the Dem leadership crying never on Ted Olson. I am listening hard, but I do not hear any cry from the Dem leadership to investigate the WH trashing allegations (anything that Dan Burton wouldn't investigate has to be a gold mine for the Dems). The Mexicans would say they have no huevos.

As long as the Democrats operate under the assumption that an election, not a coup, took place, they will be willing victims to their own demise. Coups are not staged to be temporary. All they have to do is listen to the right wing talk shows to learn the plot: A Republic is not a democracy. Moves in the state legistlatures to increase electoral votes for the GOP and decrease them for the Dems. A Supreme Court that will support, as they did in Bush V Gore the rights of the State Legislatures. A steady and on-going letter writing campaign to repeat lies and distortions and to attack viciously and with as much vitriol as possible the liberals and those who don't agree with them. We sites such as FreeRepublic that allow for all sorts of right wing insanity. Legitimate sites such as National Review that allow a columnist (Derbyshire) to launch an outrageous attack on Chelsea Clinton, almost inviting some right wing nut (who are all, of course, well-armed) to knock her off. One could go on and on.

The Democrats are behaving like the German Socialists in 1933, assuming "This too shall pass." The hell it will! It didn't in 1933 and it won't know. Forget gun control! We're going to need them!

R. E. Reynolds, Istachatta, FL

"Getting Over It" Means Hello to Fourth Reich

The majority of American voters know we have had a Constitutional crisis and have been waiting for our representatives to have hearings, investigate, and impeach as most likely needed. The people feel powerless and the mass media spins their Bush brainwash, which is just a continuation of the lies and deceit that happened in Florida. The mass media's stake in the "cover up" is the monopoly they will be allowed to have of all forms of media in any area. Greed versus the common good, even their own. If we let this go, we can say hello to the coming Fourth Reich!!


It's Hard to Tell Which Crime Is Worst

I can't decide which crime is worse: The activist ultra-right Supreme Court's subversion of our Constitution; the hypocrisy and fascist actions of the current administration; the media's spineless collusion, or the apathy of so many Americans.

We're told to get over it. Okay, if we "get over it," will the 50,996,039 (48.38%) cast for Gore over the 50,456,141 votes (47.87%) cast for Bush then count? Will the black-robed inquisitors and the Bush administration disintegrate? Will Americans begin paying attention to what is really going on and start making a loud noise before they're completely enslaved? If getting over it will do that, then I'll get over it...but not until.

I say investigate, expose, and punish the criminals who are twisting Democracy into something unrecognizable from European history.

Gayle Renolds, Bowling Green, KY

Throw the Bums Out!

I think Bush and the Justices should be thrown out of office! If you rob a bank, they don't say forget it. Why when we have a corrupt election do they say it's OK, wait until next time?


The Whole Thing Reeks of Illegality

When the Judicial Branch of the government chose the Executive Branch, it was clearly unconstitutional. From everything I've read (not being a legal scholar), the whole thing reeked of illegality. We cannot get over it. We must stay angry! That's how we are going to change things in the next election. Not only should we not get over it, we need to make sure more and more people are reminded so they don't forget, either. This was a travesty. And it happened in what is touted to be the pillar of democracy in the world...a stolen election! There's a half-hour documentary aired by Free Speech TV (FSTV) called "Bushwhacked." It reminds us to stay angry, and we must. This isn't just some minor political fiasco. Using the Supremes amidst conflicts of interest to select the president cannot be ignored. Charges need to be brought. So where is the leadership to do this? Why are we letting this sham go on? Where is all the righteous indignation that attacked the Clinton administration for 8 years? He couldn't pass gas without being investigated. Don't Americans understand what happened here? Why aren't they rioting in the streets?

Joy Hyde Fiore

Impeach the Five Justices

I think the five justices on the Supreme Court who blocked the recounts in Florida should be impeached. They have shamed the American people. We are outraged! Bush is not our president. He should resign. Gore won the election & he should be in the White House now! I will never accept Bush as my president. I am ashamed of my country these days. The judges should have to account for what they hve done to this country. Until this is done, the Supreme Court will never be respected by us anymore.


Bush Is Thief, Liar and Criminal

It takes not brains to realize the Unites States suffered a coup in December. We do not have a president, we have a THIEF and a LIAR and a CRIMINAL. We do not have enough justices to constitute a Supreme Court, we have only four. The other five are thieves who lie to themselves about whether they should recuse themselves from appointing a fraud to the presidency, and who rubber stamped a criminal. These five are criminals themselves. There's no question of "getting over it." Our democracy has been hijacked, our country has been stolen, and the thieves are using OUR country for THEIR benefit.


Annette Duffy Odell, PAcific Palisades, CA

Solution is Simple: Prosecute!

Let's do something reactionary; namely, assert that this is a nation of law and principle. What does one do about any crime? Prosecute it.

R. Weinstein, Seattle, WA

December 9, 2000 Will Live in Infamy

Yes! Please do everything possible to encourage our US Senate to investigate and hold public hearings on the subservion of our Constitution and our democracy which occurred in Nov/Dec 2000. We right now sit in a Constitutional crisis, where the executive branch of government has been installed by the judicial branch of government. Yet, the legislative branch (House and Senate) are expected to work within this crippled framework of our government.

