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UNFIT TO COMMAND US INTELLIGENCE: An Assortment of Story Summaries from the Democrats.com Archive on Porter Goss from 2002-2004

Why Did 9-11 Financier Gen. Ahmed Meet with US Intelligence Committee Chairs (Porter Goss) on 9-11?

13-Aug-03 September 11 CoverupMichel Chossudovsky writes, "While the Washington Post scores in on the 'notoriously close' links between Gen. Ahmed and Osama bin Laden, it fails to dwell on the more important question: what were Rep. Porter Goss and Senator Bob Graham and other members of the Senate and House intelligence committees doing together with the alleged 9/11 'money-man' at breakfast on the morning of 9/11? In other words, the Washington Post report does not go one inch further in begging the real question: Was this mysterious breakfast venue a 'political lapse', an intelligence failure or something far more serious? How come the very same individuals (Goss and Graham) who had developed a personal rapport with Gen. Ahmed, had been entrusted under the joint committee inquiry 'to reveal the truth on 9-11.'"

Was Porter Goss a CIA Assassin?

Porter Goss"The MadCow Morning News has learned that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Republican Porter J Goss of Sanibel Island Florida is a previously undisclosed member of the secret society 'Book & Snake' at Yale. President George W Bush's nominee to head the nation's flagship intelligence agency also appears to be visible in a photograph taken in 1963 in a Mexico City nightclub of members of the CIA's secret assassination squad known as 'Operation Forty.' The twin discoveries come as news reports indicate that Democrats have decided not to make a serious issue of Goss's appointment. The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee [Jane Harman] went so far as to warn fellow Democrats Sunday against trying to block the nomination... No questions have yet been raised about the propriety of confirming as CIA Director someone who may have belonged to an assassination squad which was reportedly a joint collaboration between the CIA and the Mob."

Porter Goss Tells Michael Moore - ON FILM - He is Not Qualified to Work for the CIA

Michael MooreReuters: "Porter Goss, Bush's nominee for CIA director, could be his own worst enemy when it comes to making the case that he deserves to lead the U.S. intelligence agency. 'I couldn't get a job with CIA today. I am not qualified,' Goss told Michael Moore's production company during the filming of the anti-Bush movie 'Fahrenheit 9/11.' A day after Bush picked Goss for the top U.S. spy job, Moore released an excerpt from a March 3 interview in which Goss recounts his lack of qualifications for employment as a modern CIA staffer. 'I don't have the language skills. I, you know, my language skills were romance languages and stuff. We're looking for Arabists today. I don't have the cultural background probably,' Goss is quoted in an interview transcript. And I certainly don't have the technical skills, uh, as my children remind me every day: 'Dad you got to get better on your computer.' Uh, so, the things that you need to have, I don't have.' "

Former CIA Analyst Says Porter Goss Nothing but a Bush-Cheney Puppet,

Bush DictatorshipFormer CIA Analyst Ray McGovern writes: "Appointing Goss would administer the coup de grace to intelligence analysts trying to survive while still speaking truth without fear or favor. The only saving grace for them would be the likelihood that they would be spared 'multiple visits' by Cheney to the inner sanctum where it used to be possible to produce unvarnished analysis without vice presidents and other policy makers looking over their shoulders to ensure they 'had thought of everything.' Goss, who has a long history of subservience to Cheney, could be counted upon to play the Cheney/Gingrich/et al. role himself. Goss would be more discreet in showing his hand, but his appointment as director would be the ultimate in politicization. He has long shown himself to be under the spell of Vice President Dick Cheney, and would likely report primarily to him and to White House political adviser Karl Rove rather than to National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice."

