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MEDIA METER SPECIAL: Thumbnail Overview of Corporate Media Coverage of the NYC Protests

SURVEY OF ONLINE CORPORATE NEWS (Survey made between 6:30- 7:30 PM Sunday evening, August 29), with grades A thru F.


What can you expect? NPR is now part of the military-industrial complex, sponsored as it is by many of the corporations that stand to gain most by Bush and his endless war. The P in NPR no longer stands for "Public" - it stands for Propaganda. So we were hardly surprised to see the NYC event dismissed as "scores" of protestors (LOL!). This was the ENTIRETY of what appeared on their main page at 7:10 pm: "With the Republican National Convention set to begin Monday, scores of protesters descend on New York City to demonstrate against GOP policies. Thousands of reproductive rights activists crossed the Brooklyn Bridge Saturday before rallying at City Hall. NPRs Margot Adler reports." The accompanying photo shows what looks like a scant handful of people on the Brooklyn bridge. They got a worse score than MSNBC because lying is even worse than no coverage at all.

MSNBC.com: F

MSNBC had a COMPLETE BLACKOUT. As of 7:00 Pm, the main page was topped with an overblown photo Bush with the headline: "GUT PLAYER: What you see is what you get" followed by the subhead: "Complete coverage of the GOP convention." But what can anyone expect, NBC is part of the military-industrial complex. In a just and honest media world,. NBC would not be allowed to report on Washington at all due to the flagrant conflict of interest this represents.

FOX.com: D

This article amounts to a Bait and Switch deception. On the main page there's this headline:: "Protests Greet GOP" . But when you click on the story, you discover that that the protests are hardly mentioned, except to be dismissed as "tens of thousands" (it was actually hundreds of thousands). The rest of the story is a gushing rundown of the Republican Convention and its events and participints.

CNN.com: B-

CNN upgraded its story and presentation between 6:30 and 7:20 Pm. The story headlined the newspage: "GOP convention protest covers miles of New York". The subhead says " Police arrest 60; Bloomberg: Marchers 'behaved responsibly." Before upgrade, the subhead only referred to the arrests (a skew). The article is relatively fair, but tones down the general mood of the protests (enraged at Bush) and makes it seem like mostly an anti-war demonstration.

AOL.com: Bt

Incredibly enough, AOL tied with CBS for the fairest coverage (at least as of 7:00 pm), if you excuse the inaccurate, scope-diminishing headline (Thousands [intead of tens of thousands] of Demonstrators Hit NYC Streets). It included a very fair representation of what was going on and that this was no mere anti-war protest. This article, was - gasp! - actually from AP. Maybe they have gotten the message: America wants REAL NEWS! Kudos to the writers, Tom Hays, Richard Pyle and Michael Weissenstein, who captured the feeling of protestors quite well.

CBS.com: A-

CBS, which used the same AP story as AOL, gets extra credit for its selection of photos, which accurately depicted protestors (no FOX-ish shots of purple-haired, hobnailed leather collar types). We were surprised by CBS's good showing because it has in recent weeks rivaled FOX in its pro-Bushy propaganda, at least on the Nightly News.