December 9, 2000, is a day which will live in infamy - the day that the US Supreme Court stopped the counting of American citizens' votes, overruling a state's right to do so. Ted Olson and James Baker perjured themselves before the Florida courts and the US Supreme Court by repeatedly stating that all of the Florida votes had been automatically recounted the day after the election, as required by Florida law. It is on the court records. Both men know at the time (or should have known, given the magnitude of their statements) that roughly 1/3 of Florida's counties had not even done the statutorily required automatic machine recount the next day - and to this date, those counties still have not done so.

The Republicans had not reservations about holding hearings and even going to the level of impeachment proceedings concerning accusations re: Clinton's sex life. This was penny-ante stuff, and the whole world knew it. What Bush and his minions have done is monumental and must not simply be swept under the rug.

The Senate investigation should begin immediately and work toward recommendations for a remedy to the situation.

Diane Igem

Supreme Court's Actions Constitute a High Crime

Anyone with any knowledge of the Constitution knows that what the majority of the Supreme Court did in Bush V Gore was unconstitutional. With full knowledge that the conservative Republicans controlled the Senate, the conservative judges selected a conservative president who in turn will fill upcoming vacancies on the court. This is clear violation of not only the court's mandate to remain out of partisan politics (given to the court by the authors of the Constitution), but also of the spearation of powers built into the Constitution. Thus, their actions constitute a high crime as defined by the Constitution's authors (any political crime that subverts the fair and legal operation of the government) and is deserving of at least impeachment.

Sondra Cosgrove, Nevada

Impeach the 5

Investigate and then impeach the 5 on the Supreme Court.

Audrey Schildwachter

Impeach the Rehnquist Five!

To Whom It May Concern:

The fact that the Supreme Court even agreed to hear Bush V Gore evidences its disregard for the U.S. Constitution. Their actions in the case represent nothing less, and perhaps more, than SEDITION. I demand the impeachment of, and criminal proceedings against, the Rehnquist Five.

VERY Sincerely,
William Wilgus
The Public Cause Network, Silver Springs, FLA (http:/www.thepubliccause.net)

Democrats Guilty in Bush Coup Through Their Inaction

The five crooks on the Supreme Court should be impeached. Could Ralph Nader be correct when he said there wasn't much difference between Democrats and Republicans - thus accounting for no action by the Democrats re: A) the appointment of Bush as president by the 5 "Boneheads" on the Supreme Court, B) the actions of Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush re: the inconsistencies in Florida, C) the erection of road blocks in FLA for black precincts, D) the tampering of absentee ballots by the Republicans (who were permitted to fill in any blacks which were omitted by the voter) when the Democrats were refused the same priviledge...with all this in mind, why didn't the Democrats fight on - particularly Gore, who had the most to lose - or at least start legal proceedings now. It is mind-boggling that the United States of America would permit this criminal injustice to occur and worst of all to live with it like nothing happened. A Banana republic would do better than that! Surely some great legal minds out there will help to bring these scriminals to justice soon. It's never too late - I'm surprised it hasn't happened already. I'm also surprised that the "liberal press" has never touched the issue, which leads me to believe someone is muzzling them. Geraldo Rivera was very gutsy in most issues in the past, but is taboo on all matters pertaining to the election fraud, which leads me to believe someone is muzzling the press and free speech. Amazing!

Colette Miller, Florida

Investigate Supreme Court and Thug DeLay, Educate American Public

It seems to me that there are three necessary steps to make America a democracy again:

1. A full-scale investigation, perhaps through the impeachment provisions, of the U.S. Supreme Court which, for the first time in U.S. history, appears to have illegally interjected itself into the political process, and which overturned the results of a U.S. Presidential election.

2. A full-scale investigation of Tom DeLay and his political thugs, who used public employees to successfully intimidate election workers in Miami-Dade from completeing a full, fair count of presidential votes. If the Democrats had done such a thing, there would be 15 simultaneous investigations occurring at virtually every level of government, with impeachment charges having already been introduced and acted upon in record time. Why the cover-up of DeLay's misuse of public employees to bring a premature end to the vote count process?

3. An ongoing public education campaign to remind Americans at every opportunity that:
a)Last year's so-called "presidential election" was a farce as bad, if not worse, than similar scams of elections held in Third World countires.
b) George W. Bush was not "elected" and is, therefore, illegitimate, having stolen the office of president with the help of his corrupt friends and family.
c) That Al Gore is the true, duly elected President of the U.S., who should be reelected in 2004. His campaign theme: "Re-elect Gore in 2004: And Don't Let Them Steal It, This Time!"

W. Dean Rath, Syracuse, NY

Invalidate the Election and Start Over If Need Be

I think that by denying a recount of all the votes, and by refusing to investigate the systemic disenfranchisement of minority voters, that the Supreme Court justices violated their oath of office to uphold law. So, whatever the legal recourse is for justices that violate their oath of office, it should be initiated. As for President Bush, I would stand the ground that impeachement is in order in that the election became invalid once recounts were not allowed due to his request. He chose to invalidate Florida state law, if not federal election law, and should be made to suffer the consequences. If this election is allowed to stand, then it seems that a race to the bottom for dirty tricks in upcoming campaigns is inevitable. The election was not legal. Invalidate the election and start over if need be.