Porter Goss is an Extreme Rightwinger Who Supports the Bushcroft Vision of the US

Here's a letter from a concerned citizen to FLA Sen. Bill Nelson, Goss is a FLA Rep.):"Please oppose Porter Goss for CIA director. I live in his district. I live in Naples and he has without exception voted the Republican party line in congress. He attacked Senator Kerry's candidacy. He's been an extreme right-wing republican who's played politics every chance he could. He voted FOR a constitutional amendment to make flag burning illegal and he's voted the far right-wing Republican position every single chance he's had. I believe the CIA director should be as unpolitical as possible and Goss does not fit that criterion." Can you imagine having as America's top intelligence official a man who supports the Ashcroft-Bush vision, who believes that burning the flag in protest is an act of terrorism?! SCARY!

Cheney Cat's Paw, Porter Goss, as CIA Director?

Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern writes: "There is, thankfully, a remnant of CIA professionals who still put objective analysis above political correctness and career advancement. Just when they thought there were no indignities left for them to suffer, they are shuddering again at press reports that Rep. Porter Goss (R-FL) may soon be their new boss. That possibility conjures up a painful flashback for those of us who served as CIA analysts when Richard Nixon was president. Chalk it up to our naivete' but we were taken aback when swashbuckling James Schlesinger, who followed Richard Helms as CIA director, announced on arrival, 'I am here to see that you guys don't screw Richard Nixon!'... [Goss] has long shown himself to be under the spell of Vice President Dick Cheney, and would likely report primarily to him and to White House political adviser Karl Rove rather than to National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice."

What Did Bob Graham and Porter Goss Know on 911?

September 11 ExposesThe NY Times reports, "Early on Sept. 11, Senator Bob Graham and Representative Porter J. Goss were having a quiet breakfast meeting in the Capitol with the chief of Pakistani intelligence, Lt. Gen. Mehmood Ahmed. Mr. Graham and Mr. Goss, the chairmen of the two Congressional intelligence committees, were quizzing their guest about Osama bin Laden and other issues when an aide to Mr. Goss rushed in with a note. A plane had just hit the World Trade Center." At the time, Ahmed was aware that 911 mastermind Mohamed Atta had received a $100,000 wire transfer from Ahmad Omar Sheikh, who is personally close to Gen. Ahmed. Did Ahmed "share" this information with Graham and Goss, or with other top CIA and Bush administration officials with whom he met during his visit to DC? Who investigates the investigators?

'Tricky Dick' Cheney Blocks 911 Investigation: 'The Less the World Knows, the Better'

Newsweek.com reports: "Dick Cheney played a behind-the-scenes role last week in derailing an agreement to create an independent commission to investigate the 9-11 attacks. Last month the White House endorsed the formation of the panel. But Thursday, hours after congressional negotiators hailed a final deal over the scope and powers of a 9-11 panel, Cheney called House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Porter Goss (R-FL)...Cheney strongly opposes the idea of any independent body's poking into the White House's conduct. He has repeatedly objected to efforts by a separate joint-intelligence-committee inquiry to obtain documents and interview key witnesses, including an FBI informant who lived with two of the 9-11 hijackers. Bush officials insist the VP's stand is based on 'principle,' not fear of embarrassments. Even some congressional critics tend to agree. 'There's just this general philosophical orientation that the less the world knows, the better,' says one GOP staffer."

Chair of GOP 'Intelligence' Committee Trashes FBI's Competence to Cover-up Bush's Failure to Protect America

How low can you go? No doubt in the coming days we're gonna find out, as the GOP drones defensively circle the Bush adminstration wasp's nest and start frantically stinging! But here's a first sample of their stings. Rep. Porter Goss (R-FL), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, tells FAUX news (why does that choice of outlets not surprise anyone?) that the missed warnings were all just FBI "inexperience" in domestic terrorism. Goss thinks the FBI is currently incapable of doing the intelligence work needed to fight domestic terrorism. "I think they've got to go through a big learning curve, a lot of readjustment," Goss said. In the same interview Goss added: "We're going to hear a lot more about that in the days ahead." Yeah, Porter, we sure will. Just like we're gonna hear a lot less about Bush & Co's incompetence, too, as you Repugs get out your big ole brooms and start sweepin'!