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What is that Giant Sucking Sound?

By David Lytel

Ross Perot promised us that NAFTA would produce a “giant sucking sound” of jobs moving to Mexico. Well it turns out that the sound and the direction are about right, but the source is Dick Cheney embarassing all of us by sucking up to his titular superior and intellectual inferior, George W. Bush. Watching Cheney try to make us believe that George W. Bush is qualified to be president of the United States is one of those awful vulgar spectacles that you can’t help but watch, even though it makes you squirm.

A far more interesting debate last night would have been between George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, who obviously does not have to pull a few carefully rehearsed lines from his memory when asked about urgent matters of public policy. Now here is a man who could actually defend Bush’s regressive tax and budgetary priorities, and do it better than Bush himself. Too bad for Cheney that campaigning is so unlike giving a Pentagon briefing.

Among the debate’s low points surely was the accusation by Cheney that the Democrats produced the partisan vitriol that has clouded Washington. For the record, the nation has suffered partisan gridlock and chaos during the 6 of the past 8 years in which his party has controlled the Congress. The real reason there has been little accomplished on health care and other social issues is that the Republican majority preferred its game of chicken over the federal budget and the impeachment imbroglio to actually governing the country.

Senator Lieberman was positive and upbeat and he no doubt met a few people last night who hadn’t seen him before. The conclusion many people are reaching today is that the country would be in good hands if Joe Lieberman had to take the helm, and that the Republican ticket is as inverted as the party’s policies.