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Questions the U.S. News Media Refuses to Ask about the Stolen Florida Election
Bob Fertik

It has been months since the U.S. Supreme Court violated all principles of law and stopped the counting of votes in Florida in order to declare George W. Bush the President of the United States.

With the passage of time, we have learned many details about how Bush "won" Florida, although a clear majority of Florida's voters intended to - and thought they did - vote for Al Gore.

Unfortunately, almost none of these details have been provided to the American public by the mainstream American media. Instead, outraged Americans have been forced to rely on web sites like Democrats.com, The Nation, Salon, Online Journal, and the U.K. Guardian in order to learn these facts.

On March 28, ABC's Nightline broke the media's deafening silence by examining some of the questions raised by black voters in Jacksonville, where 27,000 votes were declared void - the highest number of any Florida county.

What happened in Duval County is important, but it is also just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some of the many crucial questions we believe the media needs to ask about the Florida election.

We welcome your suggestions for other questions about the Florida election here.

The Republican Conspiracy

Did the Bush campaign and the Republican Party of Florida plan and carry out illegal activities to steal the election?

Did Katherine Harris or Clayton Roberts instruct Data Base Technologies to compile an inaccurate list of felons, or did they fail to take the steps necessary to get an accurate list, as charged by reporter Gregory Palast? Did they knowingly include at least eight states that automatically restore voting rights and who therefore arrived in Florida with full citizenship, resulting in the purge of 3,000 legal voters.

Did Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris intentionally violate rulings by Florida judges that required acceptance of registrations from felons who had their voting rights restored in other states?

In 1998, the Supreme Court of Florida (Beckstrom v. Volusia County Canvassing Board) declared that ALL ballots that were incapable of being read by machines were "defective" pursuant to Florida statute 101.5614 (canvass of returns). In the same case, the Court said that following the statutory procedures was MANDATORY for all election officials. Was this ever communicated to the county supervisors by the Division of Elections? If not, why not? If so, then why were no efforts made to enforce the court ruling in the Nov. 2000 election?

Which top Republicans - including Todd Schnick, political director of the Florida Republicans - ordered Republican election supervisors in Seminole and Martin counties to allow Republican operatives to illegally alter absentee ballot applications? Why have no criminal charges been filed against any of these officials?

Did Republican election officials deliberately ignore "motor voter" registration forms, especially those coming from black colleges, as charged by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights?

Did Republican election officials deliberately fail to provide heavily Democratic precincts with adequate voting machines, adequately trained poll workers, and adequate backup systems to deal with heavy turnout from new voters, as charged by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights?

Were polling places in Democratic precincts moved without notice or blocked by construction, as asserted by witnesses in the preliminary Civil Rights Commission Report?

Why were there so many overvotes (ballots invalidated for double-punching) in the heavily Democratic counties of Duval, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and others? Were these 80,000 spoiled ballots all the result of voter errors, or were ballots altered by Republican officials before or after they were handled by voters, as suggested by Sharman Braff?

Did Republican election officials illegally send absentee ballots to overseas troops after Election Day, as suggested by Jake Tapper in Salon?

How many invalid absentee military ballots were illegally counted by county election supervisors under pressure from Bush lawyers and a cynical public relations campaign to whip up anger among service members, their families, and veterans?

Why did the Katherine Harris not fulfill her statutory duties to ensure that ALL votes are counted equally when some counties included votes that were manually counted after being rejected by machine, and other counties ignored such votes?

Why was no effort made to ensure that counties complied with the law concerning the counting of "write in" votes, as revealed by Paul Lukasiak and Maia Cowan? At least 942 legal votes were never counted in nine heavily Republican counties according to the Orlando Sentinel, with Gore having a net gain of 194 votes from those counties alone.

Did Katherine Harris commit a crime when she certified that a legally-mandated machine recount had occurred, when 20 counties did not perform such a recount?

The U.S. Supreme Court Coup D'etat

Was there no valid basis in law for the U.S. Supreme Court to grant an emergency injunction stopping the vote count, as charged by 673 law professors?

Did Justices Rehnquist, Scalia, Thomas, and Kennedy have conflicts of interest that should have led them to recuse themselves? If so, should they be disbarred?

Did the five Republican justices who decided Bush v. Gore ignore the law and craft a bogus opinion, simply to make Bush the President, as charged by NYU Law Professor Ronald Dworkin? If so, should they be impeached?

Was there extra-judicial contact between the Bush campaign and the Republican majority on the court?

Media Co-conspiracy

Prior to the election, why did the media hyperanalyze Gore's skeletons, personality flaws, and misstatements, while refusing to provide minimal coverage of Bush's skeletons, personality flaws, and misstatements?

When Florida was still too close to call, did FOX declare Bush the winner in Florida at 2 a.m. in order to manipulate Al Gore into conceding by mistake and to brainwash the public into believing the Bush was the winner, contrary to the facts? What specific conversations took place between George W. Bush, his cousin John Ellis, and other officials of the Bush campaign and FOX News?

Why did the media attack Al Gore for requesting a recount of such a close election, as provided under Florida law?

Why did the media champion the position of the Bush campaign that "finality" was more important than counting every vote, as the Gore campaign wanted?

Why have protests of the election been so carefully edited out? On Inauguration Day, protesters outnumbered Bush supporters in Washington DC alone - not counting all of the protests across the country - but received practically no coverage. The same is true every time Bush or Republican members of the Supreme Court make an appearance outside Washington.

Why has the national media widely reported (and misreported) stories that support the story line that Bush won (such as the Miami recount) and NOT reported stories that support the notion that Gore won (like the Palm Beach and Lake County recounts)?

Specifically, why has the national media failed to cover the fraudulent voter purge story exposed by Gregory Palast in The Nation, Salon, the U.K. Guardian, and the BBC?

Why was the preliminary report of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission ignored? As the only serious investigation of civil and voting rights violations in the most controversial Presidential election in modern U.S. history, doesn't it deserve headline coverage?

Why does the media continue to refer to material before the Civil Rights Commission as "anecdotal," when in fact it is sworn and cross-examined testimony?

Political and Legal Coverup

Why has there been no investigation of fraud in Florida by the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, or Attorney General John Ashcroft?

Did the Republican protestors (mostly Congressional staffers) who intimidated vote counters in Miami-Dade County break any laws, including rioting, trespassing, vandalism, interfering with voting rights, and obstruction of justice? If so, why have they not been prosecuted?

Katherine Harris was a co-chair of George W. Bush's presidential campaign. Did her rulings and other actions that ensured George W. Bush would get Florida's electoral votes violate Florida statute 104.31, which prohibits a state official from using "his or her official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with an election ... or affecting the result thereof